Freelance Writing Job Leads for July 10, 2017

Just a word about this week’s listings … you may have noticed if you’ve been searching online for writing gigs how there seem to be fewer of them available. If case you’re new to freelance writing, this is nothing to worry about. Editorial is a cyclical industry, and summer is traditionally one of the slowest times. ALTHOUGH … 

That doesn’t have to hold true for you. I’ve corresponded with two SEO writers this week who told me they were busier than ever. One said she had just returned from vacation and was positively swamped. So, it depends on your marketing ability too.

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A new freelance marketplace opens for freelance writers — and other freelance professionals, eg, social media marketing consultants, graphic designers, virtual assistants, etc. — has made a splash on the web. I interviewed a member of their team to find out what they were all about and how freelance writers could benefit from their service. Really insightful. It’s one you’re definitely gonna wanna check out.

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This Week’s Freelance Writing Job Leads

1. Freelance Tech Writers: Site features reviews of software and online services, comparisons of them and also guides for consumers and small-business owners.

We’re currently expanding and looking to hire a few new writers that can handle reviews in the following categories: VPN services, Antivirus applications, Cloud backup services, Cloud storage services, and Web hosting services.

Rate: Requests that you submit your rate per word (U.S. cents).

2. Science (Engineering/Corrosion) Writer: Corrosionpedia is an industry website that aims to provide the first steps in the research journey for asset integrity professionals the world over.

We are seeking freelance writers with experience in writing about the corrosion industry, oil and gas or related engineering topics to create content for Corrosionpedia.com. This job will involve some combination of research/reporting and interviews with industry professionals. 

Rate: Not listed.

3. Tech/Business Writers: We are looking for experienced business writers and experts to write original stories and slideshows about technology, tech startups and venture capital in the U.S. Moguldom.com is devoted to inspiring, informing and promoting diversity in entrepreneurship, tech executives, and tech professionals in an area where there’s not a lot of focused coverage. Interest and engagement in diversity are booming right now. We need a diversity of voices in the market to tell these stories.

Rate: Not listed.

4. Freelance Art Writer: Needed for special assignment covering famous artist. Must have published experience. Art columnist or newspaper experience a plus. Please send resume, pay rate, and 3 published clips before July 31, 2017. Inquiries without these will not be considered.

5. Home Improvement (DIY) Writers: Doityourself.com, the leading independent home improvement and repair website, is looking for motivated and experienced freelance writers to contribute articles on a wide variety of topics.

You should be able to compose knowledgeable features or comprehensive step-by-step articles, and pitch new ideas to your editor. When possible, writers can provide quality photos to complement their articles for increased pay.

Rate: $25 and $35 per article.

6. Copywriter: Copywriter writes informative and creative content for client blogs on dealership websites.

Responsibility includes, but is not limited to, delivering engaging and persuasive blog content to capture audience attention using words and images with attention to search engine content viewing including use of key words, incorporating web links in copy, optimizing image usage for search engine ranking, and other SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. 

Note:  This is listed as a full-time job, but it’s the kind of gig I pitch my freelance writing services to all the time. Learn more here about why freelance writers should apply to FT jobs.

Rate: Not listed.

7. Work From Home – Freelance Writer – Blog Articles (Remote): We are looking for a part-time blog writer to create lifestyle articles for our websites including: home cleaning and restoration products; boat cleaning and restoration products; Air Innovations – humidifiers, air purifiers, aromatherapy diffusers; and Pursfection – purse organizers and tote bags. We are looking for WRITERS who can commit to 1-2 articles on a weekly basis, or 4-8 articles per month.

Rate: $25 per article.

8. SEO Content WritersWe are looking for a few some content writers to write 500-1,000 articles on the topic of millennials, employee retention, and workplace culture. Ideally for someone with good writing skills and experience with SEO ( white HAT only). If you do a good job, we will give you more projects.

Rate: Based on the avg hrly rate they’ve paid out ($42.70),  I assume they mean $75 per article.

9. Weekly Blogger for Pest Control SiteNeed weekly blog post on the history of pest control. I have been elected as the historical preservation chapter head of Pestory.

Pestory is a non-profit organization who mission is to “preserve and promote the history of pest control and its effects on human history.” I would like to start posting weekly blogs as part of my position but frankly, I have having difficulty finding the time to sit down and write, which is why I need to hire someone. Word count: 200ish (short articles).

Rate: Overall budget — $1,200 (individual article rate not listed)

10. Blogger (SUP Site): I am looking for Native English writers to create high-quality and genuine buying guides/reviews and tips/tricks for my Stand Up Paddle Board Blog.

This particular post is for ONE article only to review your writing/review skills. Interested in potential longer term writing assignment. I want to find the best writers from whom I can order many articles and have a long-term working relationship.

Rate: $40.

11. Freelance Copywriter: At National Today, we keep track of the special moments and quirky occasions on the cultural calendar and take a unique story-based approach to connect consumers with some of the most exciting brands around, including Budweiser, Milk-Bone, Mercedes-Benz, and Smuckers.

We’re adding hundreds of fun and interesting holidays to our site, not only from the U.S. but from countries around the world. As a contract copywriter, you’ll be an important member of our creative team. You’ll write content for National Today, one of our most exciting projects yet, creating original content that will reach and impact a global audience.

Rate: Not listed.

12. Blog & Article Writing for Insurance + Technology Field: Looking for 2 stellar Content Editors/Writers to help us write articles for our blog related to the insurance + technology sector. This person must have extensive experience writing for business/professional blogs, and a familiarity with various social channels for content distribution and related social syndication tools.

Rate: $25-$35/article.

13. Ebook Writer: We are in need of someone to ghostwrite a 10,000 word non-fiction eBook about credit. Should be a native English speaker, creative, with a quick turnaround time.

Rate: $1,000 (flat fee). [I could so write this ebook; when I was a mortgage consultant I wrote a credit repair guide to give to my clients for free. Hmmm…. maybe I should dig it out). 🙂

One Place Where You Can Always Find Googobs of Freelance Writing Jobs

Every day, thousands of writing jobs are posted to freelance marketplace Upwork. It’s the largest online marketplace for freelancers, and is a major reason this freelancer was able to earn $20,000 in one month writing web content (yep, not a typo; five figures, not four).

And to be honest, I find it addicting scrolling through the jobs. It’s fun! You swear at some (really, THAT’S what you wanna pay for an “experienced” writer); and you drool over others (man if I landed that gig I’d be so busy I’d have to hire help). It’s freelancing in a nutshell!

Have a great week and good luck applying.

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P.P.S.: A Practically Fail-Proof Way to Start a High-Paying Online Writing Biz

As these listings highlight, there are many, many online writing opportunities. With the right knowledge, it’s great work-from-home career to start – PT or FT. Get trained to get started!

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