Ebook Publishing, Internet Marketing and Freelance / SEO Writing: Questions from Readers

Over the last week or so, I’ve received a slew of questions from readers about everything from ebook publishing to internet marketing to SEO writing. Many are multi-part that require answers that could be books within themselves. Following are just four; there are more.

I’m kinda swamped with my own projects right now, but will get to all of them over the next few weeks (starting with tomorrow’s newsletter). Most will be multi-part answers, as I just don’t have time to answer everything in one fell swoop. Hence, if any of the following interests you, watch for (subscribe to) the newsletter; you can do so from any page of this site.

Note: Forgive typos/grammar errors; I’ve cut/pasted the questions exactly as they were written to me.

Freelance / SEO Writing Question

Hi Yuwanda,

I’m a new SEO writer following your “Make $250/day and $50-75K/year Writing SEO Articles” e-book. Well, it works! I’ve got my site up, I’ve been diligent about my article marketing, I got my first order within a week of marketing and queries, the client paid me (cha-ching!) and left me a nice testimony.

Right after that I got awarded a feature writer position for an online news outlet. Now a potential client is asking for a big project and possibly a long-term commitment. I do not know how to approach this project. I would appreciate your thoughts.

freelance-questionsIt’s a church. They have a bookstore and want a website with an e-store. I told my contact that I am not a web developer, but I know how to write SEO content for pages and sales copy. If they want a blog or fresh content, I could write that for them. I gave him my website address with my rates page, bio, etc.

He emailed me back, wanting to know my professional background, magazines and companies I have written for, and “did he miss this information on my website?”

He did, but I sent him links to sample articles on my bigger client’s websites, and told him where my print articles have been published. I explained that I was self-employed, and a bit about what “freelance” means. This is a person who started out his initial inquiry with a “I know nothing about the Internet and you do” kind of thing.

He emailed me again with this: “For the executives on the bookstore board, can you make a more powerful presentation that they can easily see and say, “Wow! She’s really the right person.”

I know where the guy is coming from, having been in churches all my life. This guy basically got suckered into the “talent scout” position in the search committee for someone to get their new website up. Most likely, the “executives” are retired businessmen and older professionals who are email literate at best. They do not know what they want, other than “a website,” and they do not know who to trust.

I am assuming what the board wants to see is site analytics. Traffic increases, conversion rates, customer satisfaction statements, etc. I don’t have that. I can tell them how SEO and backlinks work, but I am not a web developer.

I would love to have this client project, but I am not sure what to say or do at this point. In you e-book, it sounds like it’s supposed to go like my first client did: “I need X articles, here’s the keywords, when can you have them ready?” Done and done. I did not read anything about putting together a big project proposal with charts and graphs in a board room.

What do you suggest I do from here?

Update 2/23: Get the answer to this SEO writing question.

Selling Ebooks Online Question

Hi Yuwanda, I love your site and am intrigued by the thought of selling ebooks and making money – do you mention anywhere on your site or in any ebooks the income to Profit %ratio – and do ebooks need to be published or anything similar ? i am not familiar with it but thought id ask before i buy your book.

Also, in the write a e-book in 3 days – do you mention and discuss on ideas on what to write on and niche ideas ?

would absolutely love if you could give me an idea of what i would be getting myself into if i was to wtrote (dont know how i’d write about anything) and selling ebooks and if its worthwhile- costs involved after ebook is made ?? Do i put it on a sales – one page – sort of website? or get it distributed? Please kindly advise me, there are many people advising on these things but i thought id ask if you would be able to personally advise me briefly then it would be amazing and much appreciated.

Update 2/29: Get the answer to these ebook publishing questions.

Self-Publishing / Freelance Career “Conundrum” Question

Hi Yuwanda,

I hope all is well and that you are doing great. I am writing because I am not sure if this questions pertains to your writers. However, I was reading one of your e-books and you say that you are making most of your income from self-publishing and such.

The truth is, even though I haven’t had a lot of clients, I really don’t like writing for clients; trying to get clients, dealing with non-paying clients, dealing with picky clients, etc, etc. I guess I am at kind of a crossroads in my business. But, I don’t think I market as much as I used to because I am attracted to the idea of doing more self-publishing.

I already have a CD about online marketing, and I am recording a CD on Social Media as we speak. Also, as you know I have the e-book I wrote with you. I am wondering if I should solely focus on creating and marketing information products.

I would like to create a SEO type program for writers like you have, however, I have not made my first 6 figures and that’s what’s holding me back. I guess I said all this to say, did you ever want to stop working with clients completely and do you own thing? I think you did, I also think you have an e-book about it, and I went to your store and couldn’t find it. If you can send me that link, it would be great.

Update 2/23: Get the answer to this how to freelance / freelance career question.

Internet Marketing for Beginners Questions (Re the Making Money Online via Classified Ads ebook)


1) Is the system still working as in are you still able to earn $100-$150 or more per day?

2) Do you still do it with the software you recommend?

3) Do i have to write many different ads to submit?

4) Can i do CPA using your system?

5) Average how many hours (per day) are needed to reach at least $150 per day?

6) May i have the exact link to the software you recommend as i am confuse which you is using?

Update 2/23: Get the answer to these (and a quite a few other) how to make money placing free classified ads question.

To my American readers, Happy President’s Day — and stay tuned for answers starting in tomorrow’s newsletter.

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