How to Make $250 Per Day — Or More — Writing Simple Web Articles & Blog Posts

Since 2008, the information in this constantly updated ebook has put hundreds of aspiring freelancers on the path to success. The next one could be you! Proof?  Listed below are years of testimonials provided by real people — just like you! — who took a chance and got started.


Learn How to Combine Social Media (and Earn More!) with Your SEO Writing Services (Deal #1);

Learn How to Beat the Competition by Finding Unpublished Freelance Writing Jobs (Deal #2).

Finally, A Real Way to Make Money Online as a Freelance Writer!

This is a real way to make money as an online freelance writer — that surprise, surprise — you have to actually do some work. What is this opportunity?

SEO writing. And, I’ve been doing it since the fall of 2007. Within a couple of months, I had other writers under me. I’ve had days where I’ve billed $200-$500 — sometimes more.

It’s not unusual to bill one client for three, four or five pieces of content at one time because most order more than one article/blog post. And this is why you can earn very good money as an online writer.

Learn more about me and my businesses here.

x-click-but22 I’m Ready to Start My Freelance SEO Content Writing Career. $49.95 (Price subject to change at any time)

What is SEO Writing?

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. This niche involves writing content in a particular way to drive traffic to a website/blog. It’s relatively easy to learn how to do, and it pays well.

As an Online (SEO) Writer, You Can Start Landing Clients Fairly Quickly

In this ebook, I detail how I went from 0 clients to 4 paid projects in less than one week writing SEO articles (as they were called in 2008 when I first started.

Online (SEO) Writing Rates Have Increased Significantly Since I First Started

When I first started back in 2007, it was common to see rates of $1, $3, or $5 for 300, 400 and 500-word articles. Really. I’m not kidding! I never worked for that. I started charging $25 right out of the gate for a 500-word article. I now charge much, much more (eg, $150 for a 300-word blog post). See my current rates on my writing company’s website.

Nowadays, a bottom-of-the-barrel rate is $35 to $75 for 500-750 word articles. Many freelancers consider this way too low, and earn much more. This is all due to the growth of content marketing. The internet runs on content — blog posts, web articles, content for social media accounts, etc. The work is never-ending, which is great news for freelance writers who understand SEO.

And, I’m not the only one who has experienced success writing SEO content. Below are actual testimonials of other freelance writers. One is a college student who landed 4 clients just a few days after buying the ebook — and went on to quit his job waiting tables soon thereafter.


Unsolicited Testimonial

6 Jobs in One Month — with 3 More “On the Hook”

I have done NO marketing for writing at all. I know I should but I have been getting so lazy with my laid back (freelance) lifestyle. However, just this last month alone, here are the companies that I have been writing for and getting leads to write for. … The funny thing about this is that all of the clients that I am working with right now are referrals from a SEO guy that I cold called 8 years ago. One referral was from a business coach I used to network with in person a few years ago. The thing is … word of mouth works and I am grateful for it; even my current social media clients are from a referral.

I know the challenges, doubts and insecurities that freelance writers go through. I am one of them!!! And I just wanted to give them an idea of what’s possible (without even trying).

Unsolicited Testimonial: (see many more below)

April 2014 was my best month as an article writer

I purchased your Seo Writing Ebook a few days ago and have been reading it and many other posts on your site. I’ve been a single father of four since 2005 and written articles for free and pay for decades. I retired mid-2001 and started piddling around on Elance. com and Guru.com. April 2014 was my best month and I was trying to think of a way to duplicate it. I don’t know how I found InkWellEditorial.com, but I’m so glad I did. I can write and sometimes get paid, but I didn’t have a marketing plan so repeat customers was by-guess and by-golly.
I can’t thank you enough for the SeoWriting eBook and how much solid advice you give away for free. Today I purchased a domain name (domain name was mentioned) to start my own SEO writing business.

Unsolicited Testimonial: (see many more below)

Landed 1st SEO writing job in Just 10 Days

Hi Yuwanda!

Just wanted to say thank you for your e-books! I bought your SEO e-book on May 10th and just received payment for my first order of SEO blog articles! It’s a recurring job for an SEO company that is working with an allergist. All I have to do is take some stock articles and rewrite 8 articles per month at $25 each. (emphasis added) Now I am confident that I can charge more for my work!

This is just in time because I was worrying about having to break down and find a full time job. I want to stay home and work because my fiance has kidney failure. He needs a transplant and we fully expect that he will receive one and live a long life. However, if he does not, then he has a good 15 years of life. While 15 years can be a long time and any number of things can happen in that span of time, I don’t want to spend it stressed out about a job and commuting to a place I hate. Thanks for giving me the tools to create a flexible online career!


If you want to start making $100, $200 or more per day as a freelance writer — pretty easily — this ebook is for you!

Prime Example: When I initially wrote this page on 12/17/07, I clicked over to refresh my inbox and the client I landed during my first week of marketing had just sent me 10 more articles — which I completed in 5 hours or less — for a grand total of $250. This is from one client. At the time, I had three more clients in the pipeline who wanted me to start on projects in January (2008).

Years later, clients are still placing bulk orders. Learn more here.

Following is a complete Table of Contents. Below that are tons of testimonials — from the time this ebook was first written up until the current date.

Table of Contents


The Beginning: Why I Chose SEO Writing: Page 6

Who My Clients Are: Page 6


Why It’s Important to Pitch Yourself as a Niche Writer First: Page 11

How I Landed My First SEO Writing Job: Page 11

The Importance of Knowing How to Write for Mobile Devices: Page 13

How to Develop a Highly Profitable SEO Writing Niche: Page 13

Information Prospective Clients Want from Freelance SEO Writers: Page 15


Keyword Research Tools Explained: Page 17

How to Stay Current on What’s Going on in SEO: Page 18


How to Put Together a Marketing Campaign to Land SEO Writing Jobs: Page 19

The 1-Week Marketing Plan that Brought in 14 Projects: Page 19

EXACT Query Email I Used When I First Started Out: Page 22


How to Ensure That Your Content (Marketing Campaigns) Is Reaching Decision Makers: Page 29


What to Expect When Clients Contact You: Page 31

Client FAQs: Page 31

Questions YOU Should Be Asking Potential Clients: Page 36


You’ve Got Work: Now What? Page 38

Why SEO Writers Need to Know about Content Marketing Strategies: Page 38

Lessons I Learned from My First SEO Writing Client: Page 41


Sample SEO Article (CIRCA 2007, 2008): Page 44

Themed SEO Content: What Is It and Why Does It Mean More Work for SEO Writers: Page 51

Themed SEO Article: An Example: Page 52

How to Write SEO Content in 2016-2017: Page 54

SEO Writing Checklist: Page 54

The Method I Use to Write a 500-Word SEO Article in 45 Minutes or Less: Page 56

Citing Sources in SEO Articles: Page 57

Tips on How to Write Articles Fast: Page 57

How to Deliver Completed Content Orders to Clients: Page 58


Should You Get a Percentage of Payment Upfront? Page 56

Getting Paid: The Most Common Method Used: Page 60

About Accepting Payment via Check: Page 61

Warning! Page 61


$875/Week Writing SEO Articles: Page 62

A $24,000 SEO Writing Contract! 63

BONUS BOOK: The Small Biz Owner’s Complete Marketing Kit!

It includes eight marketing methods that can help you successfully launch your freelance SEO content writing career.

How to Start Your Freelance SEO Writing Career

SEO writing is very lucrative — and it’s relatively easy to get — if you know how to market for it. In this ebook, I detail exactly how I get clients and why, after being a freelance writer since 1993, it is now my most lucrative niche.

Why There Is Such a Demand for SEO Content Providers 

In a phrase, “content marketing.” What is this? Content marketing is simply creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. (Source: Content Marketing Institute (CMI))

Content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing are all services a professionally trained SEO writer can offer. And the demand is there. Proof?

Lead generation (85%) and sales (84%) will be the most important goals for B2B content marketers over the next 12 months. And how do they plan to generate sales and leads. Content marketing. Proof?

Over the last six years, B2B marketers have consistently cited website traffic as their most often used metric. This year, however, we also asked them to rate metrics by importance. The most important metrics are sales lead quality (87%), sales (84%), and higher conversion rates (82%). B2B marketers, as in years past, continue to be heavily focused on creating engaging content (72%), citing it as the top priority … over the next year. [Source: The Content Marketing Institute: 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America report.

Learn more about why content marketing creates such a demand for SEO writers. 

SEO Writing Changed My Life

I’ve been doing this type of writing since 2007 — almost 10 years as of this update. It literally transformed my freelance writing career and it’s only growing in demand, as the above stats cite.

Live & Work from Anywhere

It’s a portable business you can do from anywhere — one that can set you financially free with the right training. I’m American, but have lived and worked from the Caribbean since 2014. (Jamaica)). I haven’t lost one client. Not one. In fact, clients rarely, if ever, ask where you’re located. I think many EXPECT that you’re virtual.

So location is simply not an issue if you’re a freelance SEO writer. I’ve worked with clients from Ireland to Australia to Canada. As long as I have a computer and internet connection, I can meet all of my clients’ needs. You can do the same! All you have to do is continue to turn in quality work — on time and within budget.

What You Get in This Ebook: An EXACT Roadmap to SEO Copywriting Success

Sales Query: I’ll send you the exact marketing letter I sent out that garnered me a 25% response rate.

Website: I’ll tell you exactly what to put on your web page to make it bring in new clients 24/7.

Create a Niche: I’ll tell you exactly how to sell yourself to clients via niche marketing.

Writing Samples: Don’t have any? It’s okay. I’ll tell you exactly what to do to get around this — bringing in as much work as someone who has tons of samples.

How to Market for Clients: I’ll reveal to you the exact methods I use to find clients. It’s free, quick and easy.

Writing the Articles: I’ll tell you exactly how to actually write SEO articles. I’ll also give you the tricks I use to turn them out on subjects I don’t even know about in 30-45 minutes.

Interacting with Clients: I’ll tell you exactly what to expect when a client contacts you, how to be knowledgeable (even though you’re just starting out), and how to give them what they want so they use you over and over again.

And More!

I’ll also go over billing, what to charge, how to charge, tools you’ll need to get started (if you have a computer, you’re practically there already) and much more.

I’ll also show you actual correspondence from clients sent in response to the marketing queries I sent out — and how I responded to them. You’ll have all the tools you need to start making money as an SEO copywriter almost immediately.

P.S.: Free Ebook! You get the ebook, The Small Biz Owner’s Complete Marketing Kit!, absolutely free with your purchase. Following are the case studies and testimonials. Note: This ebook is include IN THE SAME FILE as the SEO writing ebook; it does not come separately.


“The one-of-a-kind information in this ebook has been helping aspiring freelance SEO writers succeed since 2008 — really!”

SEO Writing Case Study #1: Long-time Freelance Writer Who Finally Sees a Way to Quitting Her Full-time Job

This is an in-depth case study of a nervous freelance who had been trying to make a go of freelance writing for years, but had never managed to make the full-time leap.

In painstaking detail, “SEO Mary,” as I dubbed her for the series, allowed us insight into her foray into SEO Writing. From landing her first client, to the problems she experienced (I coached her through it), to landing a steady gig and making plans to quit her job.

Read the entire series from the beginning at the end of this issue of Inkwell Editorial’s freelance writing newsletter (pg 22).

SEO Writing Case Study #2: College Student Who Lands 4 SEO Clients in 2 Days

SEO Work Success!!! (Title of the email)

Hi Yuwanda,

I just wanted to share with you my story, briefly. I am currently a 5th year senior in college, and I’ve been running a (failing) copywriting business for the last year, trying to get work from local businesses in the area. I stumbled across your website last week and bought your eBook because it seemed interesting (and was only 10 bucks*). After reading it, I decided to give SEO writing a try.

*This was the introductory price of the ebook.

This afternoon (Monday), I sent out 24 emails to companies requesting work after setting up an SEO page on my website (he listed his website). Within an HOUR, I had one email requesting samples, and a phone call requesting my services! Within twelve hours, I had FOUR companies asking me to write for them!!! (emphasis added) I’m officially a writer now!

And, because I serve tables for a living, replacing my income won’t be that hard! By the end of this week, I should know whether or not I can go freelance FULL TIME! (emphasis added) And I just wanted to send you an emphatic “thank you” for providing me the blueprint for this. The guy that called me today said I was “in the right profession” right now. I have a profession! And I don’t graduate for another month!

I am terribly thankful that this is working, and I can’t wait to see what other work I can dig up this week. Thank you so much for providing direction for my freelance writing! If there’s any way I can repay you, let me know!~TM

SEO Writing Case Study #3: Already Turning Down Work after Less Than 2 Weeks of Marketing

Hi Yuwanda,

I received the following response to one of my marketing emails from an SEO company. I thought I was pretty bargain basement at $20 when I have no experience. I’ve been marketing for a couple of weeks, and I’ve already gotten a couple of clients so far (emphasis added) so I’m not willing to work for these rates; I don’t think I need to. But I’m wondering how I should respond to him at this point? Could he be just testing to see if I’ll bite?

Thanks BL

NOTE: Remember, the exact marketing email I send out is included in the ebook.

Testimonial #4: SEO Writer Who Was Already Making Money but Wanted to Know How to Land More Lucrative Clients

I received this email from a freelance SEO writer who was already working fulltime as an SEO writer. She’d started doing SEO writing before I did. But, she wanted to land better-paying clients. Here’s what she had to say:

Hi Yuwanda:

I just wanted to quickly let you know that I bought your SEO writing ebook and was completely blown away with how well it was presented!

I had thought about buying it was $9.95 but procrastinated. To be honest, when the price went up to $39.95, I decided it was just too much for me to pay. See, most ebooks I’ve purchased give a generic outline of what to do, and I didn’t want to pay for that kind of advice again.

But I needed help getting more good paying clients. I lucked upon the clients I have now – they pay well, provide steady work and refer me from time to time. But I want a nice variety of well paying clients. This is where I have been stuck.

I’ve been sooo busy lately, I haven’t been able to read your book. Saturday I spent the afternoon in the [emergency room] because my daughter was sick, so I printed your ebook and took it with me knowing I’d be there for a while.

 The book is so detailed! It is extremely clear. I thought I knew more about SEO writing than I actually did! I can’t wait to start my marketing campaign next week. If I get just one client with your book, it was more than worth the investment!


Testimonial #5: Freelance Writer New to SEO Writing Who Not Only Easily Landed Clients, but Got More Per Article than He Asked For!

I am living proof that if you follow Yuwanda’s ebook step by step, your only problem will be fulfilling your orders.

Just today, I got this email:

“Hi Robert,

I reviewed your work and I am interested in your services. We have a need for several articles (500-700 words) for what you are describing. What are the next steps?”

I was like “what???” They didn’t even question my rates or anything!

It’s almost too good to be true and in fact, Yuwanda, I owe you a cup of coffee or beer or whatever it is you drink for fun! LOL!!

This freelancer sent me another email that said the following:

I followed your ebook and did everything that you recommended and I cannot believe how good it worked!!

It’s insane!!

Let me post an email I got just last week:

“Thank you for contacting us. I have a particular format of articles we want. If you can do them I can offer you $40 per article. Otherwise we get seo articles for $10.

We need articles in this format to use our program. We currently have an article writer and we are always looking for talented SEO influenced writers. If you want we can try $200 worth of articles aka 5 articles. Let me know.

This after submitting my rate of $35/article!!!!!

Thank you Yuwanda!

Testimonial #6: Experienced Journalist and Freelance Writer from Spain Who Learned How to Make Some Real Money in the SEO Writing Niche

Hi Yuwanda,

I felt I had to get back to you to tell you about my progress so far.

I bought your ebook last week and read it thoroughly. It inspired me, so I decided to follow your plan and see what would happen. I’ve been writing articles for years and I have always felt that I am worth a lot more than I have been getting. I don’t mean to brag, but I can write pretty good, and $5 an article – if you can get that much these days – is simply an insult!


I spent a bit of time concentrating on getting all the parts of your strategy right. I already had a website for my writing, so I decided to spruce it up a bit and make it more focussed [sic] on SEO article writing.

I chose some articles I’d already written and re-wrote them in a more SEO-friendly manner and put them on the website as samples. I spent some time getting the details on companies [like you detail in your ebook] and made up a spreadsheet. Everything was ready this morning (I had other work to do in between too), so I started sending out my query letter.

After about 20 minutes, I had a Skype call from one of the companies asking for articles. It seems he was sitting at his desk wondering who could do a batch of articles for him that a client needed. His usual contact was already overworked and he wasn’t sure how to find another one (he told me this later). When my email arrived, it was exactly what he needed. He made contact, we discussed it and that was that!

The bit that amazed me was when he asked for my rates. I told him I was charging $25 an article (yes, I copied your strategy exactly 🙂 and he didn’t even balk one little bit. [emphasis added] His actual words were, “Yep, that sounds spot on.” I knew at that moment I could probably have asked for $35 or even $45 an article and have gotten it too!

Anyway, I now have 32 articles to do at $22 each as they are 350-word articles and I was quoting for 500-word articles. I didn’t drop the price much as there is some more research than usual involved, but nothing too hard. The price was in British pounds as the SEO company is in London . It came to 384 GB pounds, so he rounded it up to 400 GB pounds – somewhere around $735 – which I thought was a nice gesture. I should be able to complete them in a few days (I could get used to this!)

I had been worrying that my being in Spain might prove to be a problem, for while I clearly state that my first language is English, the only thing that clients seem to see is the word, ” Spain ” and they assume that I am Spanish! Luckily, this didn’t prove to be a problem.

This [marketing method outlined in your ebook] works! I fully expect to get a lot of other work too, and I’ll certainly keep trying.

Thanks again for opening my eyes to what is possible in freelancing. Your ebook is worth a lot more than what you sell it for – believe me! In fact, don’t sell any more – I don’t want the competition 🙂

Kind regards,

John C., Spain

Testimonial #7: Current SEO Writer on the Hunt for More Lucrative-Paying Clients

She wrote:

I wanted to let you know that your SEO book is really helping me get new clients. I will send you a more detailed account of my experience in the next couple of weeks.

In a separate email, she wrote:

I have a lot of projects scheduled for September. Of those one is with a new client and I am negotiating projects with three others – all because of your book. [emphasis added] I will definitely be sending you a testimonial as soon as I can stop and catch my breath. 🙂

Kimberly B., Georgia

Testimonial #8: New SEO Writer Who Lands 2 Clients in 5 Hours (Yes, hours!)

He wrote:

I appreciate the follow-up very much [in response to questions he had after purchasing the ebook].

I’ve gotten 2 clients in less than 5 hours since sending query letters. (emphasis added) . . . do yourself a favor, folks: buy the book. You won’t be disappointed. It is still less than 24 hours since I purchased the book, and I already have a payment in my Paypal account. Wonderful advice that works!


Testimonial #9: SEO Writer Reaches the $200 Per Day Mark Based on Marketing Strategy Outlined in Ebook

First let me say thanks for answering my question(s) in your previous blog posts. I am writing to let you know, that I had my first $200 day after following the steps you outline in your e-book. I sent . . . emails pitching myself as a niche writer . . . A few days later, an SEO company called me, explained the scope of the project and sent me the funds through paypal without hesitation. . . . they are a local company. They said if they like my work, they will have much more in store, and are willing to pay higher fees.

For some reason, I thought your advice would only work for you. I know, call me naive, but I guess it seemed too good to be true. Luckily, I discovered you and liked what you had to say. If it wasn’t for you, I think I would still be trying to break into magazine writing. (Is it okay if I say thank you now, for all the blog post you respond to. I know that I will have more questions along the way).

Testimonial #10: New SEO Writer Lands First Client — a $250 Order


Got the deal that I was working on. . . . My first project was for ten articles for a talent agency and I’m charging them $25.00 an article. Excuse me while I go outside and scream. (LOL)

Testimonial #11: Kudos for Good Info

A New Content Writer Wrote:

Hi, Yuwanda. My name is [GJ], and I’ve been diligently reading your ebooks. I’ve already started doing some content writing for a couple sites, and your SEO booklet really clarified things for me. Thank you.

Testimonial #12: Thanks for Solving the $3 Per SEO Article Writing Problem

Hi. I’ve been reading your book and like it very much. I appreciate the amount of attention and detail you’ve given to the subject. This is clearly not just another generic “how to” book. I purchased because first, I wanted to see how you solved the $3-seo-article problem, and second, to see how you would structure a business around the seo content niche.

Thank you and best regards,

Testimonial #13: Kudos for Being Worth Every Penny!

Dear Yuwanda

My name is [KK] and I purchased your “How to Make $250+ per Day Writing Simple 500-Word Articles” ebook last night. I want to tell you that it was worth every penny! I couldn’t stop reading, so I actually got through all 36 pages of the first ebook in one sitting. I’m really excited to get started . . thank you again for such a good ebook!

Testimonial #14: Laid-off & Transitioning into a New Career


I will be laid off effective April 15th. I purchased your excellent ‘How To Make Money Writing Simple 500 Word Articles’last week, and as a result, am even more confident about launching my writing career.

I intend to do SEO writing articles and web pages and just see where that takes me. Print media seems to be dying slowly, and I like the idea of getting work fairly quickly to not only make money but increase my confidence…my excuses and procrastination won’t work any more!

Have a nice evening,

Testimonial #15: A Successful Launch into a New Career!

New SEO Writer Who Landed Jobs Quickly Wrote:


I just bought your ebook on SEO writing in early November and have launched my business already, and have gotten a couple jobs, . . . I’m keeping up with my marketing emails every day and I’m getting a lot of positive responses. . . I am encouraged that I’m going in the right direction.

Take care and God bless!

Testimonial #15A: Continuing Success!

I received a follow-up email from the SEO writer just above (remember, he started in November). In February of the following year, he wrote to me saying:

It’s been a while since I wrote you. I just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive and my SEO writing business is doing great. I’m so busy sometimes, I barely have time to do anything else. I guess it’s all worthwhile. I just want to again say thanks for the guidance you provided in your ebook.

You know, everything you said would happen in the ebook happened. All I had to do was follow the plan! This is the first time I’ve ever bought one of these business plans that actually worked. It’s truly amazing.

Well, anyway, I just wanted to say hi and tell you those things. It’s late here and I’ve been writing all day, so time to sign off. Have a wonderful weekend!~PL

Testimonial #15B: Location Doesn’t Matter as an SEO Writer: This SEO Copywriter Lives in the Philippines and Had His First $1,000 Week!

Thanks so much for all the support you provide. Just to update you, I’m busier than ever. In fact, this will be my best week to date (and it’s only Wednesday)! I’ve already broken $1000 for the week for the first time and may end up close to $1500. [emphasis added] Granted, some of this is money coming from bigger projects already completed, but still a very good week.

I am amazed and humbled that others are having trouble tapping into this business. I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to land several well paying clients, and I still have my steady 100 marketing emails going out every week. I seem to add a client or two each week from them, and I pay my niece to send them out for me.

I can also attest to the fact that location makes little difference. I’m living in the Philippines, [emphasis added] but I don’t tell people until they become clients and start working with them. At that point, I think it’s helpful for them to know the time zone difference. Other than the time zones, I don’t think location is all that big a deal.

Again, thanks for all you do, and keep encouraging those that haven’t quite made it yet. All I can say is the good paying jobs are out here, and all they need to do to get them is follow your plan from the ebook.~PL

Testimonial #16: SEO Tips Helping another Small Biz Owner to Grow

Hi Yuwanda,

Although I’m not doing SEO writing now, your information applies to my research business. In fact, your tips and high quality content are helping me grow my business. As a former student [in your SEO copywriting training e-class], I’m so glad I took your class, and I aspire to provide the same value to my clients as you do with yours. May you continue to be richly blessed!~Kimberly

Testimonial #17: Persistent, Consistent Marketing as Outlined in Ebook Paying Off — In Unexpected Ways

I received the following email from a fellow SEO writer who was “persistently and consistently” following the marketing plan I outline in the SEO writing ebook. She wrote:

Hi Yuwanda,

I’ve been following your email marketing campaign advice for a couple of months now, with some success at gaining new SEO clients. The weirdest thing keeps happening, though, and I thought I’d share it with you.

I seldom get the client I target with the email campaign. However, I get another client from a referral from the client I targeted. It’s crazy – but it just happened again today! I sent out 15 marketing emails this morning. Then, this afternoon, I receive an email from a small business owner who received my name and contact info from one of this morning’s targeted clients. [emphasis added] And this is the third time this has happened in the last few weeks!

So, all that to say that clients don’t always come from the places you expect them to, but come they do, with consistency and persistency. BTW, the fellow that referred me was one I had contacted previously with no response. I thought I’d try again today, and while I still haven’t received a response from HIM, his referral is enough….LOL

Thanks for the wonderful advice and the career building inspiration! Have a great day!~SS*******************************************

Testimonial #18: So Swamped — Ongoing (Almost) $2,000/Month Order — from one Client!

One morning, I woke up to find the following email in my inbox from a swamped SEO writer:

Hello Yuwanda,

I’m writing this letter to you to first update you on my success so far, and also to ask questions that I need the answers to soon.
I don’t have much time as I’m starting to get very busy, but I did exactly what you said to do in your ebook, and after contacting one SEO company they asked me to write 8 articles, then another ten before monday, and next week I start on writing 79 articles for the month at $25 each. I will be writing at least 79 articles each month, but probably more. [emphasis added]

Tonight I had two more inquiries. One has asked how much do I charge to rewrite an SEO article so it will pass copyscape. What should I charge? The other enquirer asked me what do I like to write? Should I base that on experience and/or what topics he might have in mind for me.

Kind Regards,


Testimonial #19: Landed Client Using Sample Letter in Ebook


Thanks for the nice, simple SEO article book you put together. I’ve done a lot of freelancing in the past, some SEO articles, and am getting back into it given the dismal state of the economy.

I already got a client! Just emailing a version of your simple letter to health product firms (that’s my niche).

Question – you don’t address all those freelancing job sites out there I don’t think. Did you ever use them? I have tried a few times, but it seems like it’s always 1000 freelancers chasing 10 jobs. And half of those pay 3 bucks an article. I think it’s probably just as well to just email companies as you suggest. Esp. as I have plenty of samples available . . . . Thanks!~JP

Testimonial #20: Lands First Client in Only 12 Hours!

Hi Yuwanda,

Just wanted to say thank you – as a result of the advice in your SEO writing e-book, I got my first order within 12 hours of sending out my first batch of 10 marketing emails (emphasis added).

Best regards,

Testimonial #21: Excited to Land First Client!

Hi Yuwanda,

I wanted to write in to let you know that I got my first client today!! . . . it took me three weeks of constant (10 – 15 emails a day and even a handful of cold-calls) to get a nibble that turned into a client. . . . Thanks again for all your help! It’s really great that you help people start in this industry – so many who make money are more interested in keeping out competition.~AB


Testimonial #22: New SEO Writer Getting a 10% Response Rate Following Plan Outlined in Ebook

Hi Yuwanda,

I just wanted to check in with you to let you know that my marketing [for SEO writing jobs] is going phenomenally well! I have been sending out marketing e-mails the past 3 days, and I’ve received nearly a 10% response rate. I am absolutely thrilled about how well it’s going. 🙂 . . . Have a wonderful evening, Yuwanda, and thank you so much for everything.

P.S. I have a phone interview with a client in the morning. 🙂 I’m a little nervous.~LW

Testimonial #23: New SEO Writer Getting Gets $40/Article Right Out of the Box — with No Website!

I’ve been a subscriber for a couple of years and have gotten some valuable lessons from your newsletter, ebooks and ecourses. Thank you.

I had my eye on your SEO book for a while. Finally, I purchased it in Dec of last year when you had your holiday giveaway (buy one, get one free). And finally (again) I decided that it would not do me any good to have the book and not read and implement what I read. (I have been writing for a while but really wanted to try launching more deeply into SEO.)

Okay, I got delayed a bit because of the website. (The do-it-yourself route is definitely too time consuming for me.) Anyway, last week I decided to start marketing without the website in place because I needed to get started and could use my online articles for samples.

Very early Saturday morning, I sent out a handful of emails just to get the ball rolling. Voila! I received an almost immediate response from the president of one company saying he or a staff member would be getting back to me shortly. How long is shortly, I don’t know. This morning, however, I received the following response from a different company:

Now, I had already decided that I would charge $35/500-word article, but when the question was posed I starting wondering if that was a good price. (My husband said I should charge $40). I quickly went to your site for answers and decided to purchase Freelance Writing Advice for SEO Writers“.

Before I could even get the book downloaded and read, the client called wanting to know my rates, which I had not stated in the email.

I had to make a quick decision so I charged $40 for a single article (400-500 words) and $35/500-word article for orders of 6 or more articles. The client was pleased and promptly ordered 9 articles. (emphasis added)

Thanks again for sharing your path to success.~LD

Testimonial #24: $5,000 in Work Lined Up; Able to Quit “Crappy Job”

A grateful SEO writer wrote me a long email. It stated:

I expect no response, but would greatly appreciate one. Yuwanda I just wanted to e-mail you and thank you for your “How to Make Money Writing Simple 500-Word Articles” E-book, which came to me recommended by a friend.

In the past year, my wife has experienced disastrous health problems, rendering her unable to work anything other than very part-time hours at low-wage jobs. I’ve been laid off and have been doing everything possible to help make ends meet, and now I’m working at an employer who treats me like garbage. I felt trapped because as a [stated his field of employment], I didn’t know how I would ever make a salary that would help us buy a house and lead the lives we wanted. I feared working 70 and 80 hour workweeks just to make our ends meet.

Fortunately, I have a strong entrepreneurial drive, and doubly fortunately, my friend recommended your e-book. I am pretty cynical and skeptical of anything coming from the internet, but I figured I’d give it a try. Well, good thing that happened.

I made $2000 my first month, and have $5000 in work lined up from clients who I know will pay. [emphasis added]

I have about $400 floating out there from clients who are slow to pay, but it doesn’t bother me because I have $5000 lined up with more coming in! I can now quit my part-time crap job if I’d like, but I’m still going to hang on to it for a few weeks yet. The part-time job is [job listed] rewarding, but it pays a paltry $13 per hour and most likely is capped at a maximum of $16 per hour…a poverty wage in this modern era!

Thanks to you, my dreams of becoming a small-business owner are probably going to materialize…in a terrible economy! My wife will be able to stay home from work in a few months when I have more business, and we’ll be able to live the lives we dreamed of!

I can now work 60 hours per week and make LOTS OF MONEY, or I can work 35 and not have such expensive material possessions. It’s MY CHOICE! And, given the demand I’ve seen so far, I believe that the sky is the limit! I am already looking at hiring additional writers and splitting the profits with them, just to get more business. It’s crazy!

I would call myself an above-average writer and fairly tech-savvy, however, I wouldn’t say that I’m anybody super special. Turning SEO article writing into a living is a distinct possibility for anyone who can write at about a C or B average at the college level!


Testimonial #25: “The ONLY Business I have EVER Succeeded at in My Entire 43 Years”

An American freelancer living abroad wrote:

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I think it’s worth repeating-this is the ONLY business I have EVER succeeded at in my entire 43 years on this planet!

Sure, I’ve had plenty of “jobs” where I’ve worked for someone else and done well, but I’ve attempted I don’t know how many different businesses, from MLM (pre-internet and post internet) to affiliate marketing to I can’t think of what else off hand, but this is the only one I’ve ever been able to make a living with. And it’s not just scraping by either.

I’m making more money with this business from my laptop in the Philippines than I believe probably 60-70% of Americans working in the U.S.-either at a job or self-employed. A year ago when I was laying the ground work for launching this, I hoped that could happen, but I think deep down I probably thought this would turn out like everything else I’ve tried. Thanks for proving me wrong!~PL

Testimonial #26: New SEO Writer Receives First Payment Ever from a Client w/i Just 8 Days of Marketing

Hi Yuwanda

I had to let you know that I have billed (and been paid for) $105 in writing work for a client already. I started my email marketing efforts on November 12 and I received my first ever payment from a client on November 20.

Tonight, I have two more articles to write for two different clients. I am happy with how this is going and continue to find your blog and newsletter very helpful. In fact, I’m thinking about purchasing more of your ebooks (particularly this one on marketing emails: and this other one, How to find unpublished freelance writing jobs).

I can’t wait to expand my freelance gig even further into a proper business with its own bank account, employees/outsourced people, and the like. 🙂

Please keep up the good work!~BH
Testimonial #27: “The FIRST time ever that I purchased Ebooks that contain what was promised”

A new SEO writer who was just getting set up wrote:

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! I want you to know that I purchased two of your ebooks so far: How to Make Money Writing Simple 500 Word Articles, and The Social Media Bible for Freelance Writers.

This is the FIRST time ever that I purchased Ebooks that contain what was promised. They are both the most complete and well written step-by-step guides I have ever purchased (and I have purchased a lot of ebooks regarding online businesses).

I decided to implement the first one on SEO Content Writing. I don’t quite feel I ready yet for Social Media. I am using my Engineering and Technical writing background as my starting credentials. I went ahead and created a website/ blog at [site URL was listed] following everything you suggested. I will be adding more samples and updating the site as time goes on. I sent my first marketing emails to SEO firms today… I intend to send 10 per day. I’ll let you know how it goes. If I do get actually get business from this, I will be sending you another testimonial to let you know…. and I will be an extremely happy camper!


Testimonial #28: $800 in Work in Only 2 Weeks!

As of yesterday, I have been in business for two weeks and have five clients and have been paid and / or contracted for over $800 worth of work.

It’s funny my fears tend to be half, “This will never work for me. I’ll never make any money,” and “I’m going to get too much business too quickly and get overwhelmed.”

Reading Carol’s success puts me squarely in the second camp, which is where I’d rather be!

Yeah, Carol!


Testimonial #29: First Job Landed — and Paid for — Within 1 Week of Starting

new SEO writer who was just starting out wrote me the following:

I’m a new SEO writer following your “Make $250/day and $50-75K/year Writing SEO Articles” e-book. Well, it works! I’ve got my site up, I’ve been diligent about my article marketing, I got my first order within a week of marketing and queries, the client paid me (cha-ching!) and left me a nice testimony (emphasis added).

Right after that I got awarded a feature writer position for an online news outlet. Now a potential client is asking for a big project and possibly a long-term commitment.



Testimonial #30: From Starting to Having a Full SEO Writing Client Load — and More! — in Less than 4 Months

An SEO writer who responded to one of my blog posts wrote in to tell me how she achieved her SEO writing business success in less than a year. She wrote:

I built my first professional website, and launched a legitimate SEO copy writing business in January 2012. I marketed as you suggested, and by April had a full time client load. I went from just writing articles to learning how to optimize an entire website by October 2012. I learned how to write not only quick 400-500 word articles but in-depth, highly-researched, longer themed content in the alternative and medical fields.

I [also] learned how to write sales copy – much harder for me to do, but my client is impressed with the conversions. I got put on staff at one business and became a feature writer at another. I learned a number of internet marketing strategies in November 2012.

The cream is that at the beginning of December 2012 I was invited to interview as a SEO campaign specialist for a local mid-sized company. The hiring decision should be made before the end of the year. Even if I do not get the job, the experience has shot my confidence through the roof. I plan to completely rebrand myself and my company since businesses recognize and value my skill sets.~Donna


Testimonial #31: SEO Writing Income Surpasses Income from Full-Time Day Job

Hey Yuwanda,

I hope all is well! I just wanted to let you know that this month marked the first month that my writing income surpassed that of my day job. Thanks to your help and inspiration, I have more work than I know what to do with and have successfully landed a number of clients that give me recurring work. Thanks again for your advice!

Editor Note: It took this freelancer less than a year to make this kind of progress.

Testimonial #32: Pushing Earnings Higher

Hi Yuwanda,

Thank you for writing the SEO writing book. It has completely transformed my freelance writing business, and now I have hopes of earning much more than the mere $1,500 I make each month.

I am building a website around it, and I will purchase your more in-depth [SEO] training courses once I can start to make some money at this thing. [Her website URL was listed] I still need to add a video to the website, but it is getting there.

I do have three questions for you, and I hope that you will have the time to answer them.


Testimonial #33: Getting the Flexibility Needed to Take Care of Sick Loved One

Hi Yuwanda!

Just wanted to say thank you for your e-books! I bought your SEO e-book on May 10th and just received payment for my first order of SEO blog articles! It’s a recurring job for an SEO company that is working with an allergist. All I have to do is take some stock articles and rewrite 8 articles per month at $25 each. I got this job by blindly emailing companies as you suggested in your e-book. I sent about 100 emails.

Now I am confident that I can charge more for my work!

This is just in time because I was worrying about having to break down and find a full time job. I want to stay home and work because my fiance has kidney failure. He needs a transplant and we fully expect that he will receive one and live a long life. However, if he does not, then he has a good 15 years of life. While 15 years can be a long time and any number of things can happen in that span of time, I don’t want to spend it stressed out about a job and commuting to a place I hate. Thanks for giving me the tools to create a flexible online career!


Testimonial #34: Retired, Single Father Making Money Writing Online Articles

I purchased your Seo Writing Ebook a few days ago and have been reading it and many other posts on your site. I’ve been a single father of four since 2005 and written articles for free and pay for decades. I retired mid-2001 and started piddling around on Elance. com and Guru.com. April 2014 was my best month and I was trying to think of a way to duplicate it. I don’t know how I found InkWellEditorial.com, but I’m so glad I did. I can write and sometimes get paid, but I didn’t have a marketing plan so repeat customers was by-guess and by-golly.

I can’t thank you enough for the SeoWriting eBook and how much solid advice you give away for free. Today I purchased a domain name (domain name was mentioned) to start my own SEO writing business.
Best regards,


Testimonial #35: Freelance Writer Who Doesn’t Even Market Regularly STILL Landing Jobs

I received an email from a freelance writer who was drowning in work — landing 6 jobs in one month (with three more on the hook). See the post, How One SEO Writer Landed 6 Jobs in One Month — with 3 More “On the Hook” for details.

Testimonial #36: Almost a Decade of Success — from College Student to Successful SEO Writer

I was interviewed by best-selling author Avery Breyer about SEO writing. During one of our many email exchanges, she said she’d interviewed another SEO writer who mentioned that this ebook was the one that got him started back in 2008. As it so happens, I’d interviewed him too.

It was ironic to see that almost a decade later, he’s gone on to create a very successful SEO writing career — all starting with the info he learned in my book. Avery wrote:

“I just finished up an interview with Tom (he was doing some freelance SEO work, then got into copywriting after that etc.), and we were talking about the need to put aside money etc. because you never know what will happen next, and I told him yeah, I was just talking with Yuwanda Black and she said the same thing – and he goes ‘It was her book that got me into freelance SEO writing.'”


Testimonial #37: Still Going Strong After 9 Years

On March 16, 2016, I received an email from a freelance SEO writer who wanted to share how she was still landing jobs from clients after 9 years of doing this type of writing. She also talked about a niche where there’s plenty of work for freelancers, and how much it pays. Her insight is not only inspiring, it illustrates just how much work is out there and how this field of technical writing is growing.


Testimonial #38: Still Going Strong After 6.5 Years

On March 2, 2017, I received a comment on the post, 10 Freelance Writers Reveal How They Landed Their First Gig & What They Learned from It from a freelance SEO writer who shared that not only was he still in business, but he’d earned over $40,000 from just one client since 2013; that this client is still with him; and that this relationship has led to work from many others in his niche (legal) as well.

FYI, this is very common in SEO writing — one client will usually refer you to others, making it easy to grow your roster of clients if you do good work.

Testimonial #39: A Whole New Career — in Just One Week!

Publisher note: This person belongs to my private affiliate marketing group on FB (subscribe here to get the invitation). She bought the ebook on SEO writing, and following is what she said.

Hey, Yuwanda! I got a little bit behind in my affiliate marketing pursuit. As you know, I teach online from home for a few colleges. When I read your book about SEO article writing, I put to work your idea of submitting query letters to those in my niche.

Well, it seems like in record time (less than a week), I got responses from five clients wanting me to write a course, continuing education information, and test item reviews. Plus, I had three book reviews to write for colleagues. So, I will get back on track with the affiliate marketing very soon, because the freelance writing just took off like a rocket! 🚀

Yuwanda, I sure appreciate your guidance. Thanks for making everything so easy to understand and digest, because that helped me so much more than I thought it would.~PE

As I said to her: People with specialized knowledge and skills like yours can parlay that into a freelance writing career in no time — as you’re living proof of.

But for those reading with no kind of specialized knowledge/skills, don’t despair, you can still get started with zero experience. I’ve been teaching those with no experience how to staart successful online writing careers for almost a decade — from college students to retirees, to stay-at-home parents who just want to earn a little on the side.

As these testimonials illustrate, the info here works. It has for years!


Note: Read through the posts on SeoWritingJobs.com to find more SEO writing success stories (ie, like the SEO writer who earned $1,000 in one day and had $10,000 more in work lined up, and another who was able to easily and “fearlessly” land some regular work writing SEO articles and blog posts soon after starting; another who landed a $24,000 contract (from one client!); and another who consistenly earns over $20,000 per month.

I just wanted you to know that just because the testimonials have stopped here, it doesn’t mean the success of SEO writers who make the leap has!


So, there you have it. Real stories from real people starting real freelance SEO writing businesses — all using the very same methods I used to start my content writing career. If all of these people can do it, you can too!

As these testimonials highlight, my success can be duplicated. From college students to long-time freelancers, if you can write, have access to the internet and a burning desire to make some real money as a freelance writer, this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

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