Freelance Writers: How to Land More Gigs in a Difficult Economy

When the economy is in a slump, businesses — like consumers — tend to tighten the purse strings; tracking every dollar they spend. It can make freelance writing jobs harder to come by, especially well-paying ones. However, it presents a golden opportunity too. How?

3 Recessionary Marketing Practices That Can Land You More Writing Jobs

If you know how to market, you can have prospects opening their bank accounts just a little wider, and sending well-paying gigs your way. It’s all about positioning. With that in mind, following are three ways to position your freelance writing services as a “good deal” for prospects, just when they need it most.

I. Offer Bulk and/or Bundled Services

What I mean by this is offer things like blog packs (eg, a month’s worth of posts for one low rate or weekly articles and social media account management for a set rate). I’ve been able to land two clients like this recently.

For one client (a pay per click marketing firm), I do a weekly article and blog post. I send it to them every Wednesday.

For the other client (an SEO marketing firm), I write 10-15 posts a month. The posts are due all at one time, before the last day of the month. It’s a standing order.

Freelance Writing Jobs & the Best Thing about Bulk Services

There are three things I like about offering bulk freelance writing services:freelance-writers-beat-the-recession

(i) Income Stabilization: You can count on a certain amount of money coming in each month. This means less pressure to bring in more work.

(ii) Builds Long-Term Client Relationships: Clients rely on you more when you collaborate with them on an ongoing basis. This leads to trust, which leads to sales (ie, more freelance writing work).

(iii) Referrals: The more clients like you, rely on you and trust you, the more likely they are to refer you.

Remember the story of SEO Mary, profile here last week? One of the things she relayed to me in her emails was that the more she marketed and the more clients she landed, she was getting more and more client referrals from them. She wrote:

. . . I have two clients that just came about as referrals from current clients. Wonderful! No dickering rates, just “So and so loves you. You’re hired!

Bottom line – offering bulk and/or bundled services does a lot for your freelance writing business – allowing you to not only beat the recession, but thrive in good times as well.

II. Give a Price Break

While this is not new or exciting (in fact it’s quite old and boring), it works! A price break can work wonders because it not only entices clients to come on board, it can lead to bulk work (and the benefits associated with it as discussed above).  

Offering a Price Break Tip: Don’t do it in a one-off manner. What I mean is, offer it after a certain number of projects. Doing it likes this encourages customers to stick with you, allowing you to build a loyal relationship. This is worth more down the line to your business than any short-term gains you may be after right now.

III. Get Creative with Your Marketing

In order to get business, you first have to get noticed. There are so many ways to go about this that it’s astounding. For some great ideas on how to market your freelance writing business – and for little to no money, read 20 Things You Can Do Today To Market Your Freelance Writing Services.

Most of these cost nothing but time. And the best part, you can do a lot of them like — right now!

Hope these freelance writing marketing tips help.

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