Get Paid to Write Fun Stuff: 33 “Lifestyle” Outlets that Pay Freelance Writers

Like to write “warm and fuzzy” inspirational content? In love with travel writing? Love to prose about food, wine and other libations? An avid crafter with a project to share? Well today’s freelance writing jobs leads are for you!

I tracked down 33 publications that pay for what I call “lifestyle” things. Get your laptop — and your camera — ready because plenty of these publications pay for photos in addition to your story. Good luck applying, and don’t forget to circle back and let me know if you land anything from the list, ok?

And oh yeah, feel free to share it with your fellow freelance writers. Think of it as a “gift” for the holiday season. Before we get to these writing gigs, follow are …

A few things I noticed while putting this list together …

Travel Writing: It’s alive and well, as the number of listings that are in the travel niche indicate. However, it tends to be regional and doesn’t pay all that well. But, if you’re new and/or trying to build or expand your portfolio, it’s a good place to start. Also, a lot of it tends to be regional.

Airline Mags: I’ll be putting together a separate list of these at some point, because they always seem to be looking for writers and the pay is not that shabby. FYI, here’s a good piece that gives some insight about writing for in-flight magazines.

Photos/Photographers: Many publications pay separately for photos – not a lot, but the pay is there. Also, some mags will pay for photos even if you’re not submitting a pitch for a story.

Pay: In last week’s listings, I didn’t post those outlets where pay wasn’t specified. Here I did because there are just so many of them, and again, if you’re just after some portfolio-building bylines, this may not be a concern for you. All of the outlets pay – I’ll never list those that don’t, but how much sometimes is just not listed.

Writing Style: As many are magazine, most require the AP style; although a few did list Chicago-style.

Okay, now to the job listings …

From Travel Writing to Greeting Card Writing, This List Has a Bit of It All

1. Cruising World [Travel/Cruising]

Covers topics related to “cruising the world.”

Pay: Varies depending on the type of article, ranging from $25 to $200 for short, newsworthy items and $300 to $1,000 for technical and feature articles. We normally buy First World Rights with exclusivity for six months from date of publication. We pay within 90 days of acceptance.

For Photos: Constantly on the lookout for eye-catching new images. They should represent the cruising lifestyle of exciting sailing and beautiful anchorages as well as on-board images of people enjoying themselves. No pay listed for photos.

2. Hana Hou [Travel/Hawaii]

In general, looking for creative non-fiction that takes a fresh approach to aspects of travel, culture, people and life in general in Hawaii, and occasionally in one of the other destinations served by Hawaiian Airlines.

Pay: From $50-$175 individual tidbits, to 40 cents/word for features and departments.

3. Chicken Soup for the Soul [Inspirational True Stories]

Looks for inspirational, true stories about ordinary people having extraordinary experiences. It is a story that opens the heart and rekindles the spirit.

Pay: If they publish your story, you will be paid $200 one month after publication of the book and receive ten free copies of the book your story or poem appears in.

4. Glimmer Train (don’t ya just love that name?!) [Fiction / Non-fiction Short Stories]

Site run by two sisters, which gave me a warm fuzzy as I have two sisters. 🙂 Anyhoo, they seek any original short story that has not appeared in a print publication. They welcome stories from newbies. They have five submission categories from which to choose. Note: They have a $2 processing fee (reading) fee, which put toward prize awards. They ask that you contact them if the fee creates a hardship because “no one should be prevented from submitting their work for lack of funds.”

Pay: From $700 to $3,000.

5. Bead&Button Magazine [Arts & Crafts]

International mag devoted to the art and craft of beading. Seeks “project stories” that can be replicated, as well as stories about accomplished beadmakers, bead-jewelry artists, and trends and other information that appeals to its readership.

Pay: From $75 to $400. Usually responds to queries within four to six weeks; often sooner.

6. The Chronicle of the Horse [Outdoors (Horses/Hunting)]

A national weekly magazine that focuses primarily on dressage, hunters and jumpers, eventing, foxhunting and steeplechase racing. In addition to reporting sport horse news, they also feature articles on horse care and profiles of prominent horse people. Also occasionally accepts humor, human interest and historical articles. No poetry, please.

Pay: $150-$400. Photos: $30 – $50 for each photo published.

7. Horizon Edition Magazine [Travel]

Monthly in-flight magazine for Horizon Air (a regional business and travel publication, covering the companies, people, issues and trends that define the Northwest as a community and as a world player). Always looking for writers who can cover business and travel with style and insight.

Pay: From $100 to $450. Also pays a kill fee of 1/3 of the contracted assignment fee.

8. The Los Angeles Times [Travel Section]

Seeking “bold, original travel features” that tell a great story and are strong character-driven or first-person narratives. Stories should evoke a strong sense of place (sounds, colors, smells, tastes), time (when did you go?), expertise and personal perspective, and they should be written with a precise story angle in mind.

Pay: Decided beforehand; contract issued. Photos: Pays for these as well. Rate not listed.

9. Mask Magazine [Youth Culture]

An online repository of youth and internet culture packed with interviews, editorials, news, and style in the age of unrest.

Pay: $30 to $80 for written features. Paid 30 business days after article is published.

10. National Fisherman [Outdoors (Commercial Fishing/Boating)]

Publishes detailed and accurate coverage of all aspects of commercial fishing and the construction of commercial fishing boats.

Pay: Specific amount not listed. Payment generally made upon publication unless otherwise arranged. Buys first and limited reprint rights to all copy. Photos: Buys those that accompany the story as well.

11. Vagabundo Magazine [Travel]

Travel magazine for the independent (wannabe) traveller. Seeks “fantastic travel stories and experiences” from/by/for those “who cherish the freedom and fun” of travel.

Pay: $40 to $200paid via PayPal within 30 days of publication. Photos: $25 per image.

12. Sailing Magazine [Travel (Sailing)]

Seeks stories that cover all aspects of sailing, from learning how to sail in a dinghy to crossing the ocean on a large cruiser to racing around the buoys against the best sailors in the world. Typically focuses on sailing in places that are realistic destinations, but will occasionally feature an outstanding and unique sailing destination.

We pay for first-time North American rights.

Pay: From $50 to $500 after publication. Photos: $50 to $500.

13. PassageMaker Magazine [Travel (Motorboats)]

Publication covers all aspects of trawlers and ocean motorboats, focusing on the realities of cruising under power and passage-making.

Pay: From $150 to $950. Buys all exclusive rights. Also open to buying previously published works. Photos: Will consider purchasing photos, even without an article submission.

14. The Atlanta Tribune [Lifestyle/Business/Politics/Culture (Atlanta)]

Atlanta’s No. 1 business lifestyle publication and Black Atlanta’s leading source for relevant, thought-provoking news and information on business and generational wealth-building. Seeking stories that educate and empower readers via various viewpoints on economics, politics and social issues.

Pay: Specific rate not mentioned. Purchases all print and electronic rights to all assigned articles. Purchases first North American serial rights, electronic rights and non-exclusive reprint rights to articles submitted on spec.

15. WineMaker Magazine [Food/Drink (Wine)]

Seeking stories that speaks to anyone interested in making wine, from those starting out with kits to more advanced winemakers who use fresh fruit.

Pay: Ranges from $50 to $150, depending on the length and complexity of the article. Buys all rights; payment made upon publication.

16. New Mobility Magazine [Health (Disabled Persons)]

Covers active wheelchair lifestyle with articles on recreation, travel, people, health, relationships, media, culture, civil rights and resources. Eighty-five percent of its readers have disabilities, most caused by spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, post-polio syndrome, cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. Seeking stories that are “direct and honest” without sentimentality. NOT interested in “courageous” or “inspiring” tales of “overcoming disability.”

Pay: 15 cents/word. Note: Payment is based on the number of words published, not number submitted, and is made within 60 days of publication.

17. Garden & Gun [Lifestyle (Southern/Caribbean Living)]

Lifestyle mag about “the magic of the New South,” ie, sporting culture, food, music, art, literature, people, and ideas. It is an enthusiast publication devoted to all things indigenous to the South and the Caribbean, and its main pursuit is a love of the land and a dedication to the sporting life .

Pay: Varies; negotiated individually with each writer. Also pays a 25% kill fee for completed, commissioned articles that are deemed unsuitable for publication.

18. MotorHome Magazine [Travel (RV Lifestyle)]

Magazine devoted to covering all aspects of the RV lifestyle, including travel destinations, activities and events, the newest motorhomes on the market, do-it-yourself projects and RV service and repair recommendations.

Pay: $50-$700. Manuscript acceptance or rejection usually is made within 60 days; following acceptance, payment is issued within 4-6 weeks. Photos: All submissions must have at least one photo that includes a motorhome, preferably on the road.

19. 3rd Act Magazine [Lifestyle (Senior Living/Aging)]

Seeks stories that promote “Aging with Confidence” through enlightening, inspiring, entertaining and educating mature adults who believe age is just a number, and their greatest memories are yet to be made.

Pay: $25 to $50. HOWEVER, if you are a published writer with proven expertise and submit articles that are well researched and require little editing, you will be considered for our paid list of writers at a per word rate of $.25.

20. Midwest Living [Lifestyle/Culture/Travel (Midwest)]

Seeking articles that focus on travel, food, home and garden throughout the Midwest, ie: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas (we also sometimes do stories in bordering states such as Kentucky and Arkansas).

Pay: Varies depending on the article, the writer and the amount of research involved. A writer working with us for the first time could generally expect up to $150 for a short scouting assignment or for a website article.

21. BigLife Magazine [Outdoors (Mountain Living)]

Lifestyle mag dedicated to the “big lives” those who live in the mountains experience, eg, the recreation, arts and culture, innovators, entrepreneurs, characters, big issues, architecture and design, ideas — and more.

Pay: Not listed.

22. 1859 Oregon’s Magazine [Travel/Culture/Lifestyle (Oregon)]

FYI, this magazine is primarily written by freelancers. It seeks stories that explore the landscapes, the personalities, the movers and shakers, the history and the architecture of Oregonians—and how they “live, work and play.”

Pay: From $0.30 to $0.50/word. Pays on publication, and buys all rights, although there can be some exceptions.

23. Lake Superior Magazine [Travel/Culture/Lifestyle (Lake Superior Region)]

A bimonthly full-color consumer magazine that focuses exclusively on the Lake Superior region – history, current events, life styles, environment, tourism.

Pay: From $75 to$400. Photo: $50 for each usage; cover photo – $150.

24. The New York Times’ Modern Love Column [Love/Relationships/Parenting/Dating]

The editors of this weekly column seek “deeply personal essays about contemporary relationships, marriage, dating, parenthood — any subject that might reasonably fit under the heading “Modern Love.”

Get a NYT Writing Credit? FYI, this is an “easy” way to get a NYT credit under your belt because experience doesn’t matter for this columan. They want personal stories “that resonate,” and actively encourage newbies.

Pay: Not listed on site, but some digging found that it pays $300 if they publish your piece.

25. CAT FANCY [Pets (Cats)]

Magazine for cat lovers.

Pay: Specific amount not listed; varies with subject and experience. Pays following publication and buys exclusive first-time rights for one North American edition and one of each foreign language edition. Photos: Required.

26. Delta Sky Magazine [Travel/Lifestyle/Culture]

Seeks stories about travel, lifestyle and business featuring everything from well-known entertainers to business movies and shakers.

Pay: Not listed. Features range from 600–2,000 words. Departments include very small 100-word pieces to longer 500-word columns.

27. The Big Issue [Lifestyle/Culture (Poverty/Homelessness & Other Disadvantaged Issues)]

Australian mag that publishes informative and entertaining articles on a huge variety of subjects including arts and entertainment, street culture, lifestyle and personal profiles. The Big Issue is a not-for-profit organisation, set up to help people who have experienced homelessness, marginalisation and other disadvantages. Always seeking quality writers.

Pay: Usually 20 cents a word; payment not guaranteed until the piece is published, and payment is made according to the price agreed upon at the time it is commissioned. Payment for film, book, small screen and music reviews is a flat rate of $40. In certain situations, you may also qualify for royalties over and beyond initial payment.

Photos/Artwork: Commissions it. Submit your contact info and samples of your work for consideration.

28. Bloom Magazine [Culture/Lifestyle (Bloomington, IN)]

Culture/lifestyle mag based in Bloomington, IN. Every issue includes articles on home & family, arts & entertainment, food & wine, health & fitness, fashion & shopping, and personal finance—plus all the interesting people, places, and events that make life in this part of south-central Indiana so worth celebrating. Target market is are residents and those who visit the area.

Pay: Query, then if a story is assigned to you, you will be sent a copy of the“Bloom Style Guide,” which includes submission requirements, payment information, rights, style and usage guidelines, and other useful information for writers and photographers. Photos/Photographers: Pays for those who only wish to submit photos.

29. Sandpoint Magazine [Lifestyle/Culture (Idaho)]

Note: Magazine is 75% freelance written. Seeking “lively features, entertaining stories, comprehensive event calendars and guides to getting the most enjoyment out of living in or visiting Sandpoint, Idaho (generally the two northern counties of Idaho).

Pay: 20 cents per word for regular stories and 25 cents per word for almanac stories; paid upon publication. Buys first North American rights, with reprint rights and inclusion on the magazine’s website. Pays a kill-fee of 1/3 of assigned story price.

Photos: Pays for photography, buying first North American rights, with reprint rights and inclusion on the magazine’s website. Rates based on the reproduction size: $25 to $350. Also pays a 50% re-use fee based on the reproduction size in the latest issue.

30. Diablo Magazine [Lifestyle (San Francisco, CA)]

General interest, lifestyle mag distributed to single-family homes in the San Francisco East Bay—from the Oakland/Berkeley hills to Orinda, Walnut Creek, Concord, Danville, Blackhawk, and the Tri-Valley. Seeking features that address local trends and issues, and provide service information to readers. Also, publishes personality profiles spotlighting those who live in the area, or who have direct ties to the community.

Pay: Specific amount not listed. Query first, then if they’re interested, they’ll follow up via e-mail and develop the idea fully before issuing a contract.

31. Covey Rise [Outdoors (Bird Hunting)]

Bi-monthly magazine devoted to the upland sporting lifestyle, eg, upland game birds, sporting venues, bird dogs, manufacturers, conservation groups, chefs, distillers, and other interesting personalities who contribute to and enhance upland sporting.

Pay: Specific amount not list; negotiated first. Purchases First North American Serial Rights, and pays 30 to 60 days following the article’s published date. Photos: Pays for these.

32. Ensemble Travel Magazine [Travel]

Ensemble Vacations® is a national, consumer travel and lifestyle magazine whose target market is mid- to high-end leisure travelers who are seeking unique, luxurious getaways and impeccably personalized service. Each issue contains five or more features, which are usually focused on a specific destination or type of travel (for example: river cruising, adventure). Preference given o articles that offer a unique, new angle or insight to a destination and/or its culture, including little-known or undiscovered places.

Features run approximately 900 to 1,200 words, though this may be adjusted depending on space and topic. Departments run from 450 to 600 words.

Pay: Compensation is competitive with other national magazines. A standard writer’s contract will be provided. We buy all rights to manuscripts, although copyright is returned to the author 90 days after publication. Payment is made upon acceptance of the final article and receipt of the writer’s invoice.

33. Smart Alex [Greeting Cards]

Seeks submissions from artists, photographers and writers who share Smart Alex’s philosophy of keeping greeting cards strictly, “funny, edgy & risque.”

Pay: Discussed after submission is selected for publication. Photos/Artwork: Accepts it all—from graphic artwork to cartoons; they “utilize a wide variety of artistic styles” in their greeting cards.

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