Freelance Writers: Here’s One of the Fastest, Easiest Ways to Build a 6-Figure Biz

Freelance writer Laura Pennington, who’s been featured on this blog tons of times, built a six-figure freelance writing business in just 18 months. She was working a job, which she admits had her living paycheck to paycheck, and she had no previous freelance writing experience; no contacts she could leverage to get a jump start.

She literally started from scratch by googling how to become a freelance writer. That was in 2012. Eighteen months later, she was earning six figures – primarily writing online (SEO) content. And oh yeah, she quit her full-time job – and hasn’t looked back since.

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Now, she’s the one during the hiring – of virtual assistants (VAs) to help her grow her biz, and other freelance writers whom she outsources jobs to.

So how did she do it? What is the secret to her success? In a word – retainer; as in putting clients on retainer.

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How to Quickly Stabilize Your Income as a Freelance Writer

As Laura points out in new audio she added to our combined courses (The New Freelance Writer Starter Pack), she moves as many clients to a retainer-based working agreement as possible. In this new course material, she explains exactly how she does it, eg, discussing:How to Quickly Become a Six-Figure Freelance Writer

  • How to discover client pain points to make it easier to up-sell them to paying a retainer;
  • How to turn one-off job clients into retainer-based clients;
  • How to find clients on freelance marketplaces like Upwork who are already looking to pay retainers (even ones who don’t realize that this is what they need);
  • How to price your retainer-based services; and
  • So much more.

My Experience Working on Retainer as a Freelance Writer

Over the years, I’ve had quite a few clients that I worked with on retainer. A couple of examples:

Over $700/Month Writing Blog Posts

An energy company hired me to write daily blog posts. Back then, I was only charging $35 per post, but they wanted five posts a week (M-F), so it was a “I can count on $752.50/month” ($35/post x 5 days/wk x 4.3 weeks in a month) from one client deal.

I’d batch write the posts, usually spending one day to write a week’s worth and I’d send all posts for the upcoming week at one time.

Over $1,000/Month Writing Blog Posts & Managing Social Media

Another client hired me to write content for their blog and update their Twitter account. It was the same thing – daily blog content, plus the social media account management. I only charged $249/month to update their Twitter account and again, I was charging $35/pop for 400 to 500-word daily posts.

This was for a media company out of Australia. So that client was worth almost $1,100 month. By the way, I worked with both of these clients on a long-term basis: the Australian company for about 18 months; and the energy company (I think they were out of Texas) for almost a year.

A Guaranteed $10,000/Month as a Freelance Writer

Just between these two clients, that was almost $2,000 per month in retainer work – and again, my rates were so low. Nowadays, of course, I charge much more.

And Laura – well, she routinely gets retainers for much more (like 5G’s eg, $5,000/month)! Can you imagine two clients guaranteeing you an income of $10,000/month? That alone makes you a six-figure writer. Laura’s had clients she’s worked with on retainer for two, three and four years. Again, it’s one of the reasons she’s able to consistently earn six figures per year.

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Learn How to Get Retainer-Based Clients – for Free

Again, this new audio content is an add-on to The New Freelance Writer Starter Pack course. If you’ve already purchased the course, it’s free. If you purchase the course now – it’s free. One of the reasons I host my e-courses on Teachable is because students get lifetime access to all updates – for free. And you don’t have to do anything – just log in and the material is there.

P.S.: What Are You Waiting For? If Not Now, When?

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