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Freelance Writing Advice: When to Let a Client Go — Even if They Don’t Want You To

The following is a guest post by Laura Pennington.

Are you treating your freelancing like a business? Because it is. And like any business, it means you’re going to go through phases, outgrow things, change concepts, and evolve. That can, in fact, be one of the hardest parts of being a business owner….

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Becoming a Freelance Writer: The #1 Thing that Stops Many from Pursuing This Dream

2:23 a.m.

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4:17 a.m.

5:34 a.m….

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How to Get Loads of High-Quality Traffic to Your Site — Fast & Free!

The following is a guest post by Pete Williams.

Publisher Note: When Pete reached out to me about guest posting, I asked him to give me a post that was “actionable, ie, steps they [freelance writers] can take … Again, I want it to be something they feel was so good that they’d refer back to it again and again.”…

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Get Paid to Write Fun Stuff: 33 “Lifestyle” Outlets that Pay Freelance Writers

Like to write “warm and fuzzy” inspirational content? In love with travel writing? Love to prose about food, wine and other libations? An avid crafter with a project to share? Well today’s freelance writing jobs leads are for you! …

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Get Paid to Write: How to Land High-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs in 2017 — Even as a Newbie

When I first started writing SEO content back in 2007, it was all about keywords. Oh, clients still wanted quality writing (most of them anyway), but back then it was equally as important to ensure that the keywords were incorporated in a certain density — even if the quality of the writing suffered. Oh boy, how times have changed!…

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Registering a Domain Name? Why You Should NEVER Do It with Your Web Hosting Company

As a freelance writer and/or affiliate marketer, your domain name is one of your most important assets. Hence, how and who to register it with shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are two ways to register a domain name – with your web hosting company, or independently of it. 

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Freelance Writing Jobs Online: 17 Outlets That Pay $500 or More

Finding high-paying freelance writing jobs is not terribly hard, it just takes some digging – which I did over the last few days. Following are 17 outlets that pay $500 or more. Before we get to the listings, following are a few things I noticed that I want to pass along that will give you more insight into how to land them….

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How I Earned $1,100 in 36 Hours: Why Knowing How to Write SEO Content Pays

If you’ve hung around this site for a while, you know that I relaunched it in November with a new mission, which is to help freelance writers make money writing … whether it’s for themselves (eg, self-publishing their own line of ebooks), or for others (eg, freelance clients)….

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“How in the World Do I Charge for This Bulk Freelance Writing Job?” Yuwanda Help!

About three weeks ago in the early afternoon, an email arrived in my box from a frantic freelance writer. She’d gotten a bite on what could be a large writing/editing job, and needed some insight on what to charge….

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Become a Virtual Assistant: Everything You Need to Know — from Skills Needed to Services to Offer

Wanna make some real money online working from home? One of the fastest, easiest, cheapest ways to do that is to become a virtual assistant. It’s an evergreen need these days that’s growing by leaps and bounds….

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