Article Marketing in 2013: How I Got – and Continue to Stay – on the First Page of Google

If you’re shaking your head going, “Who uses article marketing anymore?”, before you make any final decisions about this form of internet marketing, hear me out.

Getting on the First Page of Google – and Staying There – for Years

I use article marketing to promote all of my products and services online, ie, ebooks, e-classes and SEO writing company.

As I’ve relayed before, I’ve used article marketing to get on the first page of Google – and stay there for as long as four years — for some keyword phrases pertinent to my niches, eg, SEO writing; SEO writing company; and sell ebooks online, to name three.

The main reasons I’m able to consistently rank well in search engines like Google is because I: (i) write a lot of articles; (ii) do my keyword research; and (iii) distribute the articles I write in a variety of places on the web.


Where I Distribute My Articles

On my personal article directory;

On PrLog.com; and

Via my social media outlets, which can be found on the About page.

Article Marketing Tips for 2013

FYI, my post over at e-Junkie.info this week dispenses some tips on how to be effective at article marketing this year, but I just wanted to add a few more things, namely . . .

Article Marketing Insight for 20131. Look at the Facts & Act: I think many online marketers dismiss article marketing because it is well . . . old school. It’s not fancy like social media or video marketing. And it’s a lot of work (another reason I think many don’t take to it so easily).

But the facts prove that when marketing with articles is done right, it is extremely effective. Once you believe that it works, then you’re more likely to invest in it for the long haul, which brings me to my next tip which is to . . .

2. Schedule It: Like any marketing you do, you have to make marketing with articles a habit; part of your daily/weekly/monthly routine. I try to do at least one a week. Sometimes I fail and may go a few weeks without putting out anything new.

But then I’ll double down and write three or four in one week. The bottom line for me is continuing to put out a “body of content” so that when web surfers go to Google, I pop up in relevant search results.

3. Live Up to Your Title: Have you ever clicked on an article, only to be disappointed because it didn’t live up to its title? I hate it when this happens, don’t you? It wastes my time and turns me off – big time.

Many article marketers come up with a great title to draw web surfers in, but then they don’t deliver on it.  Don’t do this. It will only piss off the reader and you can bet you won’t be generating any leads or making any sales.

P.S.: Join me in Jamaica in April and learn how to start a high-paying career as an SEO writer. FYI, article marketing is a relatively easy service to sell prospective clients as an SEO writer.


I happen to love article marketing. The main reason is it allows me to answer reader questions in a way that helps many others. Also, there’s a lot of junk on the web. I try to share beneficial information — learned from first-hand experience in many cases. In short, I strive to do my part to make the web a better place for those who are looking for honest information.

How about you?

Share Your Thoughts on Article Marketing

Do you like article marketing? Have you tried it? Do you think it works, or not? Have any article marketing tips to share? Come one – share in the comments section below.

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ArticleMarketingP.S.: I’ve written well over 1,000 articles and earn 4 figures per month selling information products (ebooks) online. This is one of my favorite online marketing strategies.  Why? Because it works! It drives web traffic and sales for years. And, it’s something anyone can do.

This ebook details how to market via this medium – the right way.

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    1. @Tenisha:

      I’ve never used Distribute Your Articles (DYA). They were an offshoot of ArticleMarketer.com, which split into 2 companies (ContentCrooner.com (CC) and DYA). I used CC for almost 2 yrs before they inexplicably shut down last spring and never came back up.

      As for EzineArticles (EZ), I recently started using them again (just this week actually), as my favorite article directory, IdeaMarketers.com, went offline too last fall. I got good traffic from EZ; I stopped using them for a year and a half though b/c they were just so much more cumbersome to submit to than, for example, IdeaMarketers.

      Now that I’ve started using EZ again though, I’ve accepted their “rules” and take it for what it’s worth. I simply rewrite articles I post to my own directory, so it’s not like I’m giving away content — I look at it as just adding to my online brand, so it all works out.

      Learn more about my views on article marketing in the following posts:



      Hope this helps.

    2. Damien Kucinskas says:

      For my favourite writer, Happy New Year 2013 !!

    3. Yuwanda, interested to know your opinion about article sites like Distribute Your Articles and eZine.com? I’ve spent $30 a month on Distribute Your Articles and I’m reevaluating whether I should keep it. eZine, from what I’ve heard, has changed up things in recent years so it’s not the article powerhouse that it used to be.

    4. @Michael:

      Thanks for sharing your experience with article marketing.

      You hit the nail on the head when you said “quality articles.” That’s the key I think many miss when article marketing is talked about because there is so much junk out there that masquerades as “marketing with articles.”

      Quality content rules — always has; always will.

      Continued success to you in your endeavors as well.

    5. Hi Yuwanda:

      Yes, I use article marketing for my writing and affiliate marketing businesses. I find that quality articles relevant to my niches does bring in new traffic that I otherwise would not have garnered. I enjoy the article writing and distributing to various article directories. My plan is to be doing more article marketing in 2013 than ever before.

      Thanks for the informative post and all the best to you and your endeavors!



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