15 Types of Digital Freelance Writing Jobs: They’re “Hot” and They Pay Well

The digital age has created opportunities for freelance writers that haven’t been seen for online entrepreneurs in a long time. In my opinion, it’s because every new tech change that comes down the pike needs to be explained, tested, tweaked, and/or merged with other services.

All of this means writing opportunities, for writers are the communication conveyors.

I first wrote this post in 2012. The post was entitled, “10 Types of Digital Freelance Writing Jobs: They’re “Hot” and They Pay Well.” Those opportunities (#6 thru #15) still exist. Here, I’m updating it to add five more, as the digital age continues to shower freelance writers in opportunity.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Here’s the site’s affiliate disclosure policy for full details.

15 Opportunities in Freelance Writing in the Digital Age

1. Writing Tests and Quizzes

With online learning growing by leaps and bounds (see #5 in this post), this is an emerging area for astute online writers. Business organizations, educators and even independent blog owners are using tests and quizzes – for everything from assessing knowledge level, to generating leads (eg, fun quizzes).

Here’s some insight into how one freelance standardized test writer earned $20-$30per question.

And in case you’re thinking, you can’t make a full-time living writing tests and quizzes, check out these job listings (mostly) on the freelance marketplace, Upwork.

Get prepared quizzes for your blog/online biz.

2. Blog Content AuditorLearn How to Make a Living Writing ... for Yourself and/or for Others

In my opinion, this is a growing area in freelance writing in the digital age that hasn’t even begun to be tapped yet. And, those who position themselves correctly can make a fist-load of cash in the coming years.

Why do I say this? Well, let’s first define what this is for those who may not know.

What Is Content Auditing?

I’m in the middle of auditing the content on my blog (have been for a while now) – and let me tell you, all I want to do is throw a handful of money at someone to do it for me! But, I digress.

Content auditing is when you literally “audit” your blog to remove, update and/or consolidate content in order to improve search rankings. Here’s a more in-depth definition and an explanation of how to do it.

The reason this type of freelance writing job can be so high-paying is that you have to have an understanding of:

** web analytics;

**know how to write SEO content (of course); and

**invest the time into learning a customer’s business – so you can attack the content from an informed perspective of what their customers want and need.

Some titles you may find this type of job under are Digital Content Analyst, Digital Content Strategist. While the duties are more encompassing than just being an auditor, auditing is a big part of the responsibilities.

Average Salary: As you can see when you click through, the average salary for Writer/Content Auditors is a pretty high-paying writing gig.

3. Create Sales Funnels

In 2017, I really dove into affiliate marketing – I mean, really dug in! I learned a lot — and am still learning. And one thing I learned a lot about is sales funnels.

What are Sales Funnels?

As I wrote in my free ebook to subscribers of my internet marketing site:

A sales funnel is simply a marketing method that basically takes your customer by the hand and walks them through a system that encourages them to purchase from you.  It’s extremely effective because it gently nudges an interested party along, moving them from “Prospect”, to “Lead”, to “Customer”, to “Repeat Customer.”

And let me tell you, a writer who can create sales funnels that convert can earn a lot – a lot – of money.

In one internet marketing forum I frequent, someone was soliciting the services of a sales funnel writer. She’d gotten a bid of $4,000. Many others (including me) chimed in to tell her that based on what she wanted, this was way low.

Sales Funnel Writers: Duties

  • Write high-converting content for landing pages
  • Create opt-in subscriber forms
  • Write follow-up email sequences

These are just a few of the writing duties a sales funnel creator does.

Learn more about what it takes to be a successful sales funnel creator in this audio interview with a successful copywriter. A couple of key takeaways:

  • Setting up a funnel can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $50,000: High ticket value programs can afford a lot more copywriting, lead nurturing, etc. and require that much more effort in setting up as compared to low-ticket value programs.
  • Qualifying clients is necessary: Started offering services at $297 an hour. Unfortunately, first client just insisted on quick ways of making money instead of focusing on the process.

Just one more thing about this position – some estimates state that as many as 100,000 blogs per day go live. What many who take blogging seriously finally come to realize is that they need a sales funnel in place in order to grow their income.

This is true for every blog – no matter the niche. Blogging is still a relatively new phenomenon from a “this is a real job / I can make a full-time living doing this” perspective. So the growth potential for this type of writing/online biz is phenomenal – and high-paying, as the above stats highlight.

4. Create Courses (Ecourse Writer/Developer)

One of my income streams is writing and teaching online courses. I write all of the material for my courses, but as I was perusing job listings on Upwork one day, I saw a job listing for an “ecourse module writer.”

The reason the gig caught my eye was that the job poster created courses for writers. He was ramping up his output, and was looking for writers that he could outsource work to. He had a formula he’d created for each writer to follow, and it seemed like a pretty cool gig.

As mentioned in #1, online learning is growing like crazy. This need is only going to increase, in my opinion. Last year, I created two new ecourses, with one more on tap this year more (possibly two). And with publishing platforms like Teachable making it crazy easy to present material in any format you want (text, video, pdf, etc.), I see no slowdown insight.

Sample Ecourse Writing Job Listings

Social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn would most likely be best for hunting down these types of freelance writing job leads.

5. Social Media Forum Commenting Maintenance

So far, I have two Facebook groups (freelance writing and affiliate marketing), and will be creating another one in a couple of months (for romance writers).

I post daily to one (affiliate marketing), and maybe once or twice to the other one (freelance writing). The freelance writing group is for students enrolled in the SEO Writing / Upwork course, so I only post in there if students as a question and/or I want to share something related to SEO writing to keep students up to speed on the industry.

Many Facebook groups are created by online educators and course creators like me to stay in touch with students. They not only offer added value in that students feel like they have an online “coach” at their beck and call, but they keep you visible with your customer base, which leads to more sales over time.

It’s a win-win for everybody. And, I say all that to say, I only see this trend growing. My groups are small, but I’m in a few that have thousands of participants – like the one for this affiliate marketing course, which is the real value of the course, in my opinion – as I discuss in my in-depth review.

And since course creators can’t possibly manage them alone once they grow to a certain point, so what do they do? They hire freelancers (with good writing/communication ability) to monitor the groups for them.

FYI, this is one service that’s good to offer as a virtual assistant, another hot service that’s needed by online biz owners these days. If you want to niche it down even further, becoming a Pinterest VA is scorching hot right now, for all the reasons discussed in this post.

6. SEO Content Writing

This is a very lucrative form of online writing. When I discovered it in 2007, it revolutionized my freelance writing career. How? It taught me how to market online, which is what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about.

After learning this, I really dug into creating my own products and services (ebooks and ecourses), and started marketing them. This diversified my income streams.

What that means for me today is that I don’t have to write for clients if I don’t want to because I earn enough from my eclasses and ebooks to fully support myself.

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Average Salary: This is the latest for a SEO copywriter.

7. Ebook Editing

There are a lot of ebook writers (aka self-publishers) out there – and this is only growing. Proof?

A total of 786,935 ISBNs were assigned to self-published titles in 2016; in 2011, that number was 247,210.

Note: While self-published authors can obtain an ISBN, which is simply an industry standard number that identifies each book and its various formats, having one is not essential for an ebook to be published. I don’t bother with ISBN’s – and I’d venture to say that many other self-published authors don’t either. So in my opinion, the number of self-published ebooks is much higher (much!) than what’s stated in that linked-to post.

The point I want to get across is that digitally self-published authors need help with the editorial process, eg, editing, proofreading, copy editing, marketing, etc. All of these are services you can provide.

And if you’re wondering if they can afford to pay you, here are some inspiring self-publishing success stories that show – “Oh yeah, they can!”

8. SEO Press Releases

Marketing is always essential for every type of business. One old-school, popular marketing method that has evolved into the digital age is the press release. Nowadays though, to be effective, press releases need to be written with SEO in mind.

Everyone from self-published ebook authors, to independent web marketers, to Fortune 500 companies use and need them. You can be the freelance writing specialist they run to to get’em.

9. Social Media Writing

In 2012, when I first wrote this post, social media was still kind of new and many businesses weren’t paying attention to it. Now, it’s an accepted part of doing business online. Businesses know they need it, but the thing that stops many of them from investing in it is time – as in, they say they don’t have time to do it.

Following are some  interesting findings from the 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report:

Facebook rocks! 94% of marketers reported being active on Facebook, which is up just a tad from 93% the previous year.  Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram rounded out the top four.  And, for the first time in the history of the report, Facebook beat LinkedIn as the most important platform for B2B marketers. This is HUGE!

A significant 92% of marketers said that social media is important to their businesses, and 61% have at least two years of social media marketing experience.

So as a freelance writer, if you want to break into social media writing/account managemment, Facebook is definitely worth learning.

10. Landing Pages

Many companies – large and small – use landing pages to generate leads; leads that can be turned into paying customers down the line.

11. Content Marketing

Piggybacking on the last point, one thing companies offer to entice prospects to give up some contact information on landing pages are special reports. This is known as content marketing – and it’s huge.

My SEO writing company has written special reports for many types of companies, eg, educational firms, internet marketing firms, and web training companies. Usually, these reports are 5-10 pages long, take anywhere from 20-30 hours to produce and we charge anywhere from $750 to $1,500 for them.

In this digital age, producing just one a week as a freelancer is a very good living.

12. PPC Ads

In case you’re wondering, Pay-per-click ads are those ads in the bar on the right side of the page you see when you conduct a search on Google, for example. And, as I wrote in the article, High-Paying Freelance Writer Jobs in Demand Right Now:

Companies pay freelance writers skilled in composing these little ads a mint for their services. For really, the less copy used, the more skilled a writer has to be. And, this is why this type of writing job demands a high rate. Furthermore, learning to write these ads requires knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), as well as the ins and outs of internet marketing overall.

It’s getting harder and harder to stand out on the web, so if you can write web copy that gets clicked (eg, get people to click on a headline), then you can make really good money doing this kind of writing.

13. Writing for Mobile Devices

I have a sister who is almost 15 years younger than me – and she lives on her iPhone. She checks email, the internet, videos and even watches TV programs and movies on her phone. In 2012, when I first wrote this post, I did none of that.

I took me a few more years to get with the program in this area. But I did. Now, I too have an iPhone (and a tablet) and I too “live on it”; eg, checking email, my social media accounts, uploading photos and videos, mapping out directions, etc.

Mobile devices are how we as a world stay connected today. Mobile web browsing has been steadily growing since 2009, while the desktop’s share of web traffic has steadily decreased. In October (2016), the two crossed over, with global mobile and tablet browsing accounting overtaking desktop for the first time — 51.3% versus the desktop’s 48.7%. There’s no looking back now.

Text has to be written in a certain way for mobile devices for readers to easily access it. IF it’s not easy to read, you can bet they’ll just click on over to another site. So take care to observe mobile-writing rules when creating content. And, let clients know that you know there’s a difference — and how to do it.

14/15. Blog Posts and Web Articles

Every website / blog needs basic content like this to get recognized in this digital age. And research has shown that the vast majority of companies outsource at least some of it (a lot of them much of it) to freelance writers. Proof?

According to the industry-leading Content Marketing Institute 2018 B2C report, more than three out of five (62%) of respondents outsource at least some of their content marketing activities.

More Freelance Writing Job Opporutnities Thank You Realize!

As you can see, there are a wealth of freelance writing opportunities brought on by this digital era in which we live. The foundation of all of it is knowing SEO. Once you grasp the fundamentals of this, finding freelance writing jobs in this technologically advanced age is only limited by your imagination.73 Ways to Make Money From Home as a Freelancer

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Well, the first five digital writing opportunities listed here were taken from this free guide that Caitlin, the summit creator, put together. And there are many more of them that have a writing component. 

So, if you haven’t checked it out, do so. As I say ad nauseam on this blog, there are so many ways to make money writing these days that it truly does boggle the mind.

There’s no need to worry about “if” there’s work out there. There are plenty of freelance writing jobs available. All you have to do is figure wout which kind of writing you want to do then make the decision to get started, which the Work-at-Home-Summit will help you with. And again, it’s free!

P.S.: Learn How to Start a 6-Figure Freelance Writing Biz Today

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