Freelance Writers: How to Transition from a FT Job to Freelancing Full Time — Without Impacting Your Income

Yes, it’s actually possible to make the leap from a full-time job to a full-time freelance career, and not have your income tank in the process.

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In a guest post I did for Laura Pennington over at SixFigureWritingSecrets — who guest posts regularly for this site — this was the topic of the day. And the reason is, I receive lots of questions about it. Understandably, it’s one of the greatest fears newbies to freelancing have. Usually, I’ll get an email that goes something like the following:

I really want to make freelance writing my full-time job. Right now, I work full-time and I just can’t figure out how to make the transition without my income suffering. Can you give me some insight?

If you have some kiddos at home, a mortgage, health insurance, and all the other bills working people pay for, it’s enough to scare the crap out of most.

And it should — though not enough to stop you from pursuing your dream of starting a freelance writing career.

But …

Fear is a good thing in this instance. It’s the rational side of your brain kicking in and going, “Hey, wait a minute. Think this thing through.”

Speaking of thinking it through, in the post, I outline five specific steps to take. If you do these five things, you should be able to make the transition pretty smoothly, without missing a beat money-wise.

Good luck!

SEO Writing Success Story: 5 Jobs in One Week!

Right quick, just wanted to share this story with you that I received a few days ago. It’s from someone in my Facebook affiliate marketing group. She wrote:

Hey, Yuwanda! I got a little bit behind in my affiliate marketing pursuit. As you know, I teach online from home for a few colleges. When I read your book about SEO article writing, I put to work your idea of submitting query letters to those in my niche.

Well, it seems like in record time (less than a week), I got responses from five clients wanting me to write a course, continuing education information, and test item reviews. Plus, I had three book reviews to write for colleagues. So, I will get back on track with the affiliate marketing very soon, because the freelance writing just took off like a rocket! 🚀

Yuwanda, I sure appreciate your guidance. Thanks for making everything so easy to understand and digest, because that helped me so much more than I thought it would.

Feeling inspired? I hope so.

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