How to Get 1 Million Pageviews on Your Blog: 10 Things Mega-Successful Bloggers Do

To get 1 million pageviews on your blog may seem impossible, especially if you’re just starting out. How do you do it? What steps do you take first? That’s what this post discusses; detailing 10 things you can start doing — today — to grow your blog to the magic 1,000,000 pageviews mark….

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How One Freelance Writer Earns Thousands per Month as a Facebook Ads Consultant

Facebook advertising consultant training; you can pretty easily earn $1,000 to $2,000 per month (per client) with this type of knowledge. This post discusses why in detail, and what kind of training to get to confidently offer this service….

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Freelance Writers: 6 Reasons to Become a Pinterest VA (Hint: It Pays Well!)

In freelance writing, there are going to be dry spells; it’s just the nature of the industry. But they don’t have to be long, and they don’t have to be frequent – if you market consistently. However, there’s another way to mitigate freelance writing dry spells. What is it?

Diversifying your income streams. If you’ve hung around this blog for any amount of time, you know I have several ways I make money online. And that’s why I preach it ad nauseam on this blog….

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Get More Site Traffic Using Pinterest: How I Got a 4K Page View Traffic Jump in One Day

I continue to be a Pinterest crackhead! In fact, my addiction has deepened. And as Amy Winehouse once sang, “I don’t wanna go to rehab … I say no, no, no.” This high is too delicious; too good; too awesome to give up! Why? Because Pinterest drives site traffic; that’s why. Tons of it! And, it’s relatively easy to get on the traffic bandwagon using the site. Following is how/why….

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Get More Blog Traffic Using Pinterest – WITHOUT Using Any Automation Tools – in Just 10-15 Minutes/Day

If you want to get more blog traffic using Pinterest, here’s some insight from a mini case study I did that will definitely help. Let me just state right up front — I’m a Pinterest crackhead! Yep, that just about accurately describes how addicted I am to the site. …

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Social Media Consulting: 11 Freelancers Reveal 12 Ways They Landed Their First Client

This post discusses a dzen ways freelancers can find social media clients. It came about rather routinely. You see, I have probably half a dozen freelance writers that I stay in touch with on a regular basis. When I say regular, I mean every three, five or six months, they’ll email me updates about how their businesses are going. …

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The Social Media Marketing Bible for Freelance Writers: Earn Thousands in Additional Income by Adding Social Media to Your List of Services

The authors of this ebook are freelance writers who kind of fell into managing social media accounts for their clients. …

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Social Media Consulting and SEO Writing Ebook Special

Add to Cart Get all three ebooks now at a discount — only $59.95.

If you want to start a career as a freelance social media consultant / SEO writer and start landing jobs almost immediately, this ebook package gives you everything you need.

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The One Service Freelance Writers Should Be Offering in 2016 — Are You?

Another year is almost upon us … can you believe? If you’re a freelance writer – especially if you specialize in providing online copy – the one type of writing you should bone up on and offer to clients is social media writing. Why? …

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A Day in the Life of an American Freelancer Living the Good Life in Thailand: How & Why She Made the Move

By Nina Lewis

A Word from the Publisher: This is a “trade off” post I did with social media marketing expert, Nina Lewis. We first talked about trading stories on our blogs this past summer since we both get so many questions about how and why we, as Americans, made the decision to live and work abroad.

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