An Ebook Publishing Failure Story: My Quest to Publish 50 Ebooks on Amazon This Year, Part II

Looks like the initial post I did on writing and selling ebooks on Amazon is going to turn into a series – one that’ll last until the last day of this year. So this is Part II. FYI, you can see links to all entries in this ebook writing series at the end of this post.

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This Week’s Ebook Writing Progress

Another Friday night finds me at the computer working on an ebook. Usually on Fridays, I close up early to work out, eat out, bar hop, etc. It’s amazing what happens once you get super focused though – plans have to change; how you use your time has to change.

So here I am on a Friday evening – working instead of bar hopping (although, I am about to pop downstairs and grab a glass of wine).

Finding Time to Write

This week, I completed 90% of a new ebook.

write-and-sell-ebooks-on-amazonOne of the things I did last weekend was develop a writing schedule that I must adhere to in order to reach my goal by year’s end. So, my goal is to finish an ebook a week.

My plan is to start a new title on Monday, and have it finished and uploaded by the following Sunday.

So, I’ll be working tomorrow. Gonna get up early in the morning to finish the writing and will probably save editing and creating the cover for Sunday. So, yeah, it’s gonna be some long weeks.

My New Ebook: What’s It About

This one is tentatively titled, How I’ve Made My Living Completely Online Since 2007 & You Can Too!

It’s about how I make my living online. I detail my income streams, how much I make from each one, how I got into each one, how I’m growing them, stuff I need to do better, lessons I’ve learned along the way that can shorten the learning curve for you – and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Free Ebook; Very Cheap Ebook!

This ebook will be free to subscribers and will be sold on Amazon for Kindle for 99 cents.

My primary reason for writing this ebook is to grow my subscriber list; that’s why it’s priced this way on Amazon and will be offered as a freebie on this site.

Almost all extremely successful internet marketers agree that one of the best ways to do that is by offering a good freebie.

I figured this was a good title because the ebook will answer questions I get asked all the time about how I got started as an internet entrepreneur, and how others can do the same.

I don’t hold anything back – I tell tons of mistakes I’ve made (and continue to make), as well as what it takes to really succeed as a full-time internet entrepreneur.

I was so frustrated last week. But, I made up my mind that I just would not be defeated and have just soldiered on. And it paid off. I made great strides this week.

I haven’t finished a title since the social media marketing ebook I co-authored back in April – that’s almost two months.

So getting one almost completely done this week has me feeling pretty darn good about myself right now. Yes! “I’m the man, er, woman  . . .  I’m the woman.” [Back pat, back pat]

Another Tech Setback This Week

In spite of my ebook writing success this week, I feel like God is still testing me because I found out yesterday that two of my minisites had been hacked. I’ve been doing business on the web since 1999. This has never happened.

And, there went my minisite AdSense earnings. My tech guy is working to get this fixed now. Thank goodness for him! When I found out my sites had been hacked, I was like:

Man, what the f***! I can’t catch a break. Between the computer virus that killed my last laptop, losing 6 months worth of data and now this, my karma must be really whack!”

I don’t think I’ve ever had luck as bad as I have the past four months or so – ever.

coverBut I was raised a Christian so after my venting, I said a prayer, then got back down to work. I believe that everything happens for the better in the end – and in spite of all that’s happened I realize how extremely fortunate I am, so I’m just rolling with the punches. I guess my whole point is, sometimes, that’s all you can do.

How was your work week? Are you on track with your freelance writing goals? You can share in the comments section below.

Hope you have a fun weekend!

Shoutout! Thanks to Kel and Kimberly for such encouraging comments on last week’s post on this topic. It was just what my spirit needed. 🙂

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Share Your Ebook Selling Tips and Questions?

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