Freelance Writing Jobs for the Week of 10/21/2013

Parasailing on Negril Jamaica's 7-Mile Beach

Note: Some of these jobs, although freelance, may be location specific. In those cases, the location is listed.

Observations as I went through this week’s freelance job listings . . . (i) the sheer number and variety of writing jobs available; also (ii) that clients/companies are looking for writers they can build long-term commitments with.

IMO, this is because content marketing has increased the need for consistent copy. Hence, companies need ghostwriters they can rely on for their blog content, newsletter content, web content, etc. And of course, consistency means more money for freelance writers – and more consistency in income as well. Good stuff all around, no?

Ghost Tech Blogger: Brivin Corp is looking for a ghost blog writer who loves to write about subjects such as: web development, web design, User Interface Experience, mobile web development, HTML, CSS, word press, etc… This blogger will write around 2 or 3 articles (depending on his/her availability) per week on our company’s blog. Pay: $40/post, 500-700 words.  Get full details on this ghost blogging job.

Freelance Copy Editors: New York Mag (NYMag.com) is seeking freelance copy editors. Suitable candidates will have a familiarity with Words Into Type and web publishing tools, and also be comfortable working at a very fast pace. Pay: Not listed.  Get full details on this freelance copy editing job.

Note: Site also sometimes publishes articles by freelance writers. Submission details are on that same page in the link above.

Freelance Alternative Health Copywriter: We’re seeking one or more individuals who possess a true gift for converting ideas, thoughts, research and concepts into written words of action. Industries we work with include EMF protection, Cell phone radiation protection, Smart meter protection, a host of 100 more subjects areas of interest. Pay: We pay by the article, eg, a 400-600 word article – $10-$40 per accepted post. Brochure copy, case study articles, etc., pay will range between .10 and .30 per word. Get full details on this freelance copywriting job.

Freelance Researchers: Award-winning independent publisher in business for more than 25 years seeks enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and resourceful writers and researchers for long-term book projects. We are about to launch a project in Detroit, Michigan. The successful candidate will work closely on this book with an author, editor, and graphic designer to conduct research, write, and collect photos and captions. Pay: Not listed.  Get full details on this freelance researcher’s job.

Home Security Blogger: You will have the editorial freedom to pick and choose what topics you write about as well as a style of writing. General guidance and suggestions will be provided. Pay: $25/post; need at least two per week (with bonuses for traffic generation). Get full details on this home security blogging job.

Freelance Lifestyle Writer (Minneapolis, MN): Are you passionate about Minneapolis? Do you know that your neighborhood is the best of the best? A leading online rental search website is looking for fun, engaging and informative writers to cover local content in Minneapolis. Pay: Posts start at 300+ words and compensation starts at $30 per post. Get full details on this writing job.

Demand Media (eHow) Is Hiring: Opportunities for Studio writers involve 300-500 word articles that require the ability to write informatively about a number of different fields, including Business, Finance, Nutrition, Travel, Technology, Fitness, and more. As a Studio contributor you can pick and choose what areas you want to cover in order to position yourself and your expertise in the industries you care about. Pay: Posts start at 300+ words and compensation starts at $30 per post (can go on up to $50 per article). Payments are delivered twice a week. Get full details on this freelance writing job.

Publisher Note: A lot of people frown on writing for “content mills” like this, but I wrote for eHow back in 2008, I think it was and earned some quick cash, which came in handy during dry spells. I earned $15 per article (and residual montly payments on page views), and I wrote about freelance writing and small business usually – content I knew well and could knock out easily. Although their guidelines have gotten more stringent since then, it can be a steady-earning gig if you don’t mind writing for what some consider such low pay.

Freelance Fashion Writer (Leather Topics): Looking for experienced writer to do features and shorts on leather workers, saddle makers, boot makers, etc. Covering from OK to CA. Must be experienced and meet deadlines. Pay: $16/hour. Get full details on this fashion writing job.

Publisher Note: Did you catch the most recent Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success? Not something you’d normally think would belong in this column, but as important (perhaps more so), than anything else you can do for your freelance business.

Craft Bartending/Beer/Mustache Bloggers: Looking for North America bloggers to contribute to our craft brewing, cocktailing, pickling, cooking, organic farming, locavoring, suit wearing, handlebar mustaching website. We’d like to cover anything that has to do with the exploding ‘craft’ market. Pay: $25/article. Get full details on this blogging job.

Affiliate Marketing Blogger: I’m looking for a highly skilled writer who has knowledge in at least some of the following areas to write on a leading online/affiliate marketing blog:  Affiliate marketing; Internet marketing (such as eCommerce, online marketing for local businesses etc.); SEO; PPC;  Traffic/lead generation; Social media marketing . Your role will include creating blog posts and educational lessons related to topics similar to those listed above. Pay: Submit your bid based on creating an 800-1,000 word post. Get full details on this blogging job.

Design Blogger: Looking for a blogger that can write short (100 words) blog posts about design for an upcoming blog. Pay: Not listed. Get full details on this design blogging job.

Freelance Food & Beverage Writers: A women’s lifestyle blog is looking for freelance writers/bloggers who have a passion for dining, cooking, and beverages. Professional cooks or hobbyists are welcome. We are a lifestyle website and newsletter for the modern woman with traditional values and classic style. We cover everything classic women love from fashion and home decor to gardening, social events, beauty, and food. Pay: $15 per article approved/posted on our website; $20 per article featured on our website. Get full details on this food and beverage writing job.

Freelance Tech Writer (Cloud Computing): I need a freelance writer to write 14 articles pertaining to cloud computing. Although I do have suggested topics, the writer will have the flexibility to write articles based on his/her strong interests in cloud computing. Pay: $45/article; 750 words. Get full details on this tech writing job.

Freelance Editor: Zachry Publications, a Texas-based media company, is looking for a freelance editor for a local-lifestyle magazine with bi-monthly regional circulation more than 11,000. Pay: Not listed. Get full details on this freelance editing  job.

Publishing Schedule This Week

Following is what’s coming up this week . . .

Tomorrow: The Essential Mindset Every Freelance Writer Should Have: Guest post by freelancer Francesca Nicasio. Some good insight here – this one “switch” could change your freelance career.

Wednesday: Freelance Writers: How to Handle it When You Miss a Deadline: A post by moi! I’ve missed less than five in my entire 20-year career. Recently, I missed two within a week; made me sick to my stomach. I’ll give some insight into how to handle it – and hang on to your client(s) when you do!

Thursday on SeoWritingJobs.com, This Site’s Companion Site: Regular contributor Chrislyn continues with week three of The SEO Writing Business Challenge For Struggling Freelance Writers (and yep, you can still join).

Friday (on this blog): The weekly Quick Tip for Freelance Writing Success.

On a personal note: Too pooped to work . . .

Parasailing on Negril Jamaica's 7-Mile BeachThese job listings are a little late today because, quite frankly, I was too exhausted to work yesterday.

As you know if you’re a regular reader, I’m here in Jamaica preparing for the Reggae Marathon in December. So I got up, went for a long run and came back home expecting to get a little work done. But, the internet was out, so I couldn’t log on and decided I’d put in a few hours after the beach.

Well – the weather was so gorgeous, my sister and I wound up staying much longer than we normally do. I swam, worked out even more in the water, then went to a couple of places and had some dinner and drinks.

By the time I got home, all was well with the internet, but I was quite frankly too pooped to do anything but brush my teeth and go to bed. I slept like a baby – 9 hrs – and was still dragging for an hour or so after I got up this morning.

This Jamaican heat is something else – let me tell ya!

FYI, click photo to see some parasailors I caught from my beach chair (I was too lazy to get up, but they flew practically right over my head, so I was able to get a good shot of them anyway). This is soooo on my bucket list of things to do in Jamaica — a list that seems to get longer every day by they way! 🙂

I hope you’re having a productive Monday.

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