Can You Really Earn Money Taking Surveys Online

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Can You REALLY Make a Living Taking Surveys Online?

Make money taking online surveys is one of the most marketed work-from-home business opportunities. Following are just some of the headlines that I ran across when I typed “make money taking surveys” into my browser.

survey-ebook-coverMake Money Taking Paid Online Surveys

Get paid cash doing online surveys

Make Money by Taking Online Surveys

Earn Money taking Free Paid Surveys Online

Make Money Taking Surveys

Take Paid Surveys Online and Get Paid

Get Paid to Take Free Paid Surveys Online

Questions This E-Pamphlet Answers

Is it a legitimate home business opportunity?

Should you pay money to learn how to do this?

How much can you expect to earn?

How does it work?

How can I tell if an opportunity is legitimate or not?

Where can I find a list of legitimate survey companies?

I decided to write this pamphlet to answer these questions, and relay my experiences with this “make money online” opportunity. That way, you’ll know exactly what it’s all about, and can decide for yourself if it’s something you want to do.

Following is a complete Table of Contents


Can You REALLY Make a Living Taking Surveys Online?

Questions This E-Pamphlet Answers

My Personal Story: $150 Cash – for 2 Hours of “Work”

Types of Questions You May Be Asked by a Survey Company

Two Types of Focus Groups: Onsite vs. Offsite Surveys

Should You Pay to Get Info about Making Money Online Taking Surveys

How Much Money Can You Make Taking Surveys (Online and/or Off)?

What Qualifications Do You Need to Make Money Online Taking Surveys (Online or Off)

Conclusion: Should You Pay Money to Learn How to Make Money Taking Surveys (Online or Off)

How to Tell if a “Make Money Online Taking Surveys” Opportunity Is Legitimate

List of Legitimate Survey Sites

About the Author


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