Freelance Writers: 6 Reasons to Become a Pinterest VA (Hint: It Pays Well!)

In freelance writing, there are going to be dry spells; it’s just the nature of the industry. But they don’t have to be long, and they don’t have to be frequent – if you market consistently. However, there’s another way to mitigate freelance writing dry spells. What is it?

Diversifying your income streams. If you’ve hung around this blog for any amount of time, you know I have several ways I make money online. And that’s why I preach it ad nauseam on this blog.

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I have several income streams: eg, ecourse developmentself-publishing ebooks, affiliate marketing, and writing for clients (although I don’t do a lot of that much anymore – largely thanks to the growth of my self-publishing income).

 A Freelancer’s SEO Writing Success Story: An Update

In this post, we followed a freelance writer who was kind enough to give us the nitty gritty details on starting her SEO writing career. She told us what happened every step of the way – from getting her website, to landing her first client.

I’ve updated that post a couple of times since uploading it; this is the third update.

This freelance emailed me last week to let me know that she’d picked up yet another client; this time it involved helping with social media. I’ve been saying for years that this is a service that freelance writers should add to their offerings. But, I digress. She wrote:

I also picked up another client over the weekend (God’s been so faithful after all the doubts and setbacks). This one isn’t a writing client, but a social media management client. A Pinterest strategist and coach (who is killing it right now with her Pinterest VA business), needed help managing her clients’ accounts, so she just hired me to help her. Super excited about that, because Pinterest is seriously taking over. I know I can learn a lot from her!

She’s right – Pinterest is exploding! Following is why, and why you should add it to your freelance writer list of services.

Rates for a Pinterest manager can go as high as $75-$100/hour. Click To Tweet

6 Reasons to Become a Pinterest VAFreelance Writers: 6 Reasons to Become a Pinteerst VA

1. Pinterest Is an In-Demand Service

As the stats in my site traffic growth from the use of Pinterest highlights, it’s in-demand because it works. Following are some interesting Pinterest stats:

  • 150 million active users
  • 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest
  • Half of Pinterest users earn $50K or more per year, with 10 percent earning more than $125K.
  • 30% of all US social media users are Pinterest users.
  • 60% of Pinterest users are from US.
  • 93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest.

Can you see why businesses want to represented on Pinterest.

What many don’t realize about Pinterest is that it’s not a social media site; it’s actually a search engine – a visible search engine if you will. And it brings load and loads of traffic IF you use it consistently.

Well, many businesses are simply too busy to figure out how to use it effectively, so they gladly outsource it – to Pinterest VAs like you!

FYI, learn more about how businesses use Pinterest to make money.

2. It Pays Well

According to Pinterest VA course creator Gina Horkey (who’s been a Pinterest VA herself), the rate for an absolute beginner may start at $15-20/hour, while the rates for a Pinterest manager can go as high as $75-$100/hour.

3. It’s an Easy Add-On Service

If you already freelance, it’s an easy, needed service that’s easy to upsell. You already write content for clients; offering to distribute it for them is not even selling. It’s just … asking.

Also, once they see their traffic start to grow, they’ll wonder, “How the heck is she doing that?!” It’ll make them more loyal to you than ever.

4. It’s Less Time Consuming Than Writing

I remember the first social media management client I landed. I was hired to update their Twitter account with 6-8 times per day, 5 days a week. I charged $249/month (this was a few years ago).

It was some of the easiest money I ever made as a freelance writer. I used pre-scheduling tools like HootSuite to get it done, which meant I only spent a few hours per month actually in the account.

Becoming a Pinterest VA Is an Easy Way to Give Yourself a Raise!

This is because you spend less time completing tasks — many of which can easily be automated.

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5. You Can Do It from Anywhere

Like freelance writing, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection, and you’re good to go.

6. It’s Inexpensive to Start

If you’re already familiar with Pinterest and know how to drive traffic using it, then you can start marketing for clients right away. But if you want in-depth training that will help you confidently land clients quickly and easily – and charge a premium for your services – this Pinterest VA Training can’t be beat.

This course has limited enrollment. The next open enrollment is November 17th to 20th. Get on the waitlist to be notified.


It took me a while to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon, but that’s because I didn’t realize how truly amazing it is for increasing site traffic. And to be perfectly honest, it took a minute to grasp the inner-workings of it.

But once I did, I could have kicked myself! Although I’m active on several social media sites (eg, Facebook, Twitter), Pinterest is the only one I’m vested in these days because the results are just incredible.

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