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“I’ve Been Downsized Out of My Job and Want to Start a Freelance Writing Business: Where Do I Start?”

This past Wednesday, I received an email from a full-timer who was being laid off of her job. She wrote, in part: …

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Write software self-help articles based on familiarity with and research done regarding Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, and Word. You will be assigned one article at a time and it’s at your discretion to conduct research (i.e. using Youtube, Reddit, or other sources) to determine how to accomplish that “task” in the software. …

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The One Service Freelance Writers Should Be Offering in 2016 — Are You?

Another year is almost upon us … can you believe? If you’re a freelance writer – especially if you specialize in providing online copy – the one type of writing you should bone up on and offer to clients is social media writing. Why? …

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3 Things I’d Do Differently if I Were Starting a Freelance Writing Career Today

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you know that I’ve been freelancing since 1993; full-time since 2007. Many things have changed over the years, of course, which got me to thinking, “What would I do differently if I were just starting out today than I did when I first started?” …

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