41 Freelance Writing Job Leads for the Week of June 12, 2017

Just a word about this week’s listings … one of the things that stood out to me is that while long-form content is certainly popular and some would argue, preferred these days by search engines, shorter articles (400-500 words) are still very in demand too.

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One freelancer details how she landed a job from a job post here. She specifically details what she did that she think landed her the job. You won’t want to miss this post! Stay tuned. Now, to today’s listings.

This Week’s Job Listings

1. Healing / Wellness Freelance Writers:  Healing Lifestyles & Spas content focuses on integrating healing remedies, alternative medicine, natural living, spa wisdom, and nature into our lives, providing tools and inspiration to lead a more healthy and healing lifestyle.

Rate: $150-$500 for 1000-2000 words.

2. Marketing Content Writer:  This position is virtual and we’re looking for everything from contract / freelance to full-time. You better read Kissmetrics, Unbounce, AdEspresso, etc. Because we write for Kissmetrics, Unbounce, AdEspresso, etc. Average content is 2-3k words. Each typically takes ~4 hours. Most of that is research and prep.

Rate: Not listed.

3. Blogger / Article Writer for Leading Career Website:  VelvetJobs.com is a career matchmaking website used by millions of people. We are looking for established bloggers/article writers with the track record of regular contributions to leading publications/blogs.

Rate: Not listed.

4. Freelance Writers: The Editorial Department at Valnet Inc. is looking for writers to contribute buzz-worthy articles for all of our brands! With nine influential editorial brands, Valnet leads the online publishing world, and we cover an array of topics that will capture everyone’s attention.

As a freelance writer, you will create original, informative and eye-catching articles that our audience is craving to read. Qualifications: You’ve been writing for a while, you know how to research, and you’re good with CMS, SEO, SMM, etc.

Rate: Not listed.

5. Freelance Writers & Editors: We’re always on the lookout for talented freelance content creators.

Rates: Specialist content pays higher rates vary with each project (but tend to be based on £120-150 day rates (approx $150 to $200/day)), depending on the level of complexity of the brief, whether the brief requires specific niche expertise, and the amount of research needed to produce the content.

6. Cultural (Native American) Freelance Writer:  Bi-monthly Native North American newspaper whose purpose is to present good news of what’s happening across Indian Country.

Rate: $0.15/word up to $175 for 500-2000 words.

7. Political Writers & Editors: ConservativeInstitute.Org is looking for writers, editors and who can create compelling articles and intelligent but engaging conservative content. We need people who are passionate about the mission above. You understand basic political controversies and can write about them in a concise manner. Articles need to be a minimum of 500 words, though analysis pieces need to be a minimum of 1,000 words We provide you with the headlines and an initial source We’re looking for both weekday AND weekend writers. There’s a bonus for weekend writers.

Rate: $15 to $35/article for writing; no rate listed for editing.

SEO Writing Class Price Increase

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8. SEO Writer:  The SEO & Digital Content Copywriter will be responsible for developing digital copy in the SEO field. S/he will utilize SEO best practices, practical applications and opportunities. S/he will partner closely with the SEO Manager to optimize existing content for global Tiffany sites with the goal of growing keyword rankings and relevancy across Google search results.

Rate: Not listed.

9. Entertainment Writer (E! News Digital): The writer will discover, write and post: daily feature stories; viral or otherwise socially generated stories, photos and videos; news stories; photo galleries; stories that are driving the pop culture conversation; and original content and POV that drives the social conversation. Must be very knowledgeable in social media and SEO and how they influence news production.

Note: This is a full-time writing job opportunity. Learn more here about why freelance writers to apply to FT jobs.

10. Content Creators / MarketersWe are a fun and efficient website design agency; we spend our days creating eye-catching, functional websites for our clients that will set them apart and improve their web presence, and in turn, their business. We are seeking a talented writer to join us. You will help us to create content for our website and our clients’ websites. Ideally, you’d also manage a content marketing campaign, including blog articles, social media posts, e-books, and more. Knowledge of SEO and Content Marketing are a HUGE plus.

Rate: $20 per page (500 words).

11. Freelance Writer (Detroit): The forthcoming Detroit edition of UrbanDaddy is seeking a freelance writer to cover restaurants, nightlife, style and other leisurely pursuits in the city. As a freelancer, you will be representing the brand in Detroit. You’ll be responsible for coming up with relevant feature ideas, aggressively tracking impending venue openings, knowing relevant players in the nightlife and dining arenas and working your network of PR and professional contacts to keep our readers informed and ahead of the curve.

Rate: Not listed.

12. Freelance Financial Writers: Investopedia is the world’s largest financial education platform, serving over 20 million unique visitors each month. We are seeking freelance writers to cover fundamental analysis of publicly traded companies, including some light math and some charting, and help our audience of 21 million monthly visitors make smarter investment decisions.

Rate: not listed.

13. Freelance Copywriter & Editors (Tech): We are a Web Design and Search Engine Optimization agency located in Los Angeles, California. Since we are a small team, your input will be critical to shaping the look and feel of our product. The expected workload will be 5-40 (500 words) articles to be written each week. We anticipate that the articles will take 15 minutes or so to edit (hence this is a part-time job requiring no more than 10 hours per week.

Rate: We will pay $14 per page for each 500 words of copywriting. $4 per article on the 1st and 15th of each month, upon review and approval of your work (I assume they mean for editing, but ask to clarify this).

14. Freelance Business Writer: LifeBook is a private company based in Surrey, England, providing global corporate histories and autobiographies. We are currently looking for a highly experienced freelance business writer/journalist. With two divisions, the custom/bespoke division and the autobiographical division, this role is for the bespoke part of the business specializing in delivering corporate histories and family business stories. You would be working with our specialist business director and our delivery team, who will be active participants in these projects.

Rate: Not listed.

15. Freelance Article Writers: 200 Articles per Month Needed. Citirex digital marketing agency is managing multiple online properties in different niches and looking for junior copywriters to join our team. You should be able to produce around 40 articles per month (800-1000 words) and have clear understanding of basic SEO and content marketing.

Rate: Not listed.

Note: These are the types of freelance SEO writing positions where there will usually be as much work as you can handle. Normally, the turnaround is quick in pay and assignment. They pay is usually not that great (eg, $15 to $25/article), but if you’re new and/or just want to pick up some part-time cash, it’s a good, ongoing gig to have.

16. Legal Bloggers:  SEO firm seeking experienced and professional writers for blog articles. Specifically – business, family and personal injury / wrongful death law.

Rate: $200 per completion of set of 8 blogs.

17. Freelance Writer / Transcriber: Looking for an independent contractor, work-at-home writer to prepare summaries of witness interviews from audio recordings. Detailed typed notes taken during the interviews are also provided. The format requires objective writing, merely reporting what the person said.

Rate: The pay begins at $30 per single-spaced written page (following edits), and would increase up to $50 per page as proficiency is shown. The quantity of work fluctuates, yet is steady and would be equivalent to a part-time position.

18. Legal Writers:  We are a law firm marketing company with a national clientele and expanding our team to meet the demand of new clients. We currently have a team of 25 copywriters and are looking to add 3-5 more people to keep up with the work. Job includes: writing great copy for law firms and attorney clients. Copy can include: website content, eBooks, autoresponder emails, press releases, and blog posts. Job requires you to interface with attorneys over the phone, interview them on topics, research the topics, and write the copy in their voice.

Rate: Per project and is flat fee based, quoted ahead of time.

19. Freelance Finance (Mortgage) Writer: Company looking to hire a freelance writer with experience in finance specifically centered around mortgage. We would need about 3 articles per day optimized for SEO for our web properties. The articles will be in reference to mortgage related topics trending in the news. Experience and/or familiarity with the industry is a must. Please contact us if interested.

Rate: Not listed.

20. Mystery Shoppers/Writers for Restaurants and Night Clubs (NYC): Invision Consulting is a national mystery shopping company recruiting reviewers or shoppers to conduct fine dining and upscale night club and lounge assignments in Manhattan and on the New Jersey Shore. We are seeking savvy, sophisticated restaurant and nightclub shoppers with excellent observation skills and the ability to detect subtle details that inform the guest experience. Strong computer skills and the ability to follow instructions are important, as is the ability to play the part of a regular guest.

Rate: Reimbursements typically range from $125-$250/visit for a team of two people. In addition, nightclub and lounge assignments pay a $75-$100 incentive per shop, and select dining assignments pay incentives of $25-$50. Reimbursements are paid within 30-45 days of the shop date.

21. Freelance Copywriter For Digital Agency:  We are seeking a writer/writers able to write 15-20 quality, shareable, engaging, and grammatically correct articles (each 350-500 words) per month. You must be able to meet deadlines; research topics based on keywords, relevance, and trends; and (ideally) be familiar and comfortable working with Webmaster Tools (Search Console) and Google Analytics.

Rate: TBD.

22. Freelance Writers & Editors: We are the International Association of Professional Writers & Editors (IAPWE). We are currently hiring writers and editors to work for our organization. This position will involve writing and/or editing articles and blog posts on a wide range of topics.

Rate: The rate of pay for this position is $10 per 100 words (approximately $50 per article) for writers and $3 per 100 words (approximately $15 per article) for editors.

23. Web Content Writer: CFC, a global nonprofit that works to promote social-emotional learning skills and prevent bullying and child sexual abuse, is looking for someone experienced in web content management for a contract assignment. As Web Content Producer, you will be responsible for all aspects of content, including creating and managing an editorial calendar, writing, project managing other resources when necessary, light front-end web development using the WordPress platform, evaluation and analysis.

Rate: DOE.

24. Beauty Writers:  My name is Minh and I’m one of the founders at Polish Perfect. Our website is dedicated to beginner to advance nail professionals that want to learn more about the nail industry. Topics will vary between trends, techniques, product recommendations, and many more. Seeking a freelance copywriter that can write about 1-2 articles per week. Word count will range between 300-4000 (4-8 articles per month).

Rate: Not listed.

25. Backlinks / Guest Post Writer for High-Authority Sites:  Looking for a successful professional(s) who can conduct media outreach and pitch high authority magazine/ news/ blog sites. Looking for someone who can influence renowned publications such as success.com; Forbes.com; Entrepreneur.com; Elitedaily.com; Huffingtonpost.com/co.uk / France / Canada; Businessinsider.com; Lifehack.org and Lifehacker.com. We are particularly interested in those who have connections in the health, personal growth, success niche.

Rate: Budget is negotiable dependent on the publication.

26. Article Writers (Dental Site): Need content for a dental / health care tele-medicine site. Some general information about various dental care issues.

Rate: Not listed.

27. Tech Web Writer:  Looking for assistance to rewrite copy for our website. Experience in any of the following is relevant: web / mobile development; data analysis, data visualization; and content management (e.g. drupal and wordpress).

Rate: Not listed.

28. Consumer Tech Writer: Komando.com is the homepage for The Kim Komando Show, the nation’s largest talk-radio show about everything digital. We are seeking a writer to submit 1 eBook per month by the required deadline ((3,000 to 3,500 WORDS)); pitch topics and news stories relevant to the Komando brand and valuable to its readers; and create copy that positions Komando.com as the online authority.

Rate: Not listed.

29. Writers for Lifestyle Website: I’m looking for a writer, preferably long-term, to develop the content for a new lifestyle website, which has a focus on creativity in areas such as education, arts & music, food, wealth planning, etc. For a start, I’ll like to have 5 articles of about 1,000 words each (if the topic does not warrant 1,000 words, we can split it into 2 articles of 500 words).

Rate: I don’t have a big budget on this, but if you think you’d like to work with me, please send me a quote on these 5 articles.

30. Content Editor/Writer for Legal SiteWe are divorce lawyers and would like to find a person in charge of developing, writing, and editing content for our website; www.rightlawyers.com. This will be an ongoing project. Must have experience with journalism. We can train the right person on the subject matter of divorce, and custody.

Rate: Not listed.

31. Medical Editors: Looking for editors to edit online medical articles. Must have a good grasp of the English language and grammar. Medical knowledge is helpful.

Rate: Not listed.

32. SEO Writer: We have 80 existing Landing page URLs that need min 600 words – max 750 words. Seeking a content writer who is extremely fluent in english and has at least a basic to intermediate understanding of SEO for e-commerce.

Rate: Not listed.

33. Editor / Buzz Article Writer: We need someone proactive and independent, familiar with gadgets and capable of writing high quality articles that are about 500+ words long and will captivate users interests in clicking the title, and buying the products promoted in the ads. So you’ll not only be writing articles, you’ll also be writing promotional articles for gadgets!

Rate: Not listed.

34. Freelance Content Writer (Pets): Technology company looking for dependable, independent, and value driving freelance content writer. Your voice will be influential from the start. Your entire focus will be creating best-in-class pet care articles to be viewed by tens of thousands of readers from all over the country.

Rate: Pay is per article – $22 based on article type as well as your experience and effort There is a high volume of work – but you set your own schedule and commit to 5 condition guides per week.

35. SEO Bloggers Needed:  This is a long-term SEO marketing blogger position. We are looking for a candidate with marketing and SEO writing expertise to help write our marketing blogs. We specialise in influencer marketing and will be most impressed with the candidates that have the deepest understanding of our business and the content we produce.

Rate: Let us know your price per 100 words.

36. Freelance Pharmaceutical WritersMM&M is the media brand of record for pharmaceutical marketing and commercialization, delivering the most balanced and relevant coverage of its subject matter. We are looking for freelance writers to contribute to our monthly print issue and website. Solid experience covering/writing about the pharmaceutical industry in a journalistic capacity is a must.

Rate: Not listed.

37. Digital Content & Curriculum Writer: Facing History and Ourselves is an international educational nonprofit that provides educational content, curriculum resources, and professional development to secondary school social studies, civics, humanities, and English teachers. We are seeking a writer who will play a key role in helping us exponentially scale its impact over the next five years. The ideal candidate is a writer, teacher, and learner at heart, who is passionate about our mission and excited to work with the wide range of issues, histories, works of literature, and current events that comprise our editorial portfolio. The successful candidate will have experience teaching and writing curriculum materials for students with diverse learning styles, abilities, and backgrounds and their teachers.

Location: FT position (Brookline, MA or close to another Facing History office). A remote, home-based arrangement may be considered for the right candidate.

Rate/Salary: Competitive compensation and benefits package including medical, dental, vision, life & long-term disability insurance.

38. Freelance Financial Writers: The Global Market is a Chinese-language monthly magazine owned by Global News Group and headquartered in Haikou, China. We have reporter stations around China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou, etc. With a global emphasis and scope, The Global Market focuses on professional reports in the areas of business, economics and finance. To open up overseas distribution channels and create an international financial column, we are recruiting part-time journalists and media agencies.

Rate: $500 to $1,500 per article.

39. Freelance Construction/RE WriterWe are looking for a business writer that can write insightful new and feature stories about residential building in the Construction industry. We are looking for a writer who can identify and communicate the significance of new developments and market trends, and who can take a good story idea and come back with a compelling narrative for an audience of construction executives.

Rate: Not listed.

Freelance Writer “Cattle Calls”

The following are what I consider “cattle call” listings. While they may not pay off right now, it’s good to get your credentials on file with potential clients like this.

Most of your time should be spent applying to those who are hiring right now, so don’t spend a lot of time applying to these types of listings. But when you see them pop up, if you have time and the process is not too tedious (some of them ask for ridiculous amounts of stuff up front), send in your credentials. One day, out of the blue, you may get an assignment and create a long-lasting relationship that could lead to ongoing work. So they are worth it — just take the long-range view when applying, ok?

40. Freelance, Online Writers: Write for us on a paid-per-project freelance basis and craft custom content for our corporate and nonprofit clients. At Prose you can be your own boss, set your own rates, and write on your own schedule as an independent contractor.

Rate: Not listed.

41. Science Content Writers: A Pass Educational Group, LLC is looking for NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) experienced science teachers for assessment writing projects. Applicants will be asked to complete a writing sample. If approved, you will be added to our database of freelance writers and can apply for relevant projects. DO NOT apply if you do you have experience teaching NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). This is remote work from anywhere role.

Rate: Not listed.

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