Freelance Writing Jobs for the Week of 11/25/2013

Written by Yuwanda Black

Observations as I went through this week’s freelance job listings . . . Number one – the sheer variety of writing and blogging jobs out there – everything from lawn care to cooking! Second, more and more companies seem to be looking for writers/bloggers to “take over” their blogs (ie, become long-term ghost bloggers). In case you didn’t know, time is the number one reason many companies cite for not doing things like blogging (aka content marketing) and social media CONSISTENTLY; hence the need for freelance writers to take over and be their voice on the web.

One more thing – I know many are in holiday mode, with biggies like Thanksgiving coming up here in America. This means a lot of freelance writers AREN’T focused on work, which leaves the door open for those of you who are super-focused at this time. Good luck applying!

Note: Some of these jobs, although freelance, may be location specific. In those cases, the location is listed. Now, today’s listings . . .

Relationship/Dating Writer: We are looking for 2 Rock Star writer/journalists to join our team to write weekly and monthly assignments on sex, love, dating, and relationships focused towards the interests of women. What makes us different is that all of our content is based on science, research, or psychology instead of opinion. You will be expected to do all your own research as well as come up with engaging and interesting topics for courses, infographics, how-to guides, and blog posts. Pay: $1,200 per month. Get full details on this writing job.

Freelance Copywriter (New York, NY): Firm looking for Copywriter for a 4-to-6 month project. There is a possibility of more and further projects but it will be contingent on this one. We are planning on hiring two people that will be working on different parts of the project. Although you will not be writing together, it would be a good idea to maintain contact with each other to for support, problems or questions. Pay: $1,850/week. Get full details on this copywriting job.

Freelance “Culture” Bloggers: TheBlot is a fast-growing new publication, focused on covering the darker corners of culture: sex, drugs, politics and anything that’s truly scandalous. We’re looking for stringers with a strong publishing history and strong opinions. Please send us your pitches and ideas. Pay: $50/post; 500 to 1,000 words (if you consistently generate high pageviews, we will elevate your rate). Get full details on this freelance writing job.

Wildlife / Lawn Care Ghost Writer/Blogger: We need a someone to research and ghostwrite blog posts for us. Urban Wildlife Removal and Organic Lawn Care / Home Maintenance are of greatest concern. We focus on Texas native lawn care and landscaping and we obviously do not need content about controlling animals not found in Dallas / Fort Worth. Pay: $30-$50 per post, weekly contributions needed. Get full details on this ghostwriting job.

Home Décor Writers/Bloggers: Makespace, a New York-based startup, is looking for writers to help us expand our blog. We are looking for motivated and excellent writers to create content on a variety of topics including home decor and design, organization, and home management. Pay: $Not listed. Get full details on this writing/blogging job.

Tech Writers Needed: Looking for long-term relationships with writers. We have two types of positions open: reviewer of software/apps for Windows, Android, and web/browser; and writer of tips, tricks, how-to guides, etc. for Windows, Android, and web/browser. Pay: Pay is per article and will be paid via PayPal. Get full details on this tech writing job.

Freelance Writers and Bloggers: Reply! Inc. is the leading online marketplace using cost-per-click or cost-per-lead approach for locally targeted advertising. Reply! seeks part-time freelance writers and bloggers with expertise in one or more of the following vertical topics: autos, home improvemen, (car) insurance, real estate. The work is remote / telecommute and includes writing consumer facing blog posts for the above verticals. Pay: $Submit your per-post rate. Get full details on this freelance writing and blogging job.

Blender Blogger (yes, you read right!): We are the sole distributor of a popular Blender – a leader in the market of high-grade commercial blenders, also suitable for domestic use. With the recent launch of our Juicer, & the increasing success of our blender, we require a BRIGHT, energetic, creative writer to join our healthy, happy team! Blogging on social media, review sites & blogs is where you will spend your approximate 10hours p/w with us. Experience is not essential, however reliability & a passion for health IS. Pay: $20-$25 p/hr. Get full details on this freelance blogging job.

Freelance Financial Bloggers: Gregory FCA, a nationally ranked public relations firm, is looking for financial and business writers to develop posts for the company’s new blog focusing on financials services news and trends. The posts will be thought leadership pieces for RIAs, fund managers, ETF sponsors, and retirement-focused firms. Pay: $Not listed. Get full details on this finance writing and blogging job.

E-Commerce Blogger: We are looking for an E-commerce blogger/writer. 1-3 articles a week. Pay: $25-$50 an article; 300-1000 words. Payment available after article is completed via PayPal. Get full details on this blogging job.

Freelance Tax/Accounting Blogger: We are looking for a tax expert to blog about emerging tax issues and opportunities for corporations and High Net Worth individuals. Focus is on California but there will be thoughtful discussion of federal tax and international tax shelter planning as well. Pay: $300/week. Get full details on this blogging job.

Freelance Architectural/Design Bloggers (New York, NY): Are you a talented, budding copywriter with a passion for property interiors, architecture and design? Our homes all have distinctive interiors, but here at onefinestay we are about bringing that unique personality and character of each home to life. We want visitors of our website to read a home’s story and yearn to explore further. And we love to delight all of our hosts with beautiful descriptions of their homes. Pay: $80/article; 350-450 words for 1 to 5 articles per week. Get full details on this blogging job.

Freelance Editors/Proofreaders: We are starting an exciting online proofreading/ editing/ translation agency for international clients from non-English speaking countries. We want editors (contract freelancers) with strong editing experience from all professional areas (Academic papers, the natural sciences, legal documents, business writing, etc.). Previous editing experience is a huge plus. Pay: Expected pay is $16 to $30/hour depending on the nature of the project and your skills. Get full details on this proofreading/editing job.

Publisher Note: Did you catch last Friday’s Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success? Something to REALLY think about as we come upon a new year.

Freelance Social Media / Marketing Manager: Penny Lane Pictures is seeking an outgoing freelance social media/marketing manager with an interest or background in Public Relations and/or media sales. Duties: Develop relationships with viewers through social media and build social media outreach programs to increase reach & engagement. Maintain presence across Facebook, g+, Twitter, and Pinterest through daily engagement posts and planning of effective editorial calendar and tent-pole events. Pay: $Not listed. Get full details on this social media job.

Freelance Editors/Writers: 2Blue Media Group is launching 2BlueMagazine.com in December 2013. This online lifestyle site — targeted to American women 25 – 54 — will cover trends and commentary, which inform, stir, and delight our readers.  We have 3 Editor/Writer permalancer positions open: Words (books and beyond); home; and pets. We also have 1 copy editor permalancer position open. These are work-from-home positions. Editors will be responsible for developing the content strategy and producing original content for their vertical. Pay: $Not listed. Get full details on this editing/writing job.

Freelance Fashion Editor: Beyond the Row (www.beyondtherow.com), a newly launched fashion/beauty/lifestyle website seeks an online fashion editor to take our style coverage to the next level. The position calls for a skilled line editor, a zippy display writer, top-notch packager and a visual thinker. Pay: $Not listed. Get full details on this freelance editing job.

Freelance Cooking Blogger: Seeking an experienced culinary blogger to write posts (up to 500 words / post) on kitchen gadgets, present, past, and upcoming. This is an ongoing column for a relatively new website. The majority of our readers are females, ages 30 to 55, who consider themselves amateur chefs. The blogger is expected to write 2-4 posts weekly. Pay: $15/post; 2-4 posts per week needed. Get full details on this freelance blogging job.

Freelance SEO Writer: Our small marketing company needs persuasive, SEO-oriented copywriting done for our website. We would like the writing to have personality, while highlighting the services we offer. Pay: $Submit your rate. Get full details on this freelance SEO writing job.

Freelance Business Bloggers: We are an established business consulting firm working with businesses to help them to hire and retain top talent. We need a good freelance writer to contribute weekly or bi-weekly articles to publish throughout our website /social media platforms. Pay: $On a per-piece basis (submit your rate); 500-700 words. Get full details on this freelance business blogging job.

Tech/Gaming Blogger/Writer: Techniquid is a fairly new site the covers almost everything tech and gaming, and we are looking for new writers! We looking for people to cover Tech and Gaming news, along with any articles related to tech and gaming. We prefer people who can do both. Pay: $Per post. Get full details on this tech/gaming blogging job.

Freelance Communications Writer: We are working exclusively with our client in identifying two Communication Writers in the UK. You will be writing memos, articles, papers and interviewing SME’s and helping develop speeches. The audience will be all types of employees and executives and will be diffused through Intranet, webcast, email and brochure. Duration of Assignment: Approximately 6 months; anywhere from 10-40 hours per week. Location: 100% Virtual – must be located in the UK. Client is located in France. Pay: $Not listed. Get full details on this communications writing job.

Freelance Senior Copywriter for a Leading Pharmaceutical Company: 12-Month Contract. Duties: Creates and develops innovative ideas and copy for marketing, advertising, promotional, professional and informational materials for print and multimedia campaigns/projects.  Collaborates with designers on complex projects, taking direction from the Account Executive (AE) and/or Studio Manager and incorporating feedback into the copy. Ensures all deadlines are met. Pay: $Not listed. Get full details on this freelance copywriting job.

Freelance Math Editor (Boston, MA): Experienced skilled math editor with portfolio of projects. In depth knowledge of current curriculum, standards and assessment methodology. Solid writing skills and familiarity with book design and associated software programs. Correlation experience a plus. Pay: $Submit your per-post rate. Get full details on this freelance editing job.

Freelance Entertainment/Lifestyle Copywriters (Chicago, IL): Superb is looking for strong, savvy copywriters to join our editorial team. Writers will help generate stories surrounding Chicago’s nightlife, dining, shopping, and culture. Pay: $Submit your per-post rate. Get full details on this freelance entertainment/lifestyle writing  job.

College-Attending Bloggers: We are recruiting a team of bloggers to write articles for our college themed website. Articles will include topics such as, beer/liquor reviews, best college bars, college parties, greek life, sports, music, college life and just about anything that goes on in the crazy world of college! Bloggers must be current college students. Pay: $10-$25 per post. Get full details on this freelance blogging job.

Freelance Writers: About.com, a top U.S. web property, is looking for experienced online freelance writers who are credible authorities in their fields and capable of conveying information to users in a friendly, enthusiastic, and compelling way. Duties: Create original and easy-to-consume articles to meet the diverse needs that arise in readers’ everyday lives. Pay: About.com’s independent contractor writers are initially paid per article. This rate is capped to a monthly per-article maximum. However, contractors with sites that grow and meet certain conditions can potentially earn higher fees in excess of the per-article maximum, based on their success in building an audience for the content they write. Get full details on this freelance writing job.

Ghost Blogger (Medical): Need ghost writer to write physician employment content for my job board. Need 1000 words every 2 weeks. Pay: $Not listed. Get full details on this blogging job.

Organic Foods/Healthy Living Writer/Blogger: The leading organic food website for savvy, smart, health conscious individuals who love delicious healthy food and live the green lifestyle, is looking for more writers to add to our team. The Organic Whey, Inc. (www.theorganicwhey.com) is a socially conscious company that manufactures and sells premium organic whey online through their own website, as well as through Amazon.com. Pay: $ Market rates, writer-friendly contract, professional team. Get full details on this blog writing job.

Freelance Business Writers (Austin, TX): Busy, growing Austin-based public relations and editorial services firm has immediate need for excellent freelance writers capable of developing well-written profiles of businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals, and writing other business-oriented articles and op/eds. Abundant opportunity for steady freelance work and growth. Pay: $Per article/profile. Get full details on this freelance business writing job.

Freelance Online Writers: Internet related work (websites, blogs, social media), writing for the oil & gas industry, and articles in a variety of subjects/styles. Work is on a contract basis. Company is US-based, been in business since 2004, and places a high value on quality. High volume of work available due to current company workload. Pay: $10-$35/hour. Get full details on this freelance writing job.

Creative Writers (Humorous): We are looking for a creative writer to produce content for a new site we are launching. The creative writer should have some prior experience, a deep interest in creative writing, and be able to produce work samples of witty, humorous content. We are expecting the hire to produce a good deal quantitatively, so solid work ethic is a must. Pay: $Going marketing rate. Get full details on this creative writing job.

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