How I Found Freelance Writing Opportunities as a Stay-at-Home Mom

The following is a guest post by Dorit Sasson.

One of the challenges I’ve experienced as a second time mom is to seek out paying freelance writing opportunities while working with a very limited schedule. Even though my baby girl is no longer a newborn, I’m still working on how to make the best use of my time as a semi stay-at-home mom that will bring me closer to paid freelance writing gigs.

I knew I didn’t have the time to scour the job boards every morning so I strategized and created a new plan that would allow me to make use of my time and write what I knew. I was already building my author platform and writing personal essays. So I decided to go from there.

What I Did to Improve My Writing

Writers need to constantly learn new writing skills, so during my maternity leave, I took an online personal essay course. I wrote ten essays during the ten week course.

I wrote about the challenges of becoming a second time mom and submitted one of these to a weekly contest over at MidlifeCollage.com which won the weekly prize. I sent them a second essay for consideration for the $100 quarterly prize. I was elated.

My mentor also encouraged me to explore new ideas beyond publication. I continued to develop other ideas and several other ideas found their way to the list.

Two more essays were developed and I submitted a few of them to online literary journals. Not only was I learning more about the craft, but I was developing confidence in my ideas as a personal essayist.

Finding a Freelance Writing Opportunity in My Work as a Radio Show HostFreelance Writing Advice for Stay-at-Home Moms

It seems that editors are hungry for articles on “radio show hosts” and especially when it comes to self-publishing. In one of the writer newsletters, I found a paying opportunity to submit an article on self-publishing and so I submitted a query, “Become an Internet Radio Show Host and Build Your Author Platform.” Within 15 minutes, I was e-mailed a contract. I was jumping for joy.

I also approached the authors I had interviewed for my radio show, “Giving Voice to Your Story” over at Blog Talk Radio and gently pointed out some of the flaws in their marketing platform. I asked if they would like me to blog on a regular basis.

Finding Writing Opportunities as a Stay-at-Home Mom

The world of pregnancy, post-pregnancy and motherhood is a billion dollar industry. I took advantage of all the milestones my baby daughter went through in the last six months and looked for creative ways to tell the story as a second time mom. I wrote a few queries each week to our local parenting magazines as well as a few national ones.

Get Out There and Network

I rejoined our local BNI chapter after my maternity leave. For each weekly sixty seconds, I promoted my writing services wearing a different “story hat” — a resume writer, a story workshop presenter, a ghostwriter and an interviewer for my radio show. A few of these attempts turned out to be paid opportunities. Again, I was thrilled.

I learned the power of a few good words: “I’m looking for…” which has taken me way out of my comfort zone.

If you’re a busy semi or full time stay-at-home mom like me, what are you looking for as a freelance writer?

In this short period of time, I’ve learned that freelance writing opportunities do not have to be done in the traditional way such as combing through the job boards and then feeling dejected because there is no response. There is plenty of opportunity. Start with the roles and “hats” you already play and see where the journey takes you.

What Advice Can You Share?

Have you used “unconventional” methods to find freelance writing work? Have you tried any of the methods mentioned here? What advice would you give stay-at-h0me parents (or others, eg, college students) about how to find freelance writing gigs?

About the Author: Dorit Sasson, a freelance writer and story mentor, is the creator of the “Giving Voice to Your Story” website and radio show. Visit her online at: www.GivingaVoicetotheVoicelessBook.com.

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