4 Reasons to Start a Freelance Writing Business in 2014

It’s December of 2013 as I write this. This year, I know personally of three people who have lost jobs and several others who have been unemployed for a while, but are still looking. Of those who lost jobs — one was downsized from a high-paying job in publishing; the whole department had their jobs shipped overseas.

The other one received a noticed in early December that her last day on the job would be in a week, which was less than a week before Christmas.

The other quit because she wasn’t getting enough hours on her job to pay her bills.

Why do I point this out? Well because I’ve seen this scenario play out so many times over the years. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion. Losing a job (or the fear of doing so) – for whatever reason – was one of the reasons I started freelancing in 1993 and never really looked back.

Why Freelancing is the New Job Security in the 21st Century

I’ve said this plenty of times, but I think freelancing is the new form of job security. No longer can you get a job and hold onto it until you “pension out.” Your ‘pension’ may just be that side job you have, or that business you’ve grown and sold.

The Average Time an American Worker Spends on a Job

According to the About article, How Often Do People Change Jobs?:

The days when people held one job for all, or most, of their working life are gone. … Today, the average person changes jobs ten to fifteen times (with an average of 11 job changes) during his or her career, which means a good amount of time is spent changing employment.

So if you start working at age 20, and stop at the normal retirement age of 67, this means you’ll likely be changing jobs every four to five years for one reason or another. Does this sound like job security to you?

4 Good Reasons to Start Freelancing This Year (Even If It’s Part-Time)

This brings me to the first reason that freelance writing is an excellent business to start in 2014, even part-time (because you never know when your job may disappear).

Become a Freelance Writer in 2014

1. Job Security

I’ve been freelancing since 1993; full-time since 2007. This means I’ve held the same “job” full-time as a freelancer for six years as of this writing. This is longer than the average 9-to-5 worker statistically.

And this is why I argue that freelancing is the new form of job security. You see, as a freelance writer, I can’t be downsized. I can lose a client, which doesn’t affect my whole income. My income depends on many clients – not just one (employer).

 2. Growing Need

The need for online freelance writers is greater than ever, especially SEO writers.

One of the reasons for this is the proliferation of content marketing, as discussed in the Business 2 Community article, 2014 Trends in Freelance Writing: 6 Things Every Freelancer Should Know, where I wrote:

Practically every report you read about content marketing in some way touts how it’s growing by leaps and bounds. Companies are investing in it like never before. Proof?

Content Marketing Budgets

**54% of B2B marketers will increase their spend on content marketing over the next 12 months
**33% of B2B marketing budgets are now allocated to content marketing
**Companies with fewer than 10 employees allocate 42% of their marketing budget to content marketing
**Companies with over 1,000 employees allocate 24% of their marketing budget to content marketing

Many companies use freelance writers to meet the demand. Proof?

**1% of B2B marketers outsource all content creation and 43% use a combination of in-house and outsourced content creation
**65% of large companies outsource content creation and 44% overall outsource B2B content creation

3. It costs $0 to start

If you have a computer/laptop and an internet connection (as most do), you can start a freelance writing business – right from the comfort of home. You don’t even need a phone. Yep, it’s true. I can count the number of clients I’ve talked to via phone in the last six years on two hands.

Most communication is done via email. And if you do need to speak with a client, this can be done via free services like Skype and Google.

Learn more about how to start a freelance writing career for $0 — in less than 24 hours no less!

4. You can make good money

Freelance writers earn more than the average American worker. Proof? See the following statistics.

According to the U. S. Department of Labor, the median annual wage of writers and authors was $55,420 in 2010; or, $26.64 per hour. FYI, SEO writing — the kind my firm provides for most clients these days – pays more. The average salary for SEO writers as of December 31, 2013 was $60,000.

Median household income in 2012 was $51,017 a year, down from $51,100 in 2011. [Source: CNN Money, 15% of Americans living in poverty]

Contrast what freelance writers earn with the federal minimum wage, which is $7.25 as of this writing (2013), and you can see that writers earn significantly more.

A Freelance Writing Business Allows You to Have a Life

Why/how? Well, because it’s flexible. Now you will be putting in 8-10 hours per day – especially in the beginning. And, don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. But, you can build your freelance business around your life, not the other way around. So if you …

Need to pick the kids up from the bus stop at 3:00? No problem; go do it.

Have an emergency dental appointment? Great! If your dentist can squeeze you in, you can be there when the slot opens, not the next day you have off, or request off.

Want to beat the weekend grocery crowds? Cool! Go on Wednesday morning after seeing the kids off to school when everyone else is fighting rush hour traffic to get to a job.

FYI, did you know that Wednesday is the best time to go grocery shopping. Why? “Because most grocery stores start their weekly sales on Wednesday, and some will even still honor the sales from the previous week—which equals double the savings,” according to the article, The Science of Grocery Shopping, on CoolSavings.com.

Become a Freelance Writer in 2014: Exact Steps You Need to Take

If you take the steps outlined in the post linked to above (ie, how to start a freelance writing career for $0), you can literally be up and going in less than a day. Yes, it REALLY is that simple to get started.

You see, freelance writing is not a hard business to start. BUT, it does take elbow grease and a stick-with-it attitude – just like any other business – to make a successful go of it.

But just think … how great would it be to start now, then look back at the end of the year and see how you took control of your professional life – and how much happier you’re likely to be? Trust me, the feeling can’t be beat.

Good luck … and Happy 2014. May it be a prosperous New Year for you!

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