Ebook Marketing: How I’ve Used These 2 Simple Social Media Tips to Increase Ebook Sales

As I’ve said a million times here, as a self-publisher, writing is not the hard part. It’s the marketing of your ebook that will kick your patootie because it’s never-ending. And, if it’s not done right, it can all be for naught.

Luckily, writing and selling ebooks online in this day and age is easier than it was when I first started in 2002. One reason for that is social media.

Social Media: One of the Easiest Ways to Pre-Sell Your Ebook

I’m a late adopter to social media compared to many online entrepreneurs. But as I found out recently — quite by accident — it can be one of the best ways to not only get sales once your ebook is finished, but before you even hit the publish button.

I blogged about this in one of my regular guests posts over on e-Junkie in the post eBook Marketing Tips: 2 Things I’ve Done Using Social Media To Increase eBook Sales.

Because of what I discovered, I’ll be using social media a lot more to proactively market my ebooks.

Share Your Thoughts on Using Social Media to Market Ebooks

How effective have you been in using social media to promote your ebooks? Have you discovered any tricks/tips that work better than others? Please share in the comments section here, or over on e-Junkie. I look forward to reading your feedback.

I hope you’re looking forward to the weekend. I most definitely am!



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