Ebook Publishing: How to Write an Ebook in 3 Days, Market It & Start Getting Sales within a Week — Day 5 of 11


Good evening fellow ebook publishing and writing participants. I hope your assignments are coming along. I know this is a late, late update, but I am kinda living in paradise here in Jamaica, so I couldn’t resist a long workout on the beach today. After that, got back and took an ever longer siesta.

NoteLearn what this ebook writing tournament is all about and read all posts in this series.

Whomoever invented the siesta is my personal hero by the way. Nappie schnoozies in the afternoon should be mandatory for adults. Why they become non-mandatory as we grow out of babyhood is beyond me.

But anyway, I digress.

Seems the theme for today’s update is, “I’m beat!” Understandable; I feel the same way. But, don’t give up now; not when the finish line is so close.

Why Writing an Ebook Is Like a Marathon

I’m often reminded of the quote that goes something like, “The journey is hardest near the summit,” when I trudge through a project and feel like I want to give up at the end.

As a marathon runner I can tell you, the first 20 miles are a breeze. It’s the last 6 miles, 385 yards that practically kill you.  So now’s the time to “dig deep,” as we runners say, and do your damndest to make it to the finish line.

When I do a long run and I’m about to pass out from exhaustion and wonder why I ever took up this thing called “running”, all I can tell you is that I NEVER regret a single mile once I’m done. Never. It’s the most rewarding accomplishment — every single time. And, that’s what keeps me lacing up every day and constantly in love with the sport. Not to mention the side benefits of some great gams and a tight patootie (and in your 40s, the tighther things stay, the better!).

I say all this to say, don’t give up at this point.

With that being said, here’s what you and your fellow ebook writing partners are saying/feeling/doing:

From Participant EbookTourney11

ebookFirst Correspondence

Sorry to have missed yesterday’s update, I looked up and it was 4:15 pm, but life entered and will again today.  You know, that outside work that pays the bills right now…so I’ll send this now, a little after 8 am Hawaii time.

Yesterday’s work was sketchy but some was completed.

My w.c. (word count) is minimal in comparison to others.  Based on your past comments here, Yuwanda, I’m not discouraged which is a big step for me.  Talk positive but feel lacking.

Thanks #7 for the Word Press dashboard info.  Chris Brogan speaks to this issue of writing and storing.  It’s super to hear of your personal experience with it. 

Oh, #23, yes, leaving typs even in a rough draft is sooooo hard for me also.  I literally don’t look up for several paragraphs on first typing because of this quirk of mine. 

Currently, my web site, blog, and a 2nd special page on my high school web site need attention as they have mid-month update schedules.  Ah me, yes, #29, here’s to time management learning skills.  Fairly good at that, and desire carries me to keeping trying. 

Thanks everyone for mentioning your location.  Goodness we do encircle the globe.  So cool, so awesome.

Can’t say often enough, oh Great Leader , how fantastic this opportunity and sharing is.  Mahalo again.

Later ahd Aloha

My comment: Thanks for the kudos (RECan’t say often enough, oh Great Leader , how fantastic this opportunity and sharing is.). I’m extremely surprised (and humbled) by how much everyone is getting out of this experience and how seriously most are taking it.

You all have inspired me to do some things – which I’ll talk about in my final wrap-up to the series on Friday.

Second Correspondence

This is hard-going  –

Shoveling aside my “what ifs and what abouts” is really tough now.  I do know this hesitation point about myself and it usually happens about now in most but not all of my writings projects.  

Yesterday’s accomplishments are limited even weak but they are in the plus column and I had to work outside at the job:

Several parts of the marketing tutorial read and understood Resource box tackled (reworked a previous attempt)

Again, as this email is being written at noon in Hawaii, I’ve yet to do but plan on a okay and ready-to-go ebook today.

I have needed the orderly autobahn of this Tourney.  Its’ time table doesn’t leave me time to grapple with useless fears.    


My comment: RE “I have needed the orderly autobahn of this Tourney.  Its’ time table doesn’t leave me time to grapple with useless fears.”

That’s what being a part of something does; it’ motivates you. The will is already there, it’s the drive/push from others that tip you over into finishing.

From Participant EbookTourney25

First Correspondence

Good Morning at 1:16 am!

I am learning the most important words are the first two words we learned as a child. 

Yes and No.

Yes, I do want to write an ebook. 

No, I have not given up. 

However, I am still struggle for a new topic.      

I do have 5 pages in for my second topic.  I will be working on it again tomorrow, but I wanted to send a quick update.   


P.S.   I don’t want to write yadda, yadda, just to write yadda, yadda, but I am determined to write an ebook even if it’s for my family and friends.   This I know for sure …. I wouldn’t feel right selling yadda, yadda.   It’s not fair to the world.   

Second Correspondence


2:32 pm Status:   

I am so sorry for reflecting a less than favorable perception. The fact of the matter is I haven’t given up on writing an ebook, I just don’t have another ebook topic at the moment.  Frustrating, because my intention and goal is to be on course with the team.   

I know it is possible to write 5000 + words in a short amount time, and it is possible to get everything done by Monday.   So, I am remaining optimistic and will be heading out for some fresh air to refocus and brainstorm ideas.

My comment: As long as you never quit, you’re  always in the game.

From Participant EbookTourney22

One chapter done! Slowly but surely.

My comment: Slowly is better than “never.” Keep at it.

From Participant EbookTourney7

Hi Yuwanda,

Just a quick note to say I just finished my final draft at 7:24 PM Central. Yay! I’m a little behind, but I’m still in the “race.” Again, thanks. 🙂

# 7 (Waco, Texas)

My comment: Finishing a final draft is huge! Remember, the only competition is with yourself. Congrats!

From Participant EbookTourney27

Gulp, wow!

My comment: This was in response to this weekend’s assignment (eg, uploading ebook, putting together marketing plan, etc.).

From Participant EbookTourney4

So Friday the burnout thing got me, too, so all I did was create the e-Junkie account late at night after a day of play. I guess I should have left it as the last step, but, frankly, that was all I had energy for. Didn’t activate it yet because I spent today revising and creating a cover page and table of contents.

The ebook now looks like an ebook. Conversion to PDF happens tomorrow. The revision process left me with lots of extra material that can be used for my blog, articles elsewhere, and guest posts. The marketing plan is in my head, and I’ll get that mapped out tomorrow. I am amazed.

The topic is: effective internet communication for international workers (a.k.a. missionaries) who are really bad at fundraising, using the internet, and staying connected to people who send them overseas. I have a potential client who may want to incorporate this into his training or perhaps a hard-copy book he’s writing. I sent him an email to tell him I’m ready to pitch. I’m not burned out anymore. Talk to you tomorrow.

My comment: You’re not alone; the burnout got to a lot of participants (me included) by Friday. The main thing is, you’re not only hanging in there, you’re blazing ahead.

RE I have a potential client who may want to incorporate this into his training or perhaps a hard-copy book he’s writing.” That’s fantastic! See what happens when you hunker down and actually finish!

Congratulations again, and excellent work so far this weekend.

My Progress

Not much actual work today. Tomorrow will finish up my writing/editing, then polish off my sales page (which for me is always a breeze because it practically writes itself from my outline). 

I found that I had so much more to say on the subject, which makes my ebook longer than I wanted it to be. I could have broken this into two ebooks, but I quite frankly think that “How To” ebooks should be all inclusive. But, this makes for great pullouts that can be sold separateley.

WHICH,  by the way, is a great way to get three or four ebooks out of one.

Here’s to reaching the finish line. And then the real work begins — marketing!


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