15 Freelance Writing & Social Media Job Leads

Hope you’ve had a good start to the week! 🙂 Here are 15 freelance writing job leads, and even one for a social media account manager. Writing content and distributing it via social media is so interlinked these days that it can be very profitable to add social media account management to your list of services if you’re a freelance writer.

1. SEO Content Writer (Insurance): This position interviews product owners and writes SEO friendly website content for our customers, inclusive of landing pages, blog articles and press releases. Ensures content is relevant and aims to satisfy customer requests in a timely fashion. A strategic and creative thinker, this person is energized by the challenge of researching, analyzing and understanding our marketing strategy and delivering compelling content on the website.

Rate: Not listed.

2. Analysts and Editors (Academic Recruiting Firm): Medium sized, cloud-based consultancy headquartered in Delaware, USA, but with consultants spread across the globe, from Asia to South America. We primarily handle Academic Consulting for Doctorate level clients, and are currently hiring Analysts, Editors & Project Managers. Duties include, but are not limited to: supporting our clients in the their dissertation processes. This may include: making content changes to pre-existing work based on the comments of the client’s dissertation committee; and finding research gaps in academic literature, creating a valid problem statement, justifying the purpose for the study, and selecting an underlying Theoretical or Conceptual Framework to guide the study.

Rate: (For Editors) $1/page for ‘internal’ work done on company documents, and $1.5/page for ‘external’ work done on client documents. A typical edit will be between 50-150 pages, and will pay $1.5/page assuming it is being done for a client.

(For Analysts): Typically, it ranges from $200-$600 per project depending on length, difficulty, and timeline. Most of our analysts make between $1000-$2000 monthly on limited, flexible hours. However, several full-time analysts make substantially more, depending on how quickly and efficiently they can do the work, as well as their experience and seniority at the firm.

3. Tech Writer: CRM Software Content Writer. W-Systems is seeking a part-time or freelance CRM content or business writer who can author original and useful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) articles, editorials, white papers, software reviews, special interest stories and related content. This position is ideal for CRM veterans coming from the CRM sales, analyst, consulting or project management ranks and now looking to share their knowledge with focused user communities. Expertise in web copy, SEO, and online (email) marketing a plus.

Rate: Not listed.

4. Content Creator: Creates original language-learning content based on guidelines provided by Transparent Language; proofreads language-learning content based on guidelines; designs leveled courses for beginning, intermediate, and advanced adult learners.

Rate: Not listed.

5. Freelance Script Writer: We’re looking for flexible, creative, and ambitious copywriters to write, edit and review video scripts. You must be able to generate great ideas and write scripts/treatments for a wide variety of client’s products and services.

Rate: Not listed.

6. Social Media Copywriter (Fashion): 1-3 month freelance assignment for a copywriter experienced in writing social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) for fashion brands and products, including lifestyle content. Our audience is older, well-travelled, and female. The objective of the copy is to develop a consistent, relevant tone of voice for the brand, and engage their audience around popular summer events, holidays, and rituals – Memorial Day, beach life, 4th of July, cocktail hour, etc.

Rate: Not listed.

7. Editorial Proofreader (Part-time): Joyce Meyer Ministries touches millions of people with impactful, uplifting and creative content. And we are searching for a Part-time Editorial Proofreader who can support our mission to Share Christ and Love People by working closely with our Editor and team of Writers to ensure accurate and content grammar, spelling, syntax, and style. This position requires an eye for detail to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Rate: Not listed.

8. Tech Writer (Case Studies): Looking for someone to work with the CTO of an IT company to document and write up case studies on projects we work on. Create content for services company provides and software it sells.

Rate: Not listed.

9. Social Media Writer / Acct Manager: Seeking someone to post a tweet once a day for me. I’m in the coffee sector so basically you would find news stories, facts, humor that is k cup and coffee related and tweet along with hashtags through my account.

Rate: Not listed (requests that you present your rate)

10. SEO Content Writer: We are a growing web design agency seeking a talented writer to join us. You will help us to create content for our website and our clients’ websites. Ideally, you’d also manage a content marketing campaign, including blog articles, social media posts, e-books, and more.

When writing for our own website and marketing collateral, you will write upbeat pieces on how entrepreneurs can succeed. We have the knowledge – need you to write it out.

Rate: $20 per 500-word article.

11. Resume Writers: RiseSmart is a leading provider of outplacement and career management services. We are seeking talented writers to join our team. Duties include, but are not limited to: providing resume critiques according to resume best practices; editing and rewriting existing resumes; writing resumes using RiseSmart approved guidelines with client-provided data; and direct interaction with clients as necessary by email and/or phone.

Rate: Not listed.

12. Nutrition Blogger: Seeking an expert nutrition writer to research and create content for a 5 blog posts on Natural Health on Hormones geared toward nutrition and health coaches. They will use this information to coach their clients. Posts will be 1500 – 1800 words in a conversational tone at an 8th grade level.

Rate: Not listed.

13. Freelance Direct Mail Writer: Initially, the writer needs to be familiar with farming and create ads which will be effective with farmers.

Rate: $100/day.

14. Freelance “Pop Culture” Writers: The Editorial Department at Valnet Inc. is looking for writers to contribute buzz-worthy articles for all of our brands! With nine influential editorial brands, Valnet leads the online publishing world, and we cover an array of topics that will capture everyone’s attention.

Rate: Not listed.

15. Freelance Guide Writer: Business Insider is looking for a talented freelance writer to research and write comprehensive buying guides for a variety of products (tech, home, outdoors, kitchen, DIY, fitness, gardening). You’ll be part of the growing Insider Picks commerce team in the new buying guides section.

Rate: Negotiable based on experience, but ranges from $250-$350 per guide.


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