Affiliate Marketing Tip for Newbies: What to Do When You Get Rejected by an Affiliate Program

When you first start applying to a lot of affiliate programs — especially the biggies like CommissionJunction — you’re likely to be rejected for lack of traffic. Your blog will probably be new, so it’s totally understandable. But don’t despair, there is a way around this; or at least other things you can do to start making money in affiliate marketing in spite of this.

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Start with the Big, Easy Ones

I advise starting with affiliate programs like Amazon or Clickbank. Why?

About Amazon’s Affiliate Program

While you need a website/blog to get approved to Amazon’s program, but they’re less likely to turn you down for lack of traffic. All they want to see is a bona fide web presence (eg, a blog with some content on it).What to Do When You Get Rejected by an Affiliate Porgram

Apply to Amazon’s affiliate program here. Remember, get your blog up with some posts on it first though. You’ll be asked for its URL during the application process, so do this first. FYI, here’s some in-depth information on how to make money with Amazon’s affiliate program — lots of money!

Here’s how to get a blog set up on WordPress pretty quickly via HostGator, the hosting company I use and recommned.

About Clickbank’s Affiliate Program

As for Clickbank, you don’t need anything to get started; not even a blog. You can just open an affiliate account (it’s free), choose a product(s) to promote, and start promoting. Right about now you may be wondering, “But how do I start promoting products if I don’t have my own website?”

For years — even though I have a website (several in fact) — I’ve used the free classified ad site backpage to promote products. I used free blogging platforms like blogger to test products.

Note: Using free blogging platforms is something I do NOT recommend. I strongly, strongly urge you to get your own website hosted on its own domain. However, if you’re strapped for cash and just can’t even squeeze out the few dollars it costs to do this, selecting a product from Clickbank and promoting it via a free site is one way to get started for $0 in affiliate marketing.

As soon as you can though, I BEG YOU to get off the free platform and onto your own hosted site.

Selling a Product on Clickbank: What You Need to Know

In addition to promoting products that I find on the site as an affiliate, I sell one of my ebooks there. One affiliate consistently sells on average of 1-3 copies per week. I get half of each sale she makes. FYI, if you want to sell a product on the site, you have to create a seller’s account. At the time of this writing, it’s a $50 “activation fee,” but you can sell more than one product from that account.

Learn more about the pros and cons of selling ebooks (or other digital products) on Clickbank as a product creator.

Approved, but Still Rejected

Even if you get approved to a big affiliate marketplace like CommissionJunction, some companies INSIDE that marketplace have to approve you. For example, I applied to CheapTickets.com’s affiliate program. I wanted to promote it on the “Living in Jamaica” series here on this blog. I was denied. No reason was given and it was done almost instantly (sniff, sniff).

I didn’t sweat it so much. I also applied to Expedia and TripAdvisor’s affiliate program — both of which are run through CommissionJunction.

FYI, Attn: Travel Bloggers — 59+ Affiliate Marketing Programs for You

As this shows, there are plenty more “fish in the affiliate marketing sea” if one program rejects you.

2nd Chances: Reapplying to an Affiliate Program/Marketplace

You can always query the company directly to ask why they denied you if you’re rejected. Sometimes they get back to you; most times they likely won’t. Usually with biggies like CommissionJunction, it will take a week or so for them to respond, but it can be longer.

The point I want to leave you with is this — getting denied is all part of the affiliate marketing game. I’ve gotten rejected plenty of times, and I have a long-time blog with decent traffic and tons of content (almost 1,000 posts as of this writing). So, don’t get your feelings hurt if/when this happens.

Thanks to biggies like Amazon and Clickbank, there will always be an appropriate product or service you can find to promote and earn. Speaking of biggies that it’s easy to get accepted by …

An Easy Affiliate Marketplace to Get Accepted to That Offers More than 1 Way to Earn

One program I found it really easy to get accepted to is ShareaSale. Not only do you get paid on specific products you promote — and there are thousands — you’re also paid just for referring potential affiliates to the site ($1/lead).

Within the first month of signing up, I got a sale and earned some referral dollars. Not bad for just placing a few links on my website.

3 Affiliate Programs to Start With

So these are three affiliate programs you can start with as a beginner (Amazon, Clickbank and ShareaSale) and almost immediately get accepted. Remember to get your blog set up first. That’s your home on the web; where you’ll be sending traffic. It’s the foundation of your affiliate marketing business.

Good luck applying! Fingers crossed for tons of acceptances.

Til next time,

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    1. It’s a good idea to start with some guaranteed successes (with anything). It builds confidence and gets you off on the right step. Thanks for sharing these affiliate programs that are easy to get started with!

    2. I think so,Amazon affiliate marketing is the best marketing business of improving our monetize methods.
      It is one of the easiest ways to earn online from your blog without investment through blogging. Because Blogging is the only way of lucrative long term income.

      • Harish:

        True, but it does take a lot of work, ie, producing quality content consistently, promoting it (eg, via social media), and building your subscriber list.

        Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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