Create Your Own Ecourse: 7 Reasons Every Blogger Can Make Money by Developing at Least One

Know what I earn the most money from these days? Sales of my own products and services — ebooks and ecourses. And I don’t say that to brag, but to open up another possible (very lucrative) revenue stream for you.

You see, while you can earn a great living just promoting the products and services of others as an affiliate marketer, at some point, I believe every blogger should create a product/service of their own. Why? We’ll discuss seven of them here, but the main one is …

Quite simply, you can earn a lot of money. And if they’re e-products — like a course or a book — they earn basically on auto pilot because once it’s created, all you have to do is keep it updated.

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How One Blogger Earned $41,500 in 1 Month from Her Ecourse!

Take Michelle, the 20-something blogger who created the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing ecourse, which I took in December 2016. She publishes monthly income reports, and you know what? Her course sales are a huge chunk of her income — and she only created it in 2016.

For example, in May 2017, Michelle reported that she earned $120,104.93 in total income (yeah, that’s one month’s earnings for her). And you know how much of that came from her e-course? $41,586. Yep, a full third. Most of us could live on that alone as an annual income, without need of the other two-thirds she earned from promoting various products and services.

See how having your own product like an e-course can significantly boost your income as an online entrepreneur? Not only that though, it just gives you credence in a crowded marketplace.

7 Reasons Bloggers Can Make GREAT Money Creating Ecourses

I developed my first online course in 2006. Since then, I’ve created four in total — and have plans for more.

As an aside, I’ve been self-publishing ebooks since 2002. Creating e-products of your own has several advantages, all of which I’ve experienced over the years. When you create something like an e-course, it:

1. Gives You an Air of Authority

When you create your own ecourse, people just automatically assume that you must be an authority in that niche. And obviously, you are somewhat of an expert if you have enough knowledge to pull together a class that people will sign up for.

When I wrote my ebook on how to write SEO content and created an e-course on it, people started thinking of me as some kind of SEO guru. Me? A guru? Certainly not the way I’d describe myself, but hey, I’ll take it!

2. Allows You to Help More in Less Time

By sharing your knowledge in an ecourse, you’re able to help many more people than just those who might approach you individually looking for advice on something.

Also, in a course, you’re able to be much more thorough. You can share things that those who take your course would never even know to ask simply because “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Hence, you can’t ask questions about it.

3. Increases Your Earnings

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I earn the most from my own info products these days, giving me another viable income stream as an online entrepreneur.

You can still promote the products and services of others as an affiliate marketer, but it never hurts to diversify your income. And you know what? As a freelance writer, this has given me the flexibility to not only work only on projects that I really want to work on, but raise my freelance writing rates (significantly in some cases) as well.

4. Makes It Easier to Promote Other Products & Services

Piggybacking on the last point, when you create your own course, it becomes easier to promote other products and services. How?

Well, for example, I host my courses on Teachable. I became an affiliate for them because I use the platform, like it and can knowledgeably write about the pros and cons of it. Also, many of the tools that you use to successfully promote your course(s) are tools almost every online entrepreneur needs, eg:

And the more your online business grows, the more tools you’ll run across that you can seamlessly promote. For example, I’m big into Pinterest now because it’s a relatively easy way to drive massive amounts of site traffic. One of the tools I’m using to automate it is Boardbooster. To find keywords for blog posts to help me get more organic site traffic, I sometimes use this keyword tool.

See how creating your own course can lead to so many more opportunities as an affiliate marketer?

5. Allows You to Capitalize on the Popularity of Elearning

I created my first online course in 2006. Although e-learning has been growing for years, back then, it was still kind of new. People who wanted to take the class routinely wanted a book.

I remember spending over $100 at a Kinko’s in Atlanta having copies of my SEO writing course printed and bound so that I could send them to students who had requested them. Then, I had to go to the post office and mail them off. What a pain! Not to mention the expense. Now though, people “get” e-learning, and when you consider the following stats, it’s no wonder:

Elearning Statistics

  • eLearning is one of the fastest growing industries, and it continues to grow rapidly. Since the year 2000, the market growth rate has been 900%.
  • The Research Institute of America found that eLearning increases retention rates 25% to 60% while retention rates of face-to-face training are very low in comparison: 8% to 10%.
  • According to a Brandon-Hall Study, learning through e-learning typically requires 40% to 60% less employee time than learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting. This is because it can be performed asynchronously and whenever the student needs it.

And one more thing, with the explosion of the popularity and affordability of all kinds of mobile devices, this trend is only going to continue.

6. Makes It Easy to Pre-Sell

If you have a higher-priced product you want to promote, one of the easiest ways to do it is to create a free ecourse. In it, you can overcome the objections a potential buyer might have, eg, it’s too expensive, it’s too complicated, I don’t have time, etc.

Whatever excuse someone has, in the free ecourse, you can walk them through overcoming it– and boom, you have another customer. Not only that, you grow your subscriber list. And we all know the power of a list, right?

7. Opens Doors You’d Never Dream Of

I got a publishing contract because an editor ran across this website, was impressed with my credentials, and offered me a book deal in her very first email. Think the fact that I’d self-published several ecourses and over 50 ebooks had something to do with it?

I’ve had digital marketing firms hire me to write lead-generating ebooks for their seminars and e-courses. Think the fact that I’ve written ebooks and developed/teach ecourses of my own gave them confidence that I could get the job done had something do do with it?

This year, I formed a JV partnership with another freelancer where we bundled our freelance writing ecourses to sell together. Think the fact that because I’ve written several books on SEO and have been teaching an ecourse on it since 2009 had something to do with it?

FYI, my partner is an expert on how to land lucrative gigs on Upwork as a freelance writer. In fact, she once landed a $50,000 editing gig and has worked with hundreds of clients on the site. In just 18-months, she left her teaching job and became a six-figure freelance writer — mainly due to the amount of work she landed on Upwork.

4 Ways Creating My SEO Writing Ecourse Changed My Life

When you put together a course and people take it, they talk. They share it on social media. They discuss it in online forums and groups. They talk about it in videos on YouTube. Hopefully, what they’re spreading is positive feedback. This grows your influence even more.

And creating an online course couldn’t be easier these days — or more lucrative. As I said before, I’ve been teaching my SEO copywriting course since 2009. It’s sold for as much as $1,497, and has given scores of wannabe freelance writers the knowledge they need to get their business up and going, and to branch out and create other income streams if they want. What do I mean?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve heard me say, “Knowing SEO changed my life because it taught me how to market online.” Because of that I was able to:

(i) Write and Sell More Ebooks

Back then, I used article marketing a lot to promote my ebooks. Knowing how to write copy that was properly SEO’d got me on the front page of Google — for years — for certain keyword phrases, which made it easy to find me (and my books and ecourses).

(ii) Create and Sell Ecourses

As mentioned above, I created my first e-course in 2006; it was a general one on how to start a freelance writing career. In 2009, I created the e-course that took my career to another level earnings wise — the SEO copywriting ecourse.

My blog readers practically begged me for almost 2 years to create one after I blogged about the success I was having writing SEO content (which I started doing in 2007). Even though I wrote an ebook on how to write SEO content in 2007, some wanted more hands-on training. In 2009, I created the e-course and have been selling it ever since.

(iii) Create Other Income Streams

In 2008, I got into affiliate marketing — my first product was promoting an ebook one of my sisters wrote on the foreclosure industry. Foreclosures were a hot topic back then, and one day, I earned $900 in sales from that one product.

This made me even more curious about affiliate marketing and I started promoting other products — some I found on Clickbank; some of my own; and of course, my sister’s ebook. I dibbled and dabbled in affiliate marketing for years after this, finally getting serious about it in 2015, and finally launching my affiliate marketing site in 2017.

(iv) Increase Site Traffic

Knowing search engine optimization (SEO) taught me the importance of growing site traffic. Without traffic, no matter how good your product or service is, if nobody knows about it, you’re not going to make good (or hardly any) money. Yeah, you might luck up and get a few sales here and there. But to make a sustainable, full-time income online, you need eyeballs on your blog.

Now that I’m “all in” with affiliate marketing, I’ve been working on growing my site traffic — setting (and meeting) site traffic goals I never even dreamed was possible before. And really, I never placed too much emphasis on it because with a thriving freelance writing career, the bulk of my income came from clients.

Nowadays though, that’s totally reversed. Almost all of my income comes from my own products and services, and from affiliate products I promote. You need site traffic for that. But if I’d never learned SEO, I wouldn’t have this growing income stream (affiliate marketing), and I would have never put so much effort into growing this site’s traffic.

This site has loyal readers (and I thank goodness for each and every one of you every day), but pushing myself to grow it even larger is exhilarating. And, in my affiliate marketing Facebook group, I’m sharing my journey, helping others to achieve dreams they never thought they could. So it’s been so rewarding on so many levels.


Bottom line — when you create something of your own from scratch, it puts you head and shoulders above the competition because most people never hunker down and do the kind of detailed work it takes to put together an e-course.

And I’m not here to BS you, putting together a course is a lot of work. There are many courses out there that tout you can “create an ecourse in one day.” Oh I don’t think so buddy!

While you may be able to create an outline for a course in one day, it’s practically impossible to create a valuable online course in one day in my opinion. There’s research, writing, editing, copy editing, proofreading and sourcing graphics. This alone can be weeks worth of work. It doesn’t have to take that long, but you’re not about to create an online ecourse in just 24 hours; not one that’s worth charging people for, that’s for sure.

It requires some elbow grease, but as the litany of reasons discussed above underscore, creating your own ecourse can really catapult your career to levels you never dreamed of. And if you create one that’s evergreen, it can earn you money practically on autopilot for years.

Start Your Own Online School

Also, software to create ecourses and host them is everywhere these days, like Teachable. Via this platform, not only does it give your class an uber-professional look, it makes it easy for students to sign up and for you to keep the material updated. When you create a class on this platform, you create your own “school,” and you can create as many classes (e-courses) as you want. How cool is that?!

Another benefit of Teachable is that students can log in from any mobile device 24/7/365. And did I mention that it’s free to get started with them? Yep, it is! It’s how I started my school — with the free plan. When Teachable hosts your school, students don’t have to contact you about things like lost files or updated course info. They can log in via their own secure portal whenever they want, and all the updated info is right there in front of them.

Even if you only create an ecourse once in your life, in my opinion, you owe it to yourself as a mobile entrepreneur to give it a shot. You never know where it could lead.

P.S.: Easily Create & Start Selling Your First Online Course

I’ve been in the “information selling” business since 2002 (starting with ebooks), and have created four e-courses.

Over the years, I’ve been asked by many interested in creating their own information products how to go about developing and launching an online course. Especially the last few years, this way of making money has exploded online — and who better to capitalize on it than freelance writers.

The Best Time to Create a Course

Summer is a great time to create a course, so when the busy fall season rolls around, you can start reaping the rewards of sales. 🙂


Included with the course is the free report, 5 Things I’ve Learned from Selling Ecourses Online Since 2008 That Can Help You Earn More. With each e-course you create, you learn (and ostensibly earn) more. These are some mistakes you don’t have to make, giving you a jumpstart in your e-course creation career.

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