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Freelance Writers: How to Land More Gigs in a Difficult Economy

When the economy is in a slump, businesses — like consumers — tend to tighten the purse strings; tracking every dollar they spend. It can make freelance writing jobs harder to come by, especially well-paying ones. However, it presents a golden opportunity too. How? …

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SEO Copywriter Success Story: Living the Dream

In the last post here, I promised you an update on SEO Mary, a freelance SEO writer who was (is) kind enough to let us follow her foray into SEO writing – ie, why she started, how she landed her first clients, how she learned about SEO, the problems she encountered with difficult clients, etc….

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SEO Copywriting Services: Is This Niche Becoming Too Crowded?

Recently, I received an email from an SEO writer about the business. She brought up some interesting points that I receive queries about a lot – especially from newbies….

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