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If you’d like to submit a guest post, I’d love to share what you have to say with this site’s readers. In fact, I’d love it if you’d become a regular, featured guest poster.

Why Submit a Guest Post to InkwellEditorial.com

Top Blog Appearances: Inkwell Editorial has appeared on some top blogs on the web, eg, CopyBlogger, BloggingTips, ProofreadAnywhereJohnChow, Pen & Prosper and HorkeyHandbook, to name a few.

Social Media: Inkwell Editorial has over 12,000 Twitter subscribers; and over 1,500 Pinterest followers.

Site Traffic: Inkwell Editorial is consistently growing, thanks to in-depth pillar posts like this one on ebook theft (ranked on Page 1 of Google); an active social media following; and a growing school full of hundreds of students in its ecourses on Teachable.

Noted Industry Site: Inkwell Editorial has been online since 1999. It is well-known in freelance writing / self-publishing / blogging circles. If you strive to reach this niche, it’s a good place to appear.

Guest Posting Guidelines for Inkwell Editorial

Following are a few simple guidelines for submitting. I look forward to reading your submission.

a) Must be pertinent to the freelance writing, blogging, affiliate marketing and/or self-publishing niches (those are the site’s readers). This is broad, eg, SEO writing, case studies, content marketing, making money blogging/affiliate marketing, writing and selling ebooks, social media, etc., so you shouldn’t have a problem writing a relevant post.


b) Links: All links in your article/bio must be relevant to writing / making money online, eg, don’t submit a post about how you got a job as a freelance writer, then link to a site about “home decor” in your bio.

I realize a lot of companies hire freelancers to get backlinks to their site from blogs with good search engine visibility. InkwellEditorial.com is a blog about how to make money writing — for yourself or for others (eg, self-publishing, creating ecoures, writing for clients, doing affiliate marketing, etc.) and that’s why I not only seek guest posts that are on topic, but ones that will naturally create backlinks to this site that are on topic as well.

Link to the Site: At least two links to content on InkwellEditorial.com: one somehwere near the beginning of your post, and one close to the end. Yeah I’m after the link juice, but it also shows that you’ve taken the time to read some content on the site.

c) Number of links about your company: Four overall, ie: (i) one or two in the body of the post; (ii) one in the bio (this can be a keyword phrase OR a company/brand name); and (iii) one or two two social media links. Other links that are not related to your company are allowed beyond these four.

d) First-hand: What I mean is, don’t submit generic content that even a little research on the web will reveal. If you read through this site, you’ll see that the vast majority of it is from first-hand experience. That’s what I’m looking for. And, it doesn’t have to be a “success story.”

Recounting your failures — and how you overcame them / are working to overcome them — is just as insightful (and a lot of times a heck of a lot more interesting).

Please don’t submit general content that can be found all over the web or that is not relevant to this site. It will not get published. Also, I don’t accept posts about essay writing, and other normally banned content: eg, porn, gambling, payday loans, MLM schemes, etc.

This is why I ask that first-hand accounts be submitted, because even if it is on a general topic (eg, a blog is great for freelancers because it serves as an online portfolio), if it is told from a first-hand perspective, it can be enlightening. For example, you can explain how having a blog landed you a paid writing assignment, what attracted the client to it, what writing samples you had on it, etc.

Again, personal experience rocks here at Inkwell Editorial. Everyone has these; just share your freelance / making money online success/failures with us so all of the site’s readers can learn from them. This is all I ask.

e) Well written: Please do the minimum like running a spell check and using good grammar.

f) No overt promotion: Of course, you’ll get a three to four-line byline with a link to your site/blog, so don’t feel like you have to over promote and/or over link in your post (again, see info in section c above about how many links are allowed in your post).

g) Original content: Your post can’t have been published any place else. InkwellEditorial.com only publishes original content.

h) Guest Post Length: 750+ words. Why at least 750 words (1,000+ or more is better)? Because I’ve found that it’s hard to really get an insightful point across (teach a lesson) in posts shorter than this.

i) Don’t Contact Me First: There is no need to contact me to ask if you can submit a guest post. And, don’t submit “ideas” for posts. Submit a completely written, relevant, unique guest post. If it meets these standards, there’s a good chance it’ll be published.

Can Posts be Republished Elsewhere after a Certain Amount of Time?

Material accepted as a guest post here may not be republished elsewhere at any time. Of course, you can use excerpts and/or cover the same topic from a different angle, but material submitted here must be — and remain — 100% unique.

HTML Coding

The only tags allowed are Bold, Ital, Underline and Header Tags (eg, H2 tags). You should also include links (ie, use the <a href> tag). Don’t submit photos or any other docs with your content. Submissions that include these will automatically be deleted.

File Submission

Submit as .txt or MS Word doc.

How to Submit Your Guest Post

Send to info*at*InkwellEditorial.com. Put “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line.

That’s it; pretty standard stuff.

FYI, if I decide to use your submission, I’ll post it first and then send you the link to it. Note: I reserve the right to edit the post; the original intent/scope of the piece and all appropriate links will remain intact. Usually, I edit for minor grammar errors and to add SEO value (eg, keyworded headlines, etc.).

When You Will Know If Your Post Will be Published

If you HAVEN’T heard anything within 14 days of me receiving your post, it means I’ve decided NOT to publish it. Please do not email me constantly asking if your post is going to be published. Again, if you haven’t heard anything within 14 days, I have decided NOT to publish your post.

Good luck!
Yuwanda Black, Publisher

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