Inkwell Editorial’s Ebook Writing and Publishing Tournament

Last Friday, the first ebook writing and publishing tournament concluded. This was an idea I came up with that was going to be just a one-time thing. I’d fielded a few questions about how to write books, how I’m able to produce so many, etc., that I wanted to prove to others how easy it was to do so.

The goal of the tournament was to write an ebook in three days, market it and start getting sales within a week. Thirty-two (32) enrollees participated – and 9 of them finished their ebooks in this time period. A couple even finished writing two! Four got sales; three sold multiple copies (one sold 12 copies in 12 hours). See full results of this ebook publishing tourney.

Unsolicited Ebook Writing Class Testimonial

The ebook I wrote for the tourney is still selling well. Thanks to your tournament I’ve hit the jackpot. Funny how it turns out isn’t it? I can spend weeks working on a book and it sells ok, and then I rush to do one in 3 days and it’s turning out to be one of my best selling ebooks (if it keeps going) and apart from when I was actually doing the tourney and trying to get a sale quickly, I haven’t marketed it at all.~Tourney Participant #32

Get full ebook writing class details.

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