Two Simple Steps to Take Your Freelance Writing Business UP a Notch by Creating a Profitable Information Products Line

Written by Karen Cioffi

If you have your own freelance writing business, it most likely consists of writing services. Maybe you write for magazines, or online businesses, or you’re a professional blogger, or you may offer editing and ghostwriting services.

That’s great. I’m a freelance writer too and I love writing. But, there are times in-between gigs when I’m glad I don’t have all my eggs in one basket. That’s where creating information products comes in handy.

The easiest e-product to create is an ebook, especially for a writer. So, starting with this product is kind of a no-brainer. There are two reasons for this:

1. You’re a writer, so writing in your niche should be a breeze.

2. All information products begin with content.

Makes sense, right. It’s really the ideal first e-product to create.

But, how does an ebook turn into an information product business that can be profitable and supplement your freelance writing services?

Two Steps to a Profitable Information Product Business to Supplement Your Freelance Writing Business

I know it may seem difficult to believe, but there are really only two steps to this process.

Step One – The Creation

The first step is to create an effective product that addresses your potential customers’ needs, wants, or desires. Jim Edwards, marketer and expert ebook author, says that people have one of three things:

  1. A question that needs an answer
  2. A roadblock that that needs to be sidestepped
  3. A problem that needs to be solved

So, you need to answer that question, help the individual blast through that roadblock, or solve that problem. That’s what your ebook will focus on.

Aspiring Infopreneurs: Types of Info Products You Can Create

AuthorOnlinePlatform3DBook (1)As mentioned, the ebook is the perfect first product. After it’s up and running, so to speak, you can then morph it into different formats. These other formats include:

**White papers
**Printed books
**Speaking engagements

What’s especially great about this process is just about all of the above formats can be done for minimum or NO cost. Another plus to this process is variety matters to people. Different strokes for different folks in regard to information products means people like to become informed through various means.

Think about it. You may like to read, as I do. Another person may like to watch videos or participate in a webinar. There are also those who would rather listen to an audio version or be involved in a workshop or class. And, then there are those who prefer being coached.

This is the process I use, but I usually start with articles I’ve written. I take a number of related articles and turn them into an ebook. From there I create webinars, workshops, e-classes, and I’ll soon be adding podcasts and videos to the lineup.

Step Two  – Service Your Customers

The next step in tweaking your freelance writing business with a successful information product line is to make it an ongoing process. You continue to address the questions, roadblocks and problems of your target market.

Once you address the first problem, you need to find another. Go back to the first step and create an ebook to address that dilemma. Then morph that information product into other formats.

An example of this problem is my ecourse Create and Build Your Author-Writer Online Platform. It started with articles targeted on specific aspects of online marketing. I took those articles and created ebooks on various related topics.

I also created webinars out of some of them. Then I created an ecourse and added coaching to the product line.

The process is simple, create, morph, repeat. Just continue to do this for each new problem you find and are able to fix for your target market.

Tip: Anytime you create a service or product, it needs to be of value and high quality.

In addition to the ‘create and repeat’ steps, you must promote your products. This means you need to craft a marketing plan or strategy. You need to let your target audience know that you have the answer to their problem.

What about you?

What information products do you think you’d like to get started on? Which ones do you already have ‘up and running?’

About the Author: Karen Cioffi (http://karencioffiwritingandmarketing.com) is a freelance writer and online platform marketing instructor with WOW Women on Writing! Need help establishing and optimizing your freelance writing or author online platform? Take Ms. Cioffi’s six week in-depth ecourse, Create and Build Your Author/Writer Online Platform.


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    1. Hi, I love the blog. Just wondering how you find the inspiration to write? I am finding it very hard right now.

      • Charles, if you really want to do something, then you do it. If you’re finding it very hard to find the inspiration, then maybe writing isn’t for you — and that’s fine.

        Better to know it now and move on to finding your real passion than forcing yourself to do something you really don’t have an interest in.

      • Charles, I agree with Yuwanda. Finding article or book ideas shouldn’t be that difficult, especially if you’re passionate about what you’re doing. Maybe you should think twice about writing or find something that sparks your muse. I would never discourage a write, but if you find it too difficult then you might reconsider it.

        I hope this is helpful.
        Karen Cioffi recently posted…How To Submit Written Work To An EditorMy Profile

    2. I’ve been providing a number of services for a while now from SEO to Web Design to Anti-Piracy. I’m starting to write an eBooks on close protection training, jobs and the close protection life (bodyguards). I’m also going to write an eBook on SEO (but with a twist). Anyway, those are my information products which I’ve started. 🙂
      Dan @ StopEbookTheft recently posted…Google vs Pirates – Arrrr!My Profile

    3. I have an e-book I created for my women’s health blog earlier this year, a few months before I started freelance writing. I sell it via ejunkie and amazon. It’s great to get those emails saying I sold some copies. Getting random cash from an e-book I wrote once drives home the important fact that, as a freelance writer, if I’m not actively writing, I don’t make any money. So, yes, I understand that I need more of those products. I’m still trying to figure out my freelance writing audience (health companies seems a bit too broad to try to create a product off of…). So I have lots of ideas for e-books, but like everyone else, time is a problem. People have said December tends to be a down time. So I am planning to do some writing then. I hope I can pin down a more specific niche and figure out what would be helpful by then.
      Halona Black recently posted…The Truth About Writing Original Blog ContentMy Profile

      • Niche, niche, niche Halona, eg, instead of women’s health, how about “Natural cures for fibroids to increase odds of getting pregnant.”

        See how specific that is. And, the more you niche, the shorter your ebook has to be to be effective, and you can create hundreds of them — all just speaking to a specific question that your audience has about a specific health problem.

      • Halona, Yuwanda is right. It’s all about the niche. The narrower your niche the more in demand you’ll be.

        To choose a niche or niches, think about what you’re passionate about. It really does make it easier going if you like what you’re writing about. Another way to choose a niche is based on you – what health topics are you concerned about or do you suffer from. If you’re concerned with them then others are also.

        You can certainly have more than one niche, but you should have separate sites for each, unless they’re closely related.

        You will also need to decide who your target market is: people or businesses?

        Health is a very broad topic – think narrow.

        The example I usually give is the keyword ‘allergies.’ It’s within health and a bit narrower, but not really narrow enough. To get it more focused, think: allergy medicine, allergy-free home, alternative tips for allergy relief, allergies and pets.

        I hope this helps.
        Karen Cioffi recently posted…How To Submit Written Work To An EditorMy Profile

    4. Dear Karen,
      Thank you so much for publishing this. It is great information to have!


    5. Nancy, yeah, two steps. How easy can it get. LOL I always figure that if I can do it, anyone can, especially with step-by-step instructions.
      Karen Cioffi recently posted…How To Submit Written Work To An EditorMy Profile

    6. Good information presented in such a friendly, conversational tone that it’s easy to take in. Thanks Karen. I really need to be moving up a notch as my writing has been overtaken by my editing commitments. I must re-organize to wrench my time back 🙂
      Anne Duguid recently posted…To Split or Not to Split The InfinitiveMy Profile

    7. Karen, I love your practical no-nonsense, you-can-do-this approach. Thanks for giving us this important food for thought and step-by-step guidance!

    8. Like so much in this world, one has to keep at building a freelance career. If things get in the way for a short time–even other writing projects–it may be OK. But if they stay in the way and you lose momentum…well…don’t say you weren’t warned. I’ve been there done that.

      The thing is, we all only have so much time. And we all have our passions. Choose wisely.


    9. Yuwanda, it’s great to be back!
      Karen Cioffi recently posted…4 Book Marketing Strategies That Are Guaranteed to Keep Your Online Platform Moving ForwardMy Profile

      • As always, great to have you back Karen.

        I love the way you outline how many ways there are to create and distribution information products. I’ve only scratched the surface (eg, ebooks). There’s so much more to do. 🙂

        • Yuwanda, I haven’t gotten to everything I would like to either. Time has a way of limiting just how much we can do. I’m waiting until I get to the point where I can hire a VA! Or, until cloning is doable. 🙂
          Karen Cioffi recently posted…How To Submit Written Work To An EditorMy Profile

          • My money is on cloning – LOL!

            Seriously, I was just telling my sister the other day that I need to hire a social media VA. The problem is that I have to sit down and write the “employee manual” of what I want them to do, how, etc. Then of course, there’s the initial training. These are my biggest stumbling blocks to getting this done. There just never seems to be enough time.

            • Yuwanda, you’re so right. It becomes an opportunity cost issue. It is more cost effective to take the time to write a manual and train someone, who you’re not sure how long they’ll stick around, or do it yourself.

              I think the ideal situation is to find someone you know who knows the ropes and offers VA services. Am I asking too much? 🙂
              Karen Cioffi recently posted…How To Submit Written Work To An EditorMy Profile

            • I don’t think you’re asking too much Karen. But really qualified VAs can be expensive (and they’re worth every penny, of course). So — as always for small biz owners like us — it’s a cost issue.

              I have someone I rely on for small stuff, but don’t trust his skill or reliability for other stuff – and I’m expanding the role of what I want done. I’m going to look into hiring some one here in Jamaica. It’s cheaper and if I can find the right person, I can train them face to face b/c I’m here for a while.

              Good luck in your search. I’d be interested to hear how it works out.

            • Yuwanda, I’m not actively looking for a VA, just a nice thought for the time being. One day though.

              That is the best scenario, having someone you can teach in person, as his skills increase you can delegate new responsibilities. Hope you find the right person.
              Karen Cioffi recently posted…How To Submit Written Work To An EditorMy Profile

            • Thanks Karen. I’m sure I’ll find someone — once I find the TIME to start looking (there goes that time investment again). 🙂