Freelance Writing Goals for 2011: What Are Yours? Don’t Know? Here Are Some Ideas

It’s that time of year where many are setting goals for next year – for our personal as well as professional lives.

I’ll leave the personal goals to you, but as for your professional life, if you’re a freelance writer and don’t have any goals or are a little fuzzy about exactly what you want/need to accomplish, maybe reading my list will toggle your brain cells so you get on the right track with your freelance writing career.

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My 2011 Freelance Writing Goals

This year, I worked hard on making the transition to writing for myself, as opposed to writing for clients. My goal was to step into a purely managerial role at New Media Words, my SEO writing company. I’m 90% of the way there.

I only write for a few clients and spend the bulk of my time creating my own products (ebooks and e-classes). This has set me up nicely to accomplish this year’s goals, of which there are only three, listed below.

FYI, this is the value of having a life plan . . . eg, where do you want to be in a year, three years, five years?

Once you crystallize your vision, making decisions and setting goals becomes so much easier. Now on to my 2011 freelance writing goals and some specific tips for how to go about setting yours.


Goal #1: 50 Ebooks on Amazon

By 12/31/2011, I will have at least 50 of my ebooks published on Amazon. On my website, I will have at least 100 e-products for sale. Why the disparity?

Remember the ebook writing tournament back in October? During the tournament, I had a eureka moment for how to write and sell ebooks online that could exponentially increase your sales. I told you to . . .

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