Earn $6,000/Month as a Freelance Writer? Here’s a Method That Can Supercharge Your Earnings

The following is a guest post by Bill Achola.

But why should I rely on cold-calling? I’m a freelancer!”

Cold calling? You mean that thing those annoying sales people do 24/7?”

But I don’t know how to cold call. I’ll just make a fool out of myself.”

I can’t! I can’t! I just can’t do it!”

Any of these sound/feel familiar? These are some of the many statements and feelings common to cold calling.

There was once a time when telephone marketing ruled the world. You would get calls from many professionals, eg, bankers, insurance salesmen, magazine pushers, etc. While cold-calling is still prevalent in some sectors (eg, finance), digital marketing has taken the place of a lot of it.

However … thankfully (and I mean that sincerely!), cold calling still exists. If you’re a freelancer who does not believe in cold calling, believe me, you’re missing out on one of the easiest, quickest, ways to land freelance writing jobs!

How to Cold Call Effectively to Land Freelance Writing Jobs: A Step-by-Step Plan

The experience of cold-calling, however, can be nerve-wrecking. But if done correctly, cold calls can turn even the most reluctant of all listeners into a potential client in a jiffy. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Get Your Act Together

Think about a good stage play or movie you have watched recently. What was it titled and what was it about? What was it that got you hooked on to it? For most viewers, it is the first few minutes of the play/movie that either gets them hooked or request for refunds. And that’s how a cold call works too.

Cold Calling Tips for Freelance WritersFor all freelance bloggers, coming up with a cold call script should be a no-brainer. The key is to keep it as short and simple as possible. No fancy stuff. You don’t have a word count to meet, when it comes to this one. A short, sweet and effective cold call script should read as follows:

“Hello. My name is Jack Lamb. I’m a Los Angeles-based freelance copywriter who has just done some research on your company. I just wanted to know if you’re looking for any freelancers for coming up with creative content for your website or blogs section.”

This way, you’re not really giving up a lot of details about yourself, you’re being polite and you’re showing the listener that you have done some research on their company. There is a strong chance that this cold-call can help get things moving. P.S. Don’t be disappointed if it does not.

Step 2: Keep Trying

“Whenever I approach a new source, I tell them that I’m a freelancer and provide them with a short list of publications I’ve worked with. I also provide them with a link to my website and tell them that I will be happy to answer all their questions”, says Mridu Khullar Relph, an Indian freelance writer with over a decade’s experience.

The purpose of a cold-call is not to land you your dream project at the first attempt. It is only to make your presence known; to get them to think of you first for a writing project (because most likely, you’ll be the only freelance writer who’s ever called them). And this is why cold calling can land you writing gigs much quicker than other forms of marketing.

At the end of a day, if you make at least 20-25 calls, you will probably have at least 2-3 prospects who are in need of services like blogging and social media account management. In my experience, it takes at least 20 cold calls a day to land one client.

Following this rule of thumb, think how quickly your freelance writing business will grow if you work it “by the numbers.” If you land one client a day and they give you $300 per month in business every month, that’s $6,000 per month in business right there – just from screwing up your nerve to make 20 calls per day. (1 client per business day (M-F) = 20 new clients per month x $300). See the potential?

And wanna know a little secret? It gets easier with every call. It really does!

Step 3: Get Set — Go!

Cold-calling is nothing more than a measure of your interpersonal skills. You need not be an expert in communication to make the right cold-call. Simply follow these tips and create a compelling cold-call that will leave your clients asking for more:

  • Find out as much as you can about the company before making the call
  • Get to the point immediately. Start by introducing yourself
  • Write down a cold-call skit and stick to it (at least for the first 5 calls)
  • Keep your calm and try not to stutter or stammer
  • Have your follow up details (email address, contact number and website) ready
  • Be courteous, professional and friendly (don’t over talk; listen)
  • End the call gracefully. A simple “Thank you for your time” will suffice

Cold-calling is one of the best ways to get clients and save you time and hassle of searching for freelance writing jobs. So pick up your phone today and get started. It’s a marketing move you won’t regret. It might even become your favorite way to land gigs!

How do you plan to create a compelling cold call? Let me know by leaving a quick comment right now.

About the Author: Bill Achola is a professional blogger and writer at BillAcholla.com where he writes and talks about freelance marketing strategies and how to get long term results for your business.

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