A Freelance Writer’s Life Abroad: Inside Peek at My Life as an American Living in Jamaica for a Year, Part XIX

My Visit to Little Bay, Jamaica: Fresh Fish, White Rum, Bob Marley’s House & More

Last weekend, I went on another little excursion here in Jamaica – to a local fisherman’s spot, “Gilbert on De Rock,” in Little Bay. Spent the day eating fish, drinking white rum (waaayyyy too much white rum), and just hanging out.  Never has doing a little of anything felt like doing so much of everything!

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About Little Bay, Jamaica

Little Bay is a little rustic community about 20 minutes south of Negril, where I live. It’s a beautiful place to fish, swim, meet nice people and just hang out.

Interesting Fact about Little Bay: Bob Marley had a vacation home in Little Bay. It was destroyed in a hurricane a few years back, but the ruins are still there as of today. And Little Bay has mineral springs, too. Not as well-known as the mineral springs of Bath Fountain that I told you about last week, but mineral springs nonetheless!

Learn more about Little Bay, Jamaica.

Where’s the Fun in Jamaica?

yuwandainlittlebayIt’s too bad that not many tourists take the time to explore outside of the major cities like Negril and Montego Bay. Most never even leave the infamous 7-mile beach in Negril. But it’s so worth it to see places like Little Bay.

One of the things I love about Jamaica is that fun can be had in the most out of the way, “non-fancy” spots. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of the fancy if that’s your speed (and it is mine a lot of the time too). But, to really experience Jamaica (or any other place really), getting to know the people is the fun part.

And boy, have I gotten to know the people!

Eating Fish Fresh from the Sea: My Excursion to Little Bay

Gilbert is a local fisherman (video). He literally goes out into the ocean in the back of his house with a handmade spear and catches and cooks fish every day. He cooks and sells it from this little rustic shop right beside his house.

gilbertfromlittlebayThe fish is cooked on an open flame right in the earth. It’s some of the best fish you’ll ever have.

Through a friend of mine, I’ve become friends with Gilbert. So usually, when we go up, we stop by the local fish market here in Negril and buy fish to take up.

Also, Gilbert likes it if you bring him a bottle of white rum (for friends, he’ll cook without charging you anything if you bring this).

So my friend and I went up for the day and had some fish, a heap of rum and an all-around good time.

THEN, we stopped by another little roadside bar owned by Killipuss and Shirley (pictured in photo below). It’s literally this tiny little hut by the road. But it seemed that everyone and their mother in the neighborhood gathered there this gorgeous Saturday evening and just talked, laughed, ate and drank.

JamaicanLove-ShirleyandLillipusBetween Gilbert’s, a couple of other stops and various friends of my friend and Killipuss’s and Shirley’s, I had waaayyyy too much rum that day.

But I also had one of the best times of my life. I hope you enjoy the pics and the video.

Getting to Little Bay from Negril

You can hire local taxis to take you there. Most will charge a group rate for you and some friends (if that’s the way you roll). One time I went with a group of friends and we paid like $500J each to get there. Then, we paid for food that Gilbert cooked, and of course the drinks.

A cab driver will hang out with you for 3-4 hours if you go up there, so you don’t have to worry about getting back. If you go, plan to make a day of it.

little-bay-jamaica-gilbertshouseNote: Gilbert’s is not an official tourist spot, so some cab drivers won’t know it. But if you ask them to take you to Little Bay and tell them that you’re looking for a spot called “Gilbert on Da Rock,” once you get to Little Bay, you’ll have no problem finding it because most people know Gilbert.

More Pic from My Day Trip to Little Bay, Jamaica

Here are a few more pics from this day trip: Rasta on the Rocks; Gilbert and his “Woman“; More views from the back of Gilbert’s House

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Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

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    1. Will do on the rum punch Sarah!

    2. Ok! I have been 6 times to Negril and I have never visited Little Bay!!! I’m Italian… My husband and I think about buying a house… We like a lot Lost Beach but we will go to see there also!We will be next time in Jamaica in November…
      Also drink a rum punch for us!!!
      God bless you!

    3. Yes, Sara, there is a Sandy beach in Little Bay. These pics are just from the back of Gilbert’s place, which is not public, of course. Just down the road, you’ll find a sandy beach to hang out — gorgeous and not a lot of people either.

    4. Is there a sandy beach to Little Bay?
      ps I have read all of your adventure in an evening…
      Bless up!!!

    5. Not sure Eco, but Little Bay is not that big, so you should have no problem finding him.

      Enjoy your trip here; you’re going to have a blast!

    6. I’ll be sure to check out Gilbert’s when I reach Little Bay in just a likkle over a month! Is he east or west of the fisherman’s beach?