Could Using Controversy Ruin Your Freelance Writing Career Before It Even Gets Started?

Controversial Blogging/Writing: Advice for Freelance Writers

Written by Niall Roche

When you’re creating content for your clients, you have a couple of choices in terms of the writing style you can use, including everything from conversational all the way through to a more formal style of content writing. Obviously if you’re putting together something like a white paper, or technical training document for a client, then you’re best sticking to a formal style of writing.

Why Controversial Writing Is One of the Best Kinds of “Sticky” Content

If, on the other hand, you’re creating web content that you want people to stick around and read, then conversational writing is the best way to achieve that goal. You’ll probably find that most of your current clients are looking for a conversational tone of writing, simply because that’s the most effective writing style for publishing online.

Styles of Controversial Blogging/Writing

There are, however, a couple of sub-styles within the conversational writing style that you can use. Actually by changing the order of the letters in the word “conversational” we’ll get to the heart of today’s subject which is using a controversial writing style…and whether or not this is actually a good idea.

Controversial Blogging/Writing: Advice for Freelance WritersIf you look at the most popular pieces of content online — ones which get massive levels of exposure — you’ll notice that they’re usually pretty controversial, offensive and just totally in your face.

The Apologetic Controversial Writer: Now some writers accidentally court controversy and immediately regret the piece they’ve just written, never wanting all that attention.

The Devious, In-Your-Face, Controversial Writer: Other writers though are far more devious, knowing that a single blog post written to troll your readers can get tens of thousands of visitors.

Writing controversial content for your own blog isn’t an issue – it can even be a good thing because of the viral nature of that type of content.

The Biggest Obstacle to Writing Controversial Content: Overcome It & You’re Golden

The big problem with using controversy in any writing you do for clients though is that it’s a very fine line between being controversial and being outright offensive. So what seems like a clever and witty way for you to attract attention to your client’s blog could wind up having the exact opposite effect instead, losing them clients or even landing them in legal hot water.

Why most writers are tempted to use a controversial tone now and again is because the internet is stuffed full of boring, badly written, bland, flat and uninspiring content. It’s full of the same people writing about the same stuff, in the same way – day in and day out.

The vast majority of websites look and sound the exact same in terms of the tone of their content. Being controversial is you chomping against the bit and trying to flex your writing muscle — an understandable reaction.

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Freelance Writers: When to Write Controversial Content for Your Client(s)

So should you write controversial content for your clients? Only with their express and prior approval guys – otherwise you run the risk of not only losing a client, but also damaging your reputation as a professional freelancer too.

It might be fun pissing people off now and again, but you gotta be careful how you go about doing that!

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