Blogging Tips: One Way to Breathe New Life Into Old Posts

Today is “Throwback Thursday” at Inkwell Editorial. What is this?  

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I’ve been pumping out info for years — literally over a decade. But, I didn’t start blogging until 2005. I started on blogger and have over 500 posts there — 4+ years of material.

Freelance Writing Help: Breathing New Life Into Old Posts  

From time to time I’ll get comments on the blog, which I have to go in and approve or reject. Usually, I wind up reading a few posts as I’m updating the comments and I find myself saying, “There’s a lot of relevant information here that’s buried.”  

blogging-tipSo that’s why I’m implementing “Throwback Thursdays.” It’s to bring you relevant info about freelancing you may have missed if you discovered the blog/website say, only a year or two ago.  

A second reason is, it gets me on a schedule to finally migrate all of the pages still stuck in the old design and on the old blog into this site’s new design.  

So enjoy today’s throwback post, which is Do You Make More Money as an Editorial Freelancer When You Specialize? It was written in Feb 2005, but is still relevant – as I talked about in a more recent post, Freelance Writing Job: One Secret to Becoming a Six Figure Writer (Dec 2009).  

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There’s a sign-up box on every page of InkwellEditorial.com — right-hand side of the page. Use this to subscribe to both sites (InkwellEditorial.com and SeoWritingJobs.com). When you subscribe, you immediately receive the most recent posts from both sites, as well as all previous posts.

Recent posts you may have missed by not being a subscriber include:

Why I Turned Down a $2,000 – $3,000 Freelance Writing Job That Could Have Led to Even More Work and

How to Land More Clients by Making Your SEO Writing Stand Out from Others.

I look forward to having you as a subscriber. 

Enjoy today’s throwback post!

Yuwanda, Publisher

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