Online Writing Jobs: 10+ Unusual Ways To Make Easy Money On The Internet If You Love Writing

One Freelance Writer's Marketing Success Story

Written by Yuwanda Black

I finally got active on StumbleUpon again last week, thanks to Karen’s post on getting your freelance business blog/site to rank better with ‘the Big G” (Google, in case you don’t know). I hadn’t logged into my account there since 2008! Anyhoo, as I was stumbling around the site (pun fully intended), I ran across an interesting post on some unusual ways to make money writing on the web.

Earn $1,500 Per Month Writing Domain Names — “Say What!

Some of these are old hat (eg, writing reviews), but some others I thought were kind of unique, eg, making up to $1,500 per month to write domain names. Huh! Yeah, it’s true! The author of the post referenced above explains how, writing:

The original idea comes from Dane Carson’s blog. While you can earn money as a contributor for services such as PickyDomains.Com, here is a better idea. Go to Google or any other search engine, find sucky domain names and contact their owners directly, offering them your services.

The key to success is to make it 100% risk free. Inform your prospective clients that you’ll accept money only if they like your domain name. If you come up with one approved domain name a day and charge what PickyDomain charges, you can make $1500 a month. (emphasis added)

Talk about variety in the opportunities to be found in freelance writing?! I’d never heard of this type of online writing job. Have you?

Check out the full post on unusual ways to make money online as a writerYou just may pick up a gig or two!

Finding it Hard to Land Freelance Writing Gigs Nowadays?

FYI, if the last few weeks have been kinda slow, don’t fret. We’re in the waning days of summer and Labor Day is upon us. When a major U.S. holiday is coming up, things are always slower.

One Freelance Writer's Marketing Success Story

Summer is also one of the slowest times for many freelance writers (although I hear from plenty all the time who are super busy! — check out this post on Inkwell’s Facebook page to see what I mean).

After Labor Day is the official start of the busy fall season. So enjoy these last few days before you have to be in full swing again, ok.

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Coming Tomorrow on Inkwell Editorial Companion Site SeoWritingJobs.com

A look at putting your SEO writing clients on retainer. Even though my SEO writing company still accepts “one off” jobs, the way our pricing it set up, it kinda pushes this option.

Fellow SEO writer Jean gave me the idea for this post when she commented on regular contributor’s Chrislyn’s post last week, writing:

Offer clients recurring/retainer-like packages. They may not want them, but enough will. As time goes on, bingo! Recurring monthly income (so sweet)!

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