How to Build a Stable, Second Freelance Writing Income

If you’ve hung around Inkwell Editorial for any amount of time, you know that I’m a big believer in freelance income diversification. This all started when I worked in corporate America.

6 Reorgs in 10 Years

I worked for a legal publisher in New York City for a decade (Matthew Bender). The company went on to be bought by the conglomerate that owns LexisNexis. As an aside, I’m a HUGE Law & Order franchise fan (Law & Order: SVU is my favorite). At the end of each episode in the credits, you’ll see the name LexisNexis.

The books are often used as sources by legal consultants on the series. And somewhere out there, some old copies of those books have my name listed as the Copy and/or Production Editor (my line of books was Banking Law). But, I digress.

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No Job Is SafeHow to Diversify Your Freelance Writing Income by Writing Romance

The reason I mention Matthew Bender is that I worked for the company off and on for 10 years in the early 90s through early 2000’s. And you know what?

I went through 10 reorgs (reorganizations). With each reorg came layoffs, buyouts and outright firings. I learned first-hand that no job is safe.

Income Diversification = Freelance Security

The average millionaire has 7 streams of income. I don’t know how true this is, but when I read it, I immediately thought of Sir Richard Branson — yeah, the one of Virgin fame.

The man has how many different businesses?!

I started freelancing on the side while I worked full-time, and since 2007, I’ve been freelancing full-time. One of the things that’s allowed me to continue to freelance full-time is income diversification.

Every freelance writer goes through dry spells; nothing abnormal about that. But what I learned from my corporate days was to look for ways to diversify.

3 Ways I Make Money Writing

In 2002, I started self-publishing ebooks. In 2010, over half my income came from my self-publishing efforts (ecourses and ebooks). Nowadays, it’s over 95 percent.

In 2008, I started dibbling and dabbling in affiliate marketing. In 2016, I took a course that’s allowed me to formulate a plan to earn five figures ($10,000+)  per month — just from blogging.

And, I also create and teach e-courses. One of my most popular is this SEO writing ecourse, which I first created and started selling in 2009.”How to Make Money Writing Romance” is my latest.

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Earning $3,200 in One Month Writing Romance

How to Make Money Writing RomanceIn 2013, I wrote my first romance novel. One month, I earned $3,200 — just from sales of those short romance novels.

I recount all this to underscore that because of my various income streams, I never worry about having to go back to corporate America. I’m diversified enough that if one income stream starts to dip, I can rely on others to maintain.

There’s Good Money in Writing Romance

I have to say, out of all of my income streams, writing romance is one of the most predictable. Predictable in the sense that there’s a hungry audience who are avid readers and buyers.

If you tap into that market, you can make a s**tload of money — without ever selling thousands of books per month. You’ll learn how and why in this free ecourse.

If this way of making money as a writer appeals to you even a little, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Again, it’s free and after you finish, you’ll have a very clear idea if this type of writing is for you.

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Free Ecourse: How to Make Money Writing Romance

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