Freelance Writers: 3 Services I See a Growing Need for Over the Next Few Years That You Can Start Offering NOW

In the last post on SeoWritingJobs.com (this site’s sister site), I gave some insight I shared in the SEO writing seminar I had here in Jamaica last week. In that post, we discussed how “building a community” is critical to your success as an online entrepreneur (which is what you are as a freelance writer these days basically).

Today, I want to expand up that a little bit; telling you some services I think you can capitalize on as a freelance writer that can help you – and clients — build their online communities.

I. List Building

I have been trying to find someone to help me grow my email list for the last year and a half or so. I use AWeber, so get leads organically that way, but I’m looking for someone like Bob Bly used – a list builder who grew his list from a few thousand to over 60,000 in a matter of weeks.

As I wrote in the post, Why I Won’t be Setting Any Freelance Writing Goals for 2013 . . . Should You?

2012 Freelance Writing Goal #2: Grow Email Subscriber List to at Least 25,000. I put out feelers for a “list growing expert,” but never found anyone. My email list steadily grows each day – but it’s a slow grind. I was looking for the experience that uber-successful copywriter Bob Bly had, where he grew his email list from 2,000 subscribers to over 60,000 in a matter of weeks (see page 6 of this special report).

freelance-business-3-services-that-can-grow-itI know how to use Safelists and all of that, but simply don’t have time to be so hands-on with it, so I’d be willing to pay handsomely for half this type of result.

Bob said he paid his guy around $1,000 for this – and to me it would be worth every penny.

So if you’re a freelancer who offers this type of service – with proven results – I can see plenty of business owners who would pay well for it. Heck, I could recommend at least half a dozen right now!

II. Ebook Writing/Editing

Ebooks position you as an authority on a subject. And with content marketing all the rage, the need is just growing. Proof?

Just since the beginning of the year, my SEO writing company has written three ebooks for clients, and I’ve had consultations for at least a half a dozen more (from businesses to individuals). Following are some actual recent examples – just in the last couple of weeks or so.

Example 1 – Ebook Writing:  I just received an email from prospective new client last week (who was referred by an existing client we wrote ebooks for). She wrote:

“[FYI] I’m almost ready!  I should have my tax return back in the next week and away we go!!! … I have 2 books i am wanting to do but we will do 1 at a time…  i’ll be in touch…”

FYI, she wants us to write two ebooks to help her promote her business.

Example 2 – Ebook Editing: I received this email last week and responded this past weekend (obviously, this is a “non-business” ebook).

I have my mothers complete written book about her life. The book is not put together properly and I really think the way you make informative articles sound so easy and enjoyable to read you could really do alot with my moms story.  We would like it to be an ebook at first. Would you be interested?

Example 3 – Ebook Editing: As you know if you’re a regular reader of this blog, I’m here in Negril right now. I picked up a new ebook editing client in a local bar the other night. I’m not kidding!

This gentlemen is working on a crime novel and has been looking for an editor. The owner of the bar said, “That’s what she does (referring to me).” So we start talking and he’s ready to start handing chapters off for us to start editing.

I talked about the growth of this service in the post, 10 Types of Digital Freelance Writing Jobs: They’re “Hot” and They Pay Well – Here’s What They Are, last September, writing in part:

There are a lot of ebook writers (aka self-publishers) out there – and this is only growing. … self-published authors need help with the editorial process, eg, editing, proofreading, copy editing, marketing, etc. All of these are services you can provide.

As these examples prove, this has definitely proved to be correct.

The bottom line is — everyone from business owners to self-publishers have a book in them. YOU can be the freelance writer/editor to help them bring their dreams to fruition.

III. Services for Self-Publishers

Piggybacking on the last point, this includes everything from the writing and the editing (as discussed just above), to ebook marketing, uploading, ebook cover creation and landing page writing. Most self-publishers know nothing about these services.

All many aspiring self-publishers know is how to write. But once the ebook is written, they soon find out they have to market it, so they may need (SEO) press releases, a blog, a sales (landing) page, a website, social media account set-up and management, etc.

It’s one of the reasons I set up a Get Ready to Sell!” service package just for self-publishers.

Freelance Business Services: Conclusion

One of the things I’ve always loved about being a freelance (editorial) business owner is that there are so many ways to make money. And you can keep your freelance business as small, or grow it as large as you want. But you must pay attention to trends, and listen to what your customers are telling you they want – directly and subliminally – in order to stay ahead of the competition (or at least differentiate yourself from them).

What Trends Have You Seen in Your Freelance Business?

Have customers starting asking for certain services that you don’t offer, or all of a sudden started taking advantage of some you do. Please share in the comments section below.

jamaicaEnjoying Jamaica . . .

On a personal note, I’m really enjoying my time here in Jamaica. Have two more glorious weeks to soak up the sun and lose a few more pounds. I’d gotten kind of lazy back home because it was cold and I hate to work out in the cold. So, I slacked off and gained 13 pounds since I did the Reggae Marathon this past December.

I’ve lost 5 of them since I’ve been here (in this heat the pounds just seem to melt right off ya!). And if I could stay out of the bar – and away from the empty calories of rum punch and beer – I’d probably have shed a few more by now. But, c’est la vie, no?!


P.S.: Just a heads up — on June 1, prices on some of Inkwell Editorial’s ebooks will increase. Of course, I’ll announce it in the weekly newsletter, so if you’re a subscriber you’ll get it right in your inbox!

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    1. You have given us three “nuggets” of entrepreneurial success, Yuwanda. Marketing is indeed the thing to do every day, everywhere. Once a project is in-hand, then delivering the promise falls into place.

      Thanks for your insights and enthusiasm!

      Try sipping a glass of juice (fruit, vegetable) before a meal to reduce your appetite. That makes it easier to eat less in losing weight.