20 Freelance Writing Job Leads — Many Want Ongoing Content

Following are 20 freelance writing job leads. Take the weekend and apply to a few, or more, and let me know how it works out, ok?

Online Freelance Writing Gigs: Some Observations

BTW, following are a few things that stood out to me as I hunted down these leads. Note: I am an affiliate for some of the products and services listed here. Read my affiliate disclosure policy for full details.

1. Many guest posting opportunities pay

When sites grow large, one of the things they need to keep growing is good, informative content. Hence, there are many more guest posting opportunities that pay now. And we’re not talking mere pennies — I ran across sites that pay $200 for posts; most pay in the $25 to $100 range.

2. Need for ongoing content is rising

I ran across quite a few leads where the need for content was ongoing. Many of these are content marketing agencies — where they have many clients across tons of genres. So if you get in good with an agency, they can keep you busy for a long time.

In case you’re new to the site, one of the things I’ve shared frquently is that my first SEO writing was a search engine optimization (SEO) company in Canada. They hired me to write articles on mortgages.

I worked with that company for almost two years, writing a few thousand articles for them on everything from how to make wire jewelry to descriptive web content for ski resorts.

Also, I worked with various account executives in the company. What happens with companies like this is usually one account exec will refer you to others in the company if they like your work.

This has happened to me many, many times in my freelance writing career. So these companies are good to target for work for many reasons.

3. Many freelance writing jobs require SEO knowledge

This is just a norm these days. If it’s a skill you lack, it can be that much more difficult to land jobs because many clients expect you to come to the table with this knowledge.

Now, to today’s leads …

20 Freelance Writing Job Leads

1. Freelance Content Writers: Mainstreethost is seeking freelance content writers and editors for both web content writing and blog writing.

These individuals will be given assignments to write 150 to 200 words of original content (website copy) up to 800-plus words (blogging) for the websites of small- and medium-sized businesses. Writers will receive as much or as little content as he/she can handle on any given day.

Pay: Not listed.

FYI, this is with a digital content marketing agency. Companies like this tend to have lots of work, but can be low-paying (eg, $10-$35 per post). I listed it here though because of the potential for ongoing work and for newbies who might want to get some experience under their belt. And, it may pay better, as one freelancer underscores in the comments section of this post, writing:

I’ve set a goal of not looking for jobs below $50 per 500 words. So, far I’ve sent out about 10 or so proposals or emails and I found one client who pays $70 per 500 words. My goal is to replace most of my current clients with those who pay the higher rate, so I can work less and earn more.

So target these clients; they’re great for ongoing work.

2. SEO Freelance Writer:  The Cheat Sheet closely follows, researches, and writes about many topics to bring you the most up-to-date guides, reviews, lists, and advice. You will work directly with the SEO Manager and Programming team to develop content designed for a variety of verticals and focused on organic traffic, and write articles based on assigned trending topics from SEO & Programming team.

Pay: Not listed.

3. Contract Article Writer For Real Estate Marketing: We are interested in having real estate blog articles written for the majority of our listings across 4 different states. Our vision would include an interview of the homeowner or listing agent and then write an article that is more of a personal interest/news article than a piece about selling the home. This would be an ongoing project with a 2-3 day turn around expected with each article being about 700-1000 or so words.

Pay: Not listed.

4. Freelance Writer:  Our freelancers are tasked with writing hyper-polished, sharp and colorful 300-word posts for hundreds of local / national clients across various industries (everything from beauty and real estate to dentistry and funeral services).

Pay: Not listed.

5. Guest Blogging Opportunity:  Seeking guest bloggers for “How I Got Published on …” Topics.

Pay: $75/post

FYI, the freelancer behind this site is Gina Horkey. Learn how she earns five figures per month in her freelance business  in this post.

6. Cannibis Writer:  We produce content that challenges the social stigma of cannibis (marijuana), whether that be busting out-dated cannabis myths, profiling successful cannabis users, sharing the latest scientific breakthroughs, or showcasing new ways to use this incredible plant.

Pay: Not listed.

7. Freelance SEO Content Providers: Ignite Visibility, a premier digital marketing agency, is looking for talented freelance writers capable of creating original, well-researched, high-quality content for our clients. We are especially interested in writers with experience writing or working with the following topics: accounting/financial services (bonds, loans, etc.), fitness/health, and technology (software systems, e-business systems, analytics, cellphones/computers, automobiles).

Pay: 10 cents/word.

8. Freelance Tech & RE Writers:  Seeking freelancers to work with on an on-going basis to submit content on/in/about IT, enterprise technology, Internet of Things, cloud, data, VoIP, management, SaaS, CIO/CTO strategy, or other high tech subjects; and real estate.

Pay: Submit Your Rate to Be Considered.

9. Freelance Web Writer:  Equisolve is seeking a talented and motivated freelance writer to join our team and help develop content for our clients’ websites. The Creative team will provide content direction and creative briefs.

You will work closely with our Director of Content Strategy, developing highly creative and compelling content concept ideas on a consistent and regular basis. Day-to-day responsibilities include, but is not limited to, developing website content from materials such as investor presentations, press releases and investor filings with the goal of engaging key audiences and advancing the story through rich and compelling content.

Pay: Not listed.

10. Human Resources Writer:  Key requirement: experience and passion in writing content about/for human resources or organizational development.

Job Description: Write marketing copy provided by a diverse range of stakeholders ( employees, clients, and consultants ) that maintains the messaging and brand consistency of the company, while also supporting the goals of the marketing department.

Pay: $20 to $45/hour based on experience.

11. Education Writer: HigherEducation.com is looking for a talented, creative, detail-oriented freelance writer who can meet tight deadlines. We’re looking for someone who can write high-quality articles, white papers, guides, blog posts, expert interviews, and school rankings. You can live anywhere and write any time, we just want you to be able to meet deadlines and have the bandwidth to write around 3,000 words per week.

Pay: Based on prescribed word count.

12. Blog / Article Writer for Law Firm: Must have knowledge of the legal industry, as this is highly expert content. Need 1-2 articles per month on various topics.

Pay: Not listed.

13. Environmental (Green) / Vegan Writers:  One Green Planet is your online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals and the planet. We are a fast-growing green media start up with a passionate and engaged audience and are looking for talented Green Monsters (Writers) to join our team!

Pay: Not listed.

14. Freelance Writer Needed for Counseling Education Blog: Our website is an informative community for enthusiastic students seeking their graduate degree in counseling and for those already licensed and certified as counselors. We are looking for a freelance writer with a mental health/behavioral/school counseling background to commission a blog post 1-2 times a week for our counseling education blog.

Pay: Not listed (asks you to submit your rate). Note: Job leads continued below.

15. Personal Finance Guest Poster:  Seeks posts on business, saving money, making money, credit, credit reporting, identity theft, loans, credit cards, eliminating debt, etc.

Pay: $100 Listed this more for those who are seeking writing credits than anything. They purportedly have a very high acceptance rate.

16. Web Design Guest Contributor: A List Apart explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices. We welcome thoughtful submissions from all kinds of web professionals: designers, developers, architects, strategists, writers, project managers, and assorted specialists. As long as you’ve got a big idea and an interesting voice, we want to hear from you.

Pay: $50 per mini-article, $100 per article, and $200 per feature.

17. SAT/ACT Experts (Tutors Teachers, High Scorers) to Write Test/Lessons: Pprepscholar.com is the leading online test prep program for the SAT/ACT. We are looking for full-time SAT/ACT test prep experts who will write extremely high-quality test questions, explanations, and lessons.

Pay: Competitive.

18. Freelance Writers for Natural (Black) Hair Site:  NHR is seeking regular contributors to provide original and engaging content. This is a paid part-time freelance opportunity. Contributors are required to submit 4 posts a month.

Pay: Exact rate not listed.

19. Personal Finance Blogger/Content Provider:  The Simple Dollar started as a blog on saving money and frugal living, but transformed into a top personal finance blog on the Internet. We’re looking for contributors who can write in-depth, high-quality articles for The Simple Dollar on a weekly basis. We’re now accepting pitches and full-length articles (approximately 2,000 words or more) on important or relevant financial topics.

Pay: Exact rate not listed.

20. Content Marketer/Writer: We are looking for someone to help us with content marketing strategy and writing. Some posts would need to be written from scratch and others would need to be edited (we have other writers and you would be editing and publishing the post). The ideal candidate would have a firm knowledge of SEO and experience with running content campaigns.

Pay: Not listed.

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