Are You REALLY Ready for Freelance Writing Success in 2018?

I’ve been freelancing since 1993; full-time since 2007. Through the comments on posts, social media outreach and emails over the years, I’ve learned that the number one thing that keeps many from starting a freelance writing career is fear.

It literally paralyzes some would-be freelancers, keeping them stuck in jobs they hate — for years.

Living lives they hate — for years.

Being unfulfilled — for years.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

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3 Common Things That Can Block Your Success as a Freelancer

Fear is a sneaky little sucker too. It hides, manifesting itself in many different ways so you don’t recognize it, eg: 2018 Freelance Writing Goals

Lack of self-confidence


  • I don’t have time to learn SEO now; I’ll start when I have more time.
  • You need experience to make any real money as a freelance writer.
  • The competition is too stiff; it’ll be too hard to land high-paying gigs.


  • I’ll start after I get a website up.
  • I don’t have any writing samples; I’ll start when I create some.
  • I need to learn that new software first.

Does any of this sound like you? If so, you’re not alone. It’s human nature to talk ourselves out of things we’re afraid of.

“Kick the Crap Out of Fear!” Challenge

I’ve nicknamed 2018 “The Year of No Freelance Fear.” This year, I challenge you to stare your fear of starting a freelance writing career in the face and get started anyway! Make that leap! No excuses allowed.

The worst that could happen is you wind up right back in the position you are now. You can always go out and find another job you’re not crazy about and spend the next 20, 30 or 40 years doing something that just pays the bills, but leaves you unfulfilled. Yeah, that option is always available to those who sit on the sidelines of life wishing and hoping, instead of doing.

When you take action towards your dreams, magic happens. The universe shifts to help you. Sure, there are setbacks. Hello, nobody ever said it was gonna be easy. But you will make progress too, and you’ll build on that. So …

What if you gave yourself just one year to chase your dream? One year out of your life to see if you can make a go of freelancing. And … what if it worked (and it will if you’re serious about it)? What will you be saying to yourself next year this time if you took a shot — on yourself? Just imagine the possibilities.

Make 2018 the year you kick your fear of starting a freelance writing career to the curb. You CAN do this.

Enroll. Learn. Write. Earn.

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    1. Joyce Blass says:

      Honestly, thank you for knocking some sense into my mind. I just started a blog but still do not believe it is going to work. But after reading this post I feel like I really need to take a step no matter how small it is. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! A lot of newbie freelancers feel the same way as I do. Thank you for inspiring me! Also, I am curious about the lessons, I am actually excited. I should check them out soon!

    2. Hi Yuwanda,
      I enrolled yesterday to do the romance writing course but an inaccessible email address was entered by accident and I didn’t notice, so I can’t access the material. How can this be fixed?
      By the way, love your work and can’t wait to get started!

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