Affiliate Marketers: How to Write Headlines That Make Money NOW in 5 Easy Steps

Learning how to write headlines that get clicked will make you more money online. And that’s what this post is all about. It’s critical when you consider that almost 60 percent of people will read only the headline. …

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How to Write SEO Content — The RIGHT Way (ie, Using Google Guidelines)

Learning how to write SEO content — the right way — has evolved since this post was first written in 2011. The good thing is, the foundational basics haven’t changed all that much, as these 23 SEO writing guidelines Google published highlights….

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Guest Posting: 13 Tips for Becoming a Sought-After Blogger for High-Traffic Sites

Written by Karen Cioffi

The marketing winds have shifted people … if you’re a freelance writer and online marketer looking to broaden your reach and get more website traffic, a highly effective, free strategy to use is guest blogging.

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Guest Posting Guidelines: 12 Responsibilities of a Blog Publisher

When guest posting guidelines are discussed, usually they’re aimed at the content submitter. Here we’re going to discuss guest posting guidelines as they relate to blog publishers. Why?…

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5 Things Every Freelance SEO Writer Can Do to Earn More – Immediately in Some Cases

I’ve been writing SEO content since 2007 – even though I’ve been freelancing since 1993. It’s one of the fastest growing fields in freelance writing, and most of this has to do with content marketing. This was true when I first wrote this post at the end of 2013, and it’s true almost four years later….

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Why I Deleted Almost Half of My Email List Subscribers & You Probably Should Too

I don’t care if you’re an affiliate marketer, a freelance writer, an e-course developer or a self-published author — if you do business online, one of the first things you learn pretty quickly is, “The money is in the list.” As in, your email list. Ostensibly, the more email subscribers you have, the more money you should earn….

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SEO Writing Rates: How to Determine What to Charge as an Online Writer

In preparation for Freelance Writer’s Technology Month, I spent a solid week doing research into how to really make money online. It was eye opening on several levels. One of the areas I read about in great deal was content development. Of course, this covered article marketing. What I found surprised me to a certain degree….

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How to Get Loads of High-Quality Traffic to Your Site — Fast & Free!

The following is a guest post by Pete Williams.

Publisher Note: When Pete reached out to me about guest posting, I asked him to give me a post that was “actionable, ie, steps they [freelance writers] can take … Again, I want it to be something they feel was so good that they’d refer back to it again and again.”…

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Writing SEO Content: 5 Ways Learning How to Do It Can Increase Your Online Income (Like It Did for Me)

Recently, I earned almost $1,100 in just under 48 hours. The reason I mention it here is because I earned that money due to my knowledge of SEO – which has helped me to make a living completely online since 2007; from Jamaica since 2013. …

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Social Media Consulting: 11 Freelancers Reveal 12 Ways They Landed Their First Client

I have probably half a dozen freelance writers that I stay in touch with on a regular basis. When I say regular, I mean every three, five or six months, they’ll email me updates about how their businesses are going. …

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Freelance Writers: How to Write MUCH Better Copy

Next month, I’ll be turning my attention back to getting my internet marketing site up. I’ve dibbled and dabbled in internet marketing since 2008, even publishing an internet marketing newsletter for a couple of years geared toward newbies….

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Freelance Writers: 4 Reasons to Brand Your Blog & How to Go About It

The following is a guest post by Jennifer Brown Banks.

There’s no doubt about it — most freelance writers recognize the benefits of blogging to help build a platform and elevate their online status. This is substantiated by the fact that there are over 33,000,000 “writers blogs,” according to the results of a recent Google search.

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