Get More Site Traffic Using Pinterest: How I Got a 4K Page View Traffic Jump in One Day

I continue to be a Pinterest crackhead! In fact, my addiction has deepened. And as Amy Winehouse once sang, “I don’t wanna go to rehab … I say no, no, no.” This high is too delicious; too good; too awesome to give up! Why? Because Pinterest drives site traffic; that’s why. Tons of it! And, it’s relatively easy to get on the traffic bandwagon using the site. Following is how/why.

SEO Expert: Why That’s Important

I’ve been in the search (engine optimization, ie SEO) game since 2007. And let me tell you, getting traffic to a site is the bane of every online business person’s existence. It’s why companies spend millions of dollars on web design, content creation, web analysis, etc.

Some never figure out the “how to get consistent site traffic” formula. But when/if you do – man can it pay off! Pinterest is that answer for me – and many other online businesses – these days.

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Did You Know: Pinterest Is NOT a Social Media Site

Although it’s categorized as one and widely thought of in this vein, Pinterest is actually a search engine. It can be thought of as a visual one. As an aside, in March 2017, Pinterest acquired Jelly, a human-powered search engine. So yeah, it’s a search engine – one that’s working to get better by the looks of it.

Once I fully absorbed the impact of what that meant, I was like, “Whoa buddy! As a SEO expert, I know the power of search; no wonder this site is so powerful for getting more site traffic. Let me dive in!” And dive in I have. And, speaking of traffic …

Without site traffic, you don’t exist — no matter how good your product or service is, or what you’re promoting. And I have to say, besides consistently adding great (SEO’d) content to your site, Pinterest is without a doubt one of the easiest ways I’ve found to drive massive amounts of traffic to a website/blog –quickly! Proof?

Pinterest Drives Traffic. Proof? A 4K Jump in Page Views — In One Day!

Numbers don’t lie. Look at my traffic jump IN ONE DAY from Pinterest. From 13.5K on a Wednesday to 17.5K on a Thursday.

Why such a big jump? … I had a pin receive over 100 shares (for the first time ever) on Pinterest.

In case you’re new here, I first learned about the “power of Pinterest” in the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing (MSOAM) ecourse I took in December 2016. It’s taken me a while to get around to fully implementing the strategy (which I’m still not done with), but boy, has STARTING been worth it.

This past weekend, I spent some time in the MSOAM private FB group asking questions about how to get more repins. I took the advice — and literally, within a couple of days, I had a pin hit 100+ shares. As of this writing, it’s now at 135 shares. In case you’re wondering, it’s this pin.

Most of my pins don’t get repinned a lot — 2 times, 5, 7, 10, etc. Crap numbers! But just one pin getting 100+ shares, has increased my visibility. And this is still nothing compared to getting hundreds or thousands of repins. But, I feel that I’m on my way.

3 Things I Did to Increase Page Views Quickly Using Pinterest

FYI, following are the three things I did based on the group advice that got me to 100+ repins, and helped to increase my page views by 4,000 in just one day.

1. Increase Pin Size

You’ll see a lot of info floating around about pin size. I’ve run across 700 x 1100, 720 x 1500, 1000×1500, 1000 x 2000, etc. It’s so confusing! So I asked in the group about what an IDEAL size was. 735 x 1500 and 1000 x 2000 were the most common answers.

I’d been using 720 x 1100. I changed that to 735×1500. FYI, in the MSOAM ecourse, this is discussed in detail. Three sizes are recommended.

2. Change Color Scheme

I gave up the bright yellow background I was using and started using lighter colors. In case you’re wondering, as you can see, yellow and blue are the main colors of this blog.

I was using the yellow to brand my pins. But one group participant brilliantly pointed out that “clicks & repins matter way more than branding.” So for right now, I’m worrying less about branding.

At some point, I may even change this site’s color scheme altogether. I know how important branding is though, so for that purpose right now, what I have started doing is adding my site’s logo to the URL (which I’ve always put in) at the bottom of each pin. I’ll worry about settling on a color scheme later.

Favor? If you find this info useful, please take a sec to share it on Pinterest. It’s super easy; all you have to do is click the red “Save” button that appears when you hover over the graphic just above. Thanks!

By the way, if you haven’t gotten your blog up and going yet (and you are working on it, right?), AND you plan to use Pinterest to get site traffic, I highly advise studying the site with an eye toward color palette and designs. If I were starting my site over today, I’d go with a pastelly pinkish color, as that’s the pre-dominant color on Pinterest.

3. Tone Down Busyness of Pins

I’m doing my best to keep them them simpler; less wordy. Simple works on the site.

Automating Pinning Schedule

On June 4, 2017, I automated part of my Pinterest strategy. That helped with this big jump in site traffic in one day too. I started using Boardbooster to automatically schedule my own pins. The looping feature is a godsend; you’ll see what I mean when you check it out. I’m still pinning the content of others by hand, but am working on automating that too.

Affiliate Marketing: The Value of a Knowledgeable Group

FYI, in my opinion, the real value of the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing ecourse is the Facebook group. Yeah, the course material is awesome, obviously. But to be able to pop into a group and say, “Hey y’all, I’m having this problem. Anybody got any feedback that can help?” That’s beyond invaluable. Michelle, the MSOAM course creator and group moderator, even has days where she’ll take questions from you perosnally and answer them.

But, the group consists of almost 2,000 people. And they are soooo willing to help. When I posted my question, I actually had several people ASK to look at my pins to see what I was doing wrong so they could give constructive feedback. I didn’t ask them; they asked me. And the responses were detailed and actionable. So I implemented what they told me — this was on a Sunday — and by Wednesday, my one pin had over 100 shares — and growing.

You just can’t buy this type of expertise. Well you can, but it’ll cost you — a bundle! I didn’t even realize that this was part of Michelle’s course when I took it. And to be honest, that would have been a factor for me because I’m not into participating in social media groups. I’m way too busy, or so I thought. I peek into the group almost daily, and contribute at least once or twice a week.

I feel compelled to because I’ve gotten so much value from it. So I do my part to try to give back when I can.

$10,000 Per Month in Affiliate Marketing Income Using Pinterest

One of the business goals I set at the beginning of this year is to earn $10,000 per month in affiliate marketing income — not ebook sales, not client projects from freelance writing; just in affiliate marketing.

While I’m nowhere near it right now, the year is only half way done, and seeing how things can snowball when you have a good amount of traffic coming in (thanks Pinterest!), I’m feeling confident. 🙂

Addicted to Pinterest?

Did you know what a powerful driver of traffic it is? If you have any Pinterest tips to share, please do so in the comments section below. I’m all ears!

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P.P.S.: How I First Learned about the “Magic” of Pinterest

As I mentioned above, I first learned about how effective Pinterest marketing can be when I took the “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing” e-course. It has a really good strategy that’s included as part of the course. But if that’s not your cup of tea, the system above works great too.

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