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Becoming a Freelance Writer: How to Smoothly Transition from a Full-time Job — An In-Depth Discussion

About a week and a half ago, I received the following email from an aspiring freelance writer. …

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Inkwell Editorial: Reviews, Scams, Feedback, Kudos & Testimonials

Following is actual feedback from real readers of the site about its publisher (Yuwanda Blackand purchasers of its products and services.

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Writing a Book: 11 Lessons I Learned as a Self-Published Author Writing for a Traditional Trade Publisher

Yesterday, I completed the book I was contracted to write by a trade publisher back in December. It turned out to be almost 70,000 words in about five weeks. I still have some work to do, eg, working with the development editor (yeah, another editor) to get the manuscript to where they want it to be, but the brain dump of writing has been done – almost two and a half weeks early.

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Is Freelance Writing the Right Career for You? Here’s How to Tell

I was doing some web surfing last night and ran across this post, which answers a common question I receive all the time. This freelance writer wrote: …

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