11 Ways to Increase Your Freelance Writing Income in 2015

I ran across this article yesterday that listed 11 very good ideas on how to earn more as a freelance writer in 2015. As we head towards the New Year, I thought it was a timely piece to share.

I know most of us are in holiday mode, but the calendar will say January 1st before we know it. So if you’re already freelancing – or are thinking about starting to next year – this post offers some great ideas.

My Favorites Ideas on How to Earn More Next Year

Numbers 1 (stop looking for quick and easy cash) and 3 (stop doubting yourself) are my favorites.

A freelance SEO writer who commented on this post on SeoWritingJobs.com touched on number 1. We were discussing marketing and slow periods, but the point she made is salient here. She wrote:

How to Earn More as a Freelance Writer in 2015It’s soooo easy to think that your marketing tactics need to change when things go slow, because you need something TODAY and the sound of crickets is loud in your in-box.

Panic sets in. So it’s so easy to go after the new and shiny (shiny object syndrome, also known as SOS).

Well, all marketing takes time to gather momentum, so even the “quickest” way to market will take time to give you results if it’s new to you. So what’s worked for you in the past will work for you during the slow months.

Looking for the easy way out is a time suck; time that could be put to better use by just buckling down and doing the dirty work of marketing, updating your skill set, analyzing your pricing, etc.

Bottom line – stop suffering from SOS and do as the writer of the post listing the 11 ideas stated, ie: “Stop trying to find a way to make quick cash or “get rich quick”. Stop looking for your big break or your miracle and just put in some good, old-fashioned hard work. It will pay off for you.”

Number 3 is the one thing that I think most freelancers back from starting, and when they do start – earning more. I’ve discussed this a number of times, writing in the post, Why Some Freelance SEO Writers Succeed and Others Don’t:

I think some SEO writers succeed where others fail is because they face their fears and push through them. In other words, they deal with their internal bullshit.

And make no mistake we all have it – whether it’s coming from an alcoholic family, being physically/sexually abused as a child, lack of confidence formed by an overly critical parent/teacher – whatever it is, it’s there. Some of us use it to fuel us on to success; others of us let it defeat us by limiting how we view and act in the world.

You see, fear is the shield we hide our emotional crap behind. And each of us has different crap that we’re shying away from. AND this – in my opinion – is exactly why some of us succeed and some of us fail…

What’s holding you back? What are your internal fears? Are you ready to face them? It’s as critical to your earning power as a freelance writer as what you charge and other business factors.

How I Plan to Increase My Freelance Writing Income in 2015

My idea is something I’m already doing — creating my own info products (self-publishing/become an infopreneur). I’m currently writing romance novellas. I plan to put out at least 20-30 more next year (maybe more).

But creating info products can take many forms, eg, it can be non-fiction, e-classes, podcasts, etc. The bottom line is, creating info products of your own adds another stream of income — one you totally control.

Making money under your own steam — separate and apart from client projects — can help you through the slow times, and even become a primary way of earning. That’s what happened to me, as I discuss in this post. It can be fiction, non-fiction, e-classes, podcasts, etc.

The bottom line is, creating info products of your own adds another stream of income — one you totally control.

What Do You Suggest Freelance Writers Do to Earn More in 2015?

Please share in the comments section below.

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