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How Much Should I Charge for This Blogging Job? Question from a New Freelance Writer

A quick little tidbit for you today … A couple of days ago, I received a question from an aspiring online freelance writer. I first corresponded with her a couple of weeks ago when she asked about transitioning from a full-time job to freelancing full-time.

She was interested in the SEO writing ebook. So obviously, she’s been busy taking action. Yoohoo!…

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SEO Writing Rates: How to Determine What to Charge as an Online Writer

In preparation for Freelance Writer’s Technology Month, I spent a solid week doing research into how to really make money online. It was eye opening on several levels. One of the areas I read about in great deal was content development. Of course, this covered article marketing. What I found surprised me to a certain degree….

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Jumpstart Your Freelance Writing Career: An Almost Fail-Proof, Get-Started Offer

The following is a guest post by Laura Pennington.

Publisher Note: Laura and I have partnered to offer you our respective online writing courses as a “Jumpstart Your Freelance Writing Career” package. Here she details how she started a six-figure freelance writing career — in less than 18 months — and why we decided to join forces….

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How to Start a Freelance Writing Career in Less than 24 Hours for $0

I receive anywhere from 5-10 emails a week (a couple a day), asking me questions like: “How do I get started as a freelance writer? How do I start a freelance writing career? How do I become a freelance writer” The short answer is to just do it. But, many wannabe freelance writers hold themselves back by simply not starting. They put roadblocks in the way that just astound me, eg: …

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17 Freelance Writing Job Leads

Here are some job leads to start off the week. What I remain struck by is just how many different kinds of writing jobs are out there — and how much content is needed.

Many companies are looking for writers to produce various types of content, eg, lead-generating emails, ebooks and lead magnets, long-form web content, etc. So whether you’re a new freelance writer, or a more experienced one, there’s something for everyone….

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How to Make a Lot of Money Selling Self-Published Ebooks Online: 9 Tips from a Successful Self Publisher

Publisher Note: I first wrote this post in 2012 (Aug 6), and decided to circle back and update it almost five years later.

I’ve learned a lot since then and wanted to share the insights I’ve gleaned with a lot more ebooks under my belt (almost 100 as of this update), and with some things I’ve seen in my business that have changed and/or stayed the same. Here’s how I originally started this post ……

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Affiliate Marketing Tip for Newbies: What to Do When You Get Rejected by an Affiliate Program

When you first start applying to a lot of affiliate programs — especially the biggies like CommissionJunction — you’re likely to be rejected for lack of traffic. Your blog will probably be new, so it’s totally understandable. But don’t despair, there is a way around this; or at least other things you can do to start making money in affiliate marketing in spite of this….

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“I Want out of My 9 to 5: Can I Really Start a Freelance (SEO) Writing Career with No Experience?”

Today, I received the following email from someone working a full-time job. She wants to find a way to work from home. She wrote:…

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Freelance Writers: How to Transition from a FT Job to Freelancing Full Time — Without Impacting Your Income

Yes, it’s actually possible to make the leap from a full-time job to a full-time freelance career, and not have your income tank in the process….

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A Freelance Writer’s Life Abroad: Inside Peek at My Life as an American Living in Negril, Jamaica for a Year, Part XXX

I can’t believe I started writing this series in 2010. June will be 7 years, which makes the title of the post kinda incorrect. I’d only planned to update it for a year, but readers kept requesting more and more and more information….

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The Pros and Cons of Selling a Self-Published Ebook on Clickbank

As a self-published author of almost 100 ebooks, I’m constantly amazed at the number of outlets there are to sell and make money. One of those outlets is Clickbank. But, mention to some indie authors the possibility of selling there, and you’ll likely receive one of three reactions, ie:…

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How I Consistently Write 5,000 to 10,000 Words Per Day — And You Can Too

Since 2002, I’ve written and self-published almost 100 ebooks; the bulk of them since 2011. That year, I uploaded 50 titles to Amazon; 38 of them were brand new ebooks and the rest were old titles that I revised. Between 2013 and 2016, I wrote 42 romance novellas; short titles ranging from 10,000 to 35,000 words….

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