Freelance Writers: Why You Should Never Submit a Resume When Applying for Writing Gigs

Why? Why should you never submit a resume when applying for freelance writing gigs?

Simple – you need to make the mind shift in order to succeed. To explain, many freelancers continue to conduct their professional life like employees when they start freelancing. But when you freelance, you’re a business owner.

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you’ve probably run across posts where I’ve said this before. But, I can’t say it enough …

When you freelance, you’re a business owner.

One of the easiest way to start acting like a business owner is to revamp your resume into a professional profile. Not only does it showcase your skills in a more business-to-business manner (as opposed to employee-to-business), it allows you to make the mental shift from employee to entrepreneur.

And trust me, this way of thinking carries over into every element of how you operate your Freelance Writer Resume Advicefreelance business – from what you charge, to how you set deadlines, to which projects you accept, to which services you offer.

What Does a Professional Profile Look Like?

Here’s an example; it’s actually mine – the one I used when I first started out as an SEO writer in 2007. See how this differs from a resume, where you outline your title, duties, skills/software you’re proficient in, etc.?

So dig out your resume and reorganize it into a professional profile … and, feel the mental transformation happening.

Now, go get’em tiger!

Share Your Insight

Do you send out a resume when you apply for freelance writing gigs, or a professional profile? Or, nothing at all? Share your tips. What’s worked for you? Please share in the comments section below.

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    1. I give a link to my website whenever I’m contacting an editor or trying to solicit work. My site features a sampling of my print and online articles, an about-me page, client testimonials, etc. I’ve gotten tons of gigs by just sending my link out — lisafinn.net.

      Thanks for the work you do! I’m a huge follower!


      • That’s exactly what I do Lisa. You give them everything they need to make a decision about you (samples, testimonials, past experience, etc.). So much more effective than a “work like” resume.

        And thanks for being a follower. I appreciate that.

        FYI, love the simple, clean design of your site. It’s “softly beautiful,” which highlights the type of writing you do very well. 🙂


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