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Article Marketing in 2013: How I Got – and Continue to Stay – on the First Page of Google

If you’re shaking your head going, “Who uses article marketing anymore?”, before you make any final decisions about this form of internet marketing, hear me out.

Getting on the First Page of Google – and Staying There – for Years

I use article marketing to promote all of my products and services online, ie, ebooks, e-classes and SEO writing company.

As I’ve relayed before, I’ve used article marketing to get on the first page of Google – and stay there for as long as four years — for some keyword phrases pertinent to my niches, eg, SEO writing; SEO writing company; and sell ebooks online, to name three.

The main reasons I’m able to consistently rank well in search engines like Google is because I: (i) write a lot of articles; (ii) do my keyword research; and (iii) distribute the articles I write in a variety of places on the web.


Where I Distribute My Articles

On my personal article directory;

On PrLog.com; and

Via my social media outlets, which can be found on the About page.

Article Marketing Tips for 2013

FYI, my post over at e-Junkie.info this week dispenses some tips on how to be effective at article marketing this year, but I just wanted to add a few more things, namely . . .

Article Marketing Insight for 20131. Look at the Facts & Act: I think many online marketers dismiss article marketing because it is well . . . old school. It’s not fancy like social media or video marketing. And it’s a lot of work (another reason I think many don’t take to it so easily).

But the facts prove that when marketing with articles is done right, it is extremely effective. Once you believe that it works, then you’re more likely to invest in it for the long haul, which brings me to my next tip which is to . . .

2. Schedule It: Like any marketing you do, you have to make marketing with articles a habit; part of your daily/weekly/monthly routine. I try to do at least one a week. Sometimes I fail and may go a few weeks without putting out anything new.

But then I’ll double down and write three or four in one week. The bottom line for me is continuing to put out a “body of content” so that when web surfers go to Google, I pop up in relevant search results.

3. Live Up to Your Title: Have you ever clicked on an article, only to be disappointed because it didn’t live up to its title? I hate it when this happens, don’t you? It wastes my time and turns me off – big time.

Many article marketers come up with a great title to draw web surfers in, but then they don’t deliver on it.  Don’t do this. It will only piss off the reader and you can bet you won’t be generating any leads or making any sales.

P.S.: Join me in Jamaica in April and learn how to start a high-paying career as an SEO writer. FYI, article marketing is a relatively easy service to sell prospective clients as an SEO writer.


I happen to love article marketing. The main reason is it allows me to answer reader questions in a way that helps many others. Also, there’s a lot of junk on the web. I try to share beneficial information — learned from first-hand experience in many cases. In short, I strive to do my part to make the web a better place for those who are looking for honest information.

How about you?

Share Your Thoughts on Article Marketing

Do you like article marketing? Have you tried it? Do you think it works, or not? Have any article marketing tips to share? Come one – share in the comments section below.

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ArticleMarketingP.S.: I’ve written well over 1,000 articles and earn 4 figures per month selling information products (ebooks) online. This is one of my favorite online marketing strategies.  Why? Because it works! It drives web traffic and sales for years. And, it’s something anyone can do.

This ebook details how to market via this medium – the right way.

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Social Media Marketing: Move Over Facebook — Why Freelance Writers Can No Longer Ignore Google+

I’ve had a Google+ account for a few months now – maybe six months or so. I only recently started interacting on it regularly, which for me means posting at least once a day four to five times a week. I recently got on the first page of Google for a keyword phrase I’d been targeting for a few months. …

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Freelance Writers: How to Produce Content Your Clients Will Love

Yesterday, I received an email from a new client (we picked her up at the beginning of the year). Her company offers executive management leadership seminars. She wanted to start an article marketing campaign and ordered a one article per week, “easy, breezy” content package. In response to the second article we wrote, she sent over a short, sweet note which said:

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Tiffany Howard

I am a freelance writer who helps to grow businesses by expanding their visibility online. I have been writing for the web since 2008 and have worked with a wide range of clients, including companies like Expedia and crowdsourcing.org.

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Karen Cioffi-Ventrice

I am an author, freelance writer, and online platform instructor. I am also the founder and manager of Writers on the Move, a marketing group for authors and writers. If I had to describe myself, I’d say:

Freelance Writer and Online InstructorI wear a number of hats: author, ghostwriter, freelance writer, self-publisher, content marketer, affiliate marketer (including your ebooks), and author/writer online platform instructor (currently through WOW! Women on Writing). I also focus on author/writer website optimization.

I’m a working writer who goes through the ups and downs, the same as most writers. But I keep adding new layers and tweaking existing layers to broaden my skills and authority.

I’m constantly learning and don’t wait for work to find me, although sometimes it does. I look for opportunities to create work and I write about what I do.

Get More Out of Your Writing

Learn how to boost your writing and marketing efforts with me via The Writing World newsletter (http://thewritingworld.com). Get weekly tips and guidance plus updates on free webinars. Sign up today and get “How to Create an Optimized Website – 3 Essential Author Website Elements and 9 Must-Have Pages.”

Connect with Me

I blog at http://karencioffiwritingandmarketing.com

My online marketing site is: http://karencioffi.com

My freelance site is: http://karencioffifreelancewriter.com

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/karencioffiventrice

Twitter: http://twitter.com/KarenCV

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kcioffiventrice

GooglePlus: https://plus.google.com/107054879622971281466/posts

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/KarenCioffi

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How I Stopped Taking on Low-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs – Once and for All – and You Can Too

I receive questions from freelance writers all the time about how to earn more. Many, especially in the SEO writing sector, continue to slave away at low-paying gigs, while others routinely charge – and get – livable rates (eg, $35, $50, $75 or more for an SEO article)….

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How to Sell Ebooks Online via e-Junkie and Set Up an Ebook Affiliate Program


I decided to write this ebook for two reasons: (i) Because I’ve had several people offer to pay me to upload their ebooks to e-Junkie. While I love the site, their setup can be a bit intimidating when you first log on and start to maneuver around in it, so I understand why someone would pay to have it done; and…

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Chrisly Pepper, Contributor, InkwellEditorial.comHi! I’m Chrislyn. I’m a SEO content writer. I help online professionals keep an active blog that attracts new leads, connects with their clients and increases search engine visibility.

Writing Niche

Primarily, I write SEO blogs for medical professionals and marketing agencies. However, with 25-years work experience in business, medical and social service fields, I write web content on almost any topic from accounting to women’s rights. For more information about my freelance writing career, see my portfolio at chrislynpepper.com and of course, read the articles linked below.

A Little Personal Note

When I’m not writing, I’m piddling in the vegetable garden with Cookie, Meera and Twin, my 3 hens, or bouncing behind Buster and Blanca, my 2 rabbits. Outside of my Alabama homestead, I spend time being cook, entertainment, errand girl, homeschool teacher and maid for 3 boys. Oh and if I forget, they’ll kill me, so “Hi, Mom!  Hi, Bay!” 

Connect with Me

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chrislynpepperpage

Google+: http://gplus.to/chrislynpepper

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/chrislynpepper

Twitter: http://twitter.com/chrislynpepper

Professional Bio: Chrislyn Pepper is a freelance, SEO blog writer. Her specialty is SEO writing for medical professionals and medical marketing agencies. Visit http://www.chrislynpepper.com to get blog content or SEO blog writing tips.  You can also connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter. Chrislyn Pepper turns blogs into building blocks for health-related businesses.

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Freelance Writers: How to Get Ideas For and Choose Your SEO Writing Niche, Part I‏I

Freelance Writers: How to Get Ideas For and Choose Your SEO Writing Niche, Part I‏

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Taking The Plunge: The First 3 Lessons in My New SEO Writing Business (A Must-Read)

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About Niall Roche

I’ve been writing in one form or another for a long time now, but I only took the leap into the waters of freelance writing in 2011. Since then I’ve worked with a number of different clients on everything from press releases to product reviews, and everything in between.

To date roughly 1.5 million words of my content have been published online. Yes, really!

Diversification is Important to Me

Niall Roche, Contributor, InkwellEditorial.comI’m also involved in affiliate marketing, although my focus for the future is in Kindle publishing; I’m working towards releasing a new book on Kindle at least every 2 months. Lots of work ahead!

In terms of writing I’m pretty versatile and thanks to my background in SEO and digital marketing I know exactly what style of content works best for converting visitors into leads and sales.

Working as a full-time writer is challenging but I love what I do . . . most days! 🙂

Here’s wishing you the same,

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Freelance Writers: How to Handle Clients Who Suddenly Disappear (aka “Vanishing Client” Syndrome)

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Want to Sell More Ebooks Online in 2013? Try This; It’s Worked Wonderfully for Me

First off, let me say Happy New Year. I hope you had a good one and are looking forward to this year. I had a wonderful 2012 on many levels, and am psyched to see what this year brings! Now, to today’s post . . .

Selling Ebooks Online in 2013 – One Way to Mix It Up

I’ve been receiving a lot of email about ebook writing lately. It’s understandable, as it’s the New Year and many aspiring authors have taken a pledged to finally get going on their self-publishing dreams. If you’re one of them, good for you!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I started guest blogging for e-Junkie a couple of months ago. In my most recent post there, I addressed how to sell more ebooks online – by bundling.

FYI, did you know we’re now on Facebook? We are! We can now converse in more than 140 characters – yeah!

What Is Ebook Bundling?

How to Sell More Ebooks Online by BundlingIn case you don’t know, bundling ebooks is when you offer two or more ebooks for sale for “one low price.”

One Main Advantage of Writing and Self-Publishing Your Own Line of Ebooks

FYI, this is one of the advantages of writing and self-publishing a lot of ebooks. You not only have multiple titles under your belt to build your brand as an author, but you get to sell them any way you want, ie, individually, as bundled titles, increase the price, decrease the price, etc.

As an ebook marketing tactic, bundling has worked wonderfully for me. For some of my titles, it’s almost doubled sales. I explain how in the post on e-Junkie. So, click on over and learn more about how to use this method to sell more ebooks online.

Tomorrow’s Post on SeoWritingJobs.com

As I wrote in this post, I’ve been doing a lot of trolling the web the last few weeks, staying abreast of what’s old and new in SEO writing. So, I’ll be covering some of the most important things SEO content writers need to know in 2013.

Even if SEO writing is not your main service offering, it’s an informative post you’re not gonna wanna miss. So subscribe to receive it. You can do so from any page of InkwellEditorial.com.

Again, Happy 2013!

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P.S.: Get 4 Ebooks for One Low Price — The Ultimate Self-Publishing Package! 

P.P.S.: Want to start a successful career where you have the mobility to live and work where you please? Visit our freelance writing bookstore for a ton of opportunities (freelance writing and internet marketing) to get you started.

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Sell Ebooks Online: Free Ways to Market Your Ebook and Start Getting Sales Quickly

The following is an excerpt (a pullout) from the ebook, How to Write an Ebook in 3 Days, Market It & Start Getting Sales within a Week – Really!  Price: $19.97 Add to Cart

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Sell Your Ebook: How to Price It So You Start Getting Sales Quickly!

Note: This e-report is an excerpt (a pullout) from the ebook, How to Write an Ebook in 3 Days, Market It & Start Getting Sales within a Week – Really!

Add to Cart$9.97


To Make Money Selling Ebooks, You Must Learn How to Price Them Right!

Pricing your ebook to sell reminds me of the wild, wild west. Why? Because ebook publishing is still so new that anything goes. There is no one, set pricing model. But, that still doesn’t mean you can’t draw from traditional publishing and other pricing models to come up with a price.

how-to-price-your-ebook-to-sellMake Money Selling Ebooks: How I Price My Ebooks

I published my first ebook in 2002, and I priced it based on what I would pay for the information. This is not the smartest way to price by the way.

As I wrote more ebooks (19 to date), I got better and better at pricing them. Now when I price, I’m pretty assured of getting sales pretty quickly. In this e-report, I divulge the pricing methodology I use, as well as info on various other ways to price ebooks.

You won’t be left in the dark wondering how to price your ebook to sell after reading the info here. You’ll have a concrete plan you can follow to arrive at a price so that you can feel pretty confident that your ebook “price is right.”

Following are the Table of Contents.



How I Price My Ebooks: Page 6

How I Quadrupled the Price of One of My Ebooks – And Sold More Copies!: Page 6

How to Find Out Your Customers’ Price Point (eg, What They’re Willing to Pay): Page 7

Factors Customers Consider When Buying Ebooks: Page 7

How to Price to Appeal to the Masses & Create Lifetime Customers: Page 7

Pricing to Penetrate a Market: What This Is & Why It Works: Page 8

Want to Start an Ebook Publishing Empire? Use This Pricing Strategy for Success: Page 8

3 Tried-and-True Pricing Tips That Help You Sell More Ebooks: Page 9

The Infomercial Pricing Tip

Selling by the Numbers

Bundle to Sell More

How to Turn One Ebook into Many More Sales: Page 9


Make Money Selling Ebooks: How to Make Sure Readers Love What You Write: Page 10

Why the Length of Your Ebook Should Have Very Little to Do with How You Price It: Page 11



Note: See entire Table of Contents for the full ebook.

Add to Cart$9.97

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