Advice from Successful Freelancers: How They Built Their Careers & How You Can Too!

Publisher Note: Almost all of the freelancers who were initially interviewed for this ebook were still in business when I checked up on them 7 years later. So, they must be doing something right, no?

I noticed that almost all had different – slicker – websites. As a matter of fact, a few had given me website addresses and in the first release of this e-book, I wrote “coming soon” beside the website name. Progress — and success — is indeed sweet.

Real Stories from Real Freelancers Who Are Living Their Dreams

If you want input from those who are actually doing it, this manual is perfect. It reveals the stories of real freelancers.

They divulge how they got started; why they decided to go out on their own; how they acquire clients; under what circumstances they would/woulld not go back to working for someone else — and more.

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