2018 Freelance Writing Goals: How to Set Yours & Meet Them Every Year

Now that all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are done, the holidays are REALLY here. Wow, another year gone almost. What will 2018 bring? I’m still working on my freelance writing goals for this year, which was quite the list, let me tell ya!

Note: At the end of this post is info that can help you land more than a few writing gigs before the end of the year, and kick off 2018 busier than you ever dreamed.

First though, let’s do a freelance writing goal check for this year. What I made, What I missed. What you can learn. And, how I can help you in 2018. We’ll also discuss the best way to set freelance goals, and how to stay motivated enough to achieve them.

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2017 Freelance Writing Goals: How I Fared

I won’t make all of my goals this year, but I’m not disappointed in myself. First, let’s do a rundown of how I fared from last year, then, I’ll tell you why I won’t be making all of my goals but this year has still been such a success.

1. Transfer Old Books to New Site (Scheduled to Complete)

New date: December 15th.

2. Blog Analytics (Made this Goal)

I installed Google Analytics on my site in Sept, and now know EXACTLY what my site traffic is and where it’s coming from. This is/was HUGE.

2017 Freelance Writing Goals Update3. Write 4 New Romance Novellas (Will Not Make This Goal)

So far, I haven’t finished any. I have two books that I started earlier this year. I’ll finish and upload both of those before the end of the year, ie, one on December 15th and the other on December 30th. Yeah, I gotta get cranking!

FYI, here’s a list of all of my romance novels to date.

4. Create Email Course (Made this Goal)

I launched it in early February. Again, it’s another huge win because it’s an evergreen course that adds to the cache of products in Inkwell Editorial’s writing school on Teachable.

I’ll be adding more info to it next year, and the price will probably increase from $149 to $197.

5. Finish Uploading Fiction (Romance) Novellas to All Platforms

New Date — December 20th. I’m just gonna spend a couple of weekends next month and get it done because it’s costing me money. It’s easy to do; I just literally haven’t made time to do it.

6. Earn $10,000/Month in Affiliate Marketing Income (Will Not Make This Goal)

This was a very lofty goal that I thought I had a real shot at, especially after taking the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing ecourse. But after taking that course, I realized just how much I DIDN’T know.

I’ve made huge strides in affiliate marketing this year, and feel confident that I can make this goal sometime next year — especially with what I now know. I’ll be writing up a post for the end of the year about why/how I missed this goal, and why I feel so confident about making it next year.

FYI, you can read my review of the course here. It’s truly one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my online freelance business.

Always align your professional goals with your overall life goals; they're inextricably linked. Click To Tweet

The Best Way to Set Your Freelance Writing Goals (IMO)

FYI, here’s how I set mine (scroll down to the “Tips for Creating Your 2011 Freelance Writing Goal List” section).

My goals are always based around my overall life goals because what you do day in and day out; week in and week out; month in and month out; and year in and year out — this is life in a nutshell. So why set goals that don’t align with where you want to be in a year, three years, 10 years, etc.? Never forget this.

Always align your professional goals with your overall life goals; they’re inextricably linked and too many don’t think about it this way. This is what leads to unhappiness – and forces so many to stay in jobs, positions, and even relationships that they may hate.

How to Stick with Your Freelance Goals

Take the advice above; align them with your life goals. This gives you a bigger picture to stay focused on and excited about. Just remember, every hour of every day — and how you spend them — determine your future.

What You Can Learn from My Freelance Writing Goals in 2017

As I shared at the beginning of last year’s goal-setting post:2017 Freelance Writing Goals -- A Check-In

I used to say I have a love/hate relationship with setting goals. Some years, I’ve elected to set them; other years not.

Looking back over the last few years, I set them in 2011 and 2012; didn’t set any in 2013 or 2014; and start setting them again in 2015 and 2016.

I’m totally in love with goal-setting now and even though I miss some each year, I’ve learned that they are great teaching tools — if you’re willing to dig in and look for the lessons. Here’s what I learned that may help you as you go about setting your goals for the coming year.

1. Getting Off Track Is Ok

IF what you get off track with is still in line with your life goals. For example, I created another ecourse (the how to make money writing romance course) this year that was nowhere on the radar when I created my freelance writing goal list at the end of 2016 for 2017.

But the opportunity just seemed right at the time, and those who read this blog and are interested in self-publishing had been asking me how to do it, especially when I disclosed my earnings in this little cheapie ebook on how to make money writing romance.

How does this goal align with my life goals? To be able to create passive income from my own products. Online courses are a great way to do this.

Right now, I have 6 courses in my school on Teachable: 2 free and 4 paid. The free ones act as lead-generators/upsells for the corresponding paid ones.

Next year, I plan to add two to three more courses to round out my school, and that’ll probably be it for a while.

2. Changing/Modifying Goals Is Ok

I’d planned to move some old books in Inkwell Editorial’s shop to a new site, but decided to keep them on this site, creating a “bargain basement bin” to sell them cheap. These are books that still have a lot of great info, but that I don’t plan to update anymore.

There are only so many hours in the day and as much as I’d like to update all of my books every year, I can’t. So I look at what’s most profitable, keep those updated, and discount the rest.

3. Not Reaching Goals Is Ok

I worked my patootie off this year — and I still won’t make all of my goals. But you know what, I’m not getting down on myself for that. Society tells us that we should, but I don’t invest in that philosophy. When I look back over what I did accomplish, I’m proud of myself. And FYI, here’s some other stuff I didn’t that I hadn’t planned on:

    • Set up two Facebook groups: One for those who subscribe to my internet marketing site; and another for those who purchase the SEO writing/Upwork course bundle.

      Price Increase Heads Up: The price on this course will be going up in January, so get it now if you’re interested. You get lifetime access to the material, so even if you’re not ready to start an online / SEO writing career, you can lock in the savings by enrolling now.
    • Formed strategic alliances with some influential bloggers in my niche: One sold 12 of my brand new romance writing ecourse in just 5 days (easy course to promote and make money with by the way).

      Now if I want a post published on her site — I’m not an unknown blogger to her. She knows me, my products and the value they offer her audience. This makes it more likely that she’ll entertain any offers I put forward, which is invaluable for ebook and ecourse sales.

    • Spent time learning how to “really” make money online: I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since 2008. I knew a lot. But again, when I took the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing ecourse, I had no idea how much I didn’t know.

      It’s a huge learning curve, and I hung out in the private FB group for purchasers of that course learning a ton — on everything from how to design your site to make more money, to what kinds of products and services can make you money practically on auto pilot, to how to drive site traffic (I never knew Pinterest was the bom-diggity for this!).

      I now have a firm grasp on what it takes to really make money blogging — and I have no doubt I’ll be able to break my $10,000/month goal sometime next year, especially with the plan I have in place.

FYI, because of how effective Pinterest is at driving traffic, Pinterest VAs are more in-demand than ever, and is a great service to add to your freelance writing biz (or just focus solely on if you want).

4. Life Will Get in the Way

Shit happens in life that you have no control over and you just have to deal with it. This is perhaps the biggest lesson I (re)learned this year. I’ve had lots of so-called failures and setbacks this year (mostly personal, but professional too). There have been days where I just wanted to quit, disappear from the online world and go live in a hut in the mountains here in Jamaica somewhere.

It’s been a hard, hard year personally — the hardest year I’ve had since my mother died from breast cancer at only 45 years old in 1980. There are days I just felt broken; like I couldn’t go on. But I had to; there literally is/was no other choice. People were/are depending on me.

I still see no light at the end of the tunnel personally, but professionally, things couldn’t be looking better. Because of my personal travails, I’ve tucked deeper into my faith and am just hanging in there; doing the best I can because that’s all I can do. But quitting — that’s never an option. Ever. I hang on to that the hardest when I want to the most.

Freelance Writing in 2018: How Can I Help You Achieve Your Goals?

This blog is all about helping you make a full-time living writing — whether that’s for yourself (eg, self-publishing books), or for others (eg, as a freelance writer). So …

  • How can I help you realize your freelance dreams in the coming year?
  • How can I help you become a more successful freelancer (if you’re already freelancing), or start if you haven’t?
  • What topics would you like to see me cover on the blog less/more?
  • What’s your number one stumbling block when it comes to freelancing?

Ask Me Anything about Starting/Growing a Freelance Writing Biz

In short, ask or tell me anything that will help you realize your freelance dreams in 2018. Again, that’s what this blog is for. Nothing makes me happier than helping you through some kind of freelance crisis/situation — like this freelancer; or hearing about your successes. Those send me over the moon with joy!

You can leave your comments and/or questions below, or email me directly (see contact box on every page of this site).

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