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3 Reasons Online Writers & Bloggers Need to Know How to Do Keyword Research

I’m coming into the home stretch of finishing up my how to make money writing, developing and selling your own ecourse(s) course. Right now, I’m at the point where I’m talking about how to determine if your ecourse will be profitable. One way to do this is to conduct keyword research….

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Land Freelance Magazine Writing Gigs with Airlines: 8 In-Flight Mags that Pay & Where to Find Lots More

A while ago, I did a post entitled, Get Paid to Write Fun Stuff: 33 “Lifestyle” Outlets that Pay Freelance Writers. In that post – which included a lot of travel-related gigs – I promised to do a post specifically listing airline magazine writing gigs….

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Technical Freelance Writing Job: $20,000 to Write Training Manuals

Imagine landing a gig like this! They’re out there — believe me. Proof? Following is an email I received in my inbox a few days ago with just such an offer….

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Starting a Freelance Writing Biz from Scratch in 2017: A 7-Step Process That Works Every Time

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of doing a podcast interview with Paul Buzan from Just Add Hustle, who describes his blog this way: “On this blog & podcast I interview brilliant copywriters, authors, publishers, and freelance writers who teach YOU how to make more money writing!

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How One Blogger Earned Almost a Million Dollars In One Year (Just 5 Years After Starting to Blog)

Publisher Note: In the fall of 2016 when I had this site redesigned, I changed the mission of it as well. In case you’re a new reader, our new mission is “How to Make Money Writing … for Yourself and for Others.” This includes writing and self-publishing your own ebooks, developing and teaching e-classes and webinars, and affiliate marketing….

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Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner: An In-Depth Course Review

In December 2016, I took a big step towards achieving my affiliate marketing goal of earning $10,000/per month. The main reason I did it was because she consistently earns – in one month – numbers that I can scarcely wrap my head around (way more than $10K!), and I’ve been dibbling and dabbling in affiliate marketing since 2008….

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