15 Freelance Writing Job Leads for August 21, 2017

Just an observation about this week’s listings that I’m noticing more and more: long-form content is in high demand. This is good for a number of reasons, ie:

  • You can charge more for it;
  • Tends to be with better-paying clients (because they can afford to pay the higher rates);
  • You can work less and still earn a decent living; and
  • It improves your writing skill because it forces you to do more research, organize the content, write more and better titles and subtitles; etc.

Learn more about how to write long-form content that pleases clients. Now, this week’s listings.

Freelance Writing Jobs for This Week

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1. Get Paid To Write About Freelancing: Could there be a more perfect gig for freelance writers?! We are a brand that likes to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously. Literally, the name of our company is The No Pants Project, so… Anyways, we’re looking for writers. Like a bunch of writers. Our target market is creatives who are trying to break into the Freelancing game full-time. Need long-form content.

Rate:$Pay is DOE and Length, but we typically pay between $200 and $400 a post

2. Addiction/Recovery Writers: Needed: Writers who have experience writing about addiction, recovery, and treatment centers. Target Audience: Individuals and Family members who are seeking treatment. Scale of Project: Each month our client will be creating 120 micro-sites. Each micro-site will consist of 5 pages/requests.

Rate: $35/article.Freelance Writing Job Leads: Blogging Jobs, Ebook Writing Jobs, SEO Writing Jobs & More

Note: This gig comes via Constant-Content. It is ongoing – lots of content is needed. To Apply: Send an email with the subject line “Addiction/Recovery Writer” to Nicole@constant-content.com.

See this post for more insight on writing for Constant Content.

3. Trucking Writers: IB Publishing is seeking CDL instructors and truck driver trainers to write and contribute to informative articles for new and experienced truck drivers. These articles will include a fair amount of specific terminology and must provide accurate information on everything from OTR driving to CDL schooling.

Rate/Salary: $25 to $50/article.

4. SEO Content Writers: We are an internet marketing company in need of content writers for our clients blogs. You can work from anywhere. But you have to meet your deadlines and write good content.

Rate: $35/article.

Note: This potential client asks that you write a unique article on a specific topic to submit. I wouldn’t, and here’s why. Most reputable clients who want you to submit original samples will pay for them.

I would still apply to this gig (cuz it does seem legit); but I’d just send in/link to samples I already have. This way, if they bite, great. If not, no biggie. You can just move on.

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5. Freelance High Yield Investment Writer: Our writer/analysts will work with equity analyst to create informative and engaging investment analysis on individual investments. Writer/Analyst will be provided with investing ideas and a high level analysis to expand upon.

Rate: $200/Day.

6. Tech Content Writer: Duties include, but are not limited to: Managing the content marketing planning and strategy development; writing creative content for customer-facing marketing and sales initiatives; and managing email campaigns from start to finish.

Rate: Not listed.

7. Freelance Quiz/Trivia Writers: FanBread enables social influencers (celebrities, digital communities, etc.) with massive social reach to feed their fans the content that THEY want to share. No one can resist a wacky online quiz that allows them to prove they are as awesome as they think they are, and we need talented writers like you to create that content. We are currently seeking quiz/trivia writers for several of our urban lifestyle sites.

Rate: $20/article.

8. Labor & Employment Legal Editor: Write, edit, and update state-specific labor and employment resources, including checklists, standard forms and policies, and other state-specific legal content. Be available to answer questions and perform research on discrete state law issues that arise in the final review of these resources.

Rate: Not listed.

9. Blog Ghostwriters (Need 2): I am an author / Blogger in a few big digital publications, I want ace articles ghost written for my blogs. I mostly cover Technology, Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship articles there. I have 20 – 30 article’s work every month.

Rate: Not listed, but has paid an average of $40/hour for freelancers hired previously.

Why HostGator is the best web hositing company for freelance writers (IMO)10. Blog Writer for Corporate eLearning and Business Blog: We are a leading eLearning solutions vendor looking to expand our content marketing efforts with high-quality, industry-focused blog posts.

The content produced should be designed for marketing purposes and therefore should not be approached from a purely academic standpoint. Hence, experience in corporate blogging and SEO writing is a serious plus. The topic, scope and keywords you need to focus on will be provided.

Rate: Not listed.

11. Web Copy, Blog Posts & Sales Content Needed: We are launching our new website and need content sales writing for our services, blog writing (writing about the employment industry) on a state by state level. We are planning to re launch our site in late September and have a plan in place and can provide you with a very detailed raw writing about the business that will help with your content creation.

Rate: Not listed.

12. Blog and Article Writers (10 Needed): We are a team of professionals looking for professional writers to work with on a long term basis – so, If you are looking for a stable writing job, do not hesitate to apply. Selected writers will be offered long term work opportunities. Please bid for 500-word article.

Rate: Not listed.

Note: This is what I call a good “get in, get out” writing job. What do I mean by this? Well, many newbies are nervous when they first start out. So with jobs like this, you can get in, get your feet wet; get some experience under your belt — then get out.

Once you know what the process is like, you’ll be much less nervous and more comfortable moving on to higher-paying work. Also, these jobs are relatively easy to get, and there tends to be lots of work available. So if you’re new and/or are just looking for some quick cash, these types of gigs are good to go after. But by all means — don’t stay stuck in them. Once you feel that you have the hang of things — and this should only take a few weeks or a few projects, then move on to higher-paying gigs, ok?

13. Long-Form Article Writer: We are looking to hire a part time quality content writer who is able to write about 2000 words per articles and estimate about 10 articles of such length per month. The kind of articles related to: 10 ways to improve your business; 10 ways to become a better leader; and 10 ways to motivate your staff

Rate: Not listed; send in your best quote based on per article or all 10 articles.

14. Ebok/Guide Writer: We have created a hypnotherapy program based on the subject of wealth. We have created a sample user guide, but are looking for an excellent writer to “recreate” the guide in a new style — keeping it super simple, straight-forward and removing excess “fluff” and “personality” that may confuse things. We are looking ultimately for a user guide of around five to ten pages.

Rate: Not listed; submit your rate.

15. B2B Marketing Copywriter: We’re a fast-growing, well-funded B2B SaaS Startup. Thousands of online business professionals rely on us currently, to assist in the growth and marketability of their companies. Seeking copywriter who is able to create: sales letters; sales scripts; email campaigns; blog articles; information products – and more.

Rate: $2,500 – $5,000/Mo (dependent on skill level). This is a FT, remote position.

Good luck applying, and have a great week!

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